Lorikeet Dances to Dripping Water

Funniest Family Moments • 1 year ago     110
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Loki the lorikeet dances with joy until owner is done pouring water ❤️❤️

Credit: JukinVideo

Posted 1 year ago in Animals & Pets
Joseph Coyne
Joseph Coyne1 year ago

Dave Browne the dance Liam Coyne used to make when he was heading to Bunnings for the sausage sizzle 😂

Christine Malin
Christine Malin1 year ago

Jemma Malin 😂😂

Lynn Lacourciere
Lynn Lacourciere1 year ago

So funny and precious! 🥰🥰🥰

Lynda DeCarlo
Lynda DeCarlo1 year ago

Cathlene Lee
Cathlene Lee1 year ago

Very sweet beautiful bird🦜