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Good morning Good morning Joe Thank you so much for this year man man. Did you drink it? Oh shit. Morning, Marcus Thomas James Guys Good morning Been a wild. James has been stripped with a seven -month support. German. Thank you so much Calvin Good The change Martin. Bathroom Mitch Good morning Kevin Good morning Steve Thank you so much for this year as well. Man oh my holy cow miserable. Thank you for this bill. Morning Rusty much I'm tired, but I'm much better press with the 50 stars. Thank you man. Keith Good morning. Thank you. Good evening, where you from the 100 styles and a little too. 25 stars Thank you Man. Now, it's absolutely ridiculous. Why not stick with me? I'll never know good spot. Just give me honestly, Mandela's fucking had so many times he's gonna fucking. And then he thinks apparently when it should be tough. It's almost with the 100000. Thank you man. Oh, it's a little man. Hey, David, I was. We're on a mission appointments that blue light speed everywhere just came and went inside in my bed and then I woke up and it was like happy. Hello. Be like. Lewis Pick up the gun. A potential collapse detected advised relocation to indicated safe zone. My level back off what's up light. Assembly on No. Do you think the watchman? I don't care. MCG Let's go. Morning Good morning. It's serious. Cervical imminent Get to safety I'm not I'm not talking to you. Alright, that should tell you. You want some. I'm getting my hair. They call drop in coming. Package. That should be all in the fucking. Sniper rifle. There's another type type. I'm still older. I do what the slavery. Martin Scott. They get to the quad. My eyes, I don't know I'm playing again. You can see these things Scott but thank you guys so much for the shares. Fucking hate It's time for school. Call me Thank you so much for the stage man. Lauren Thank you so much for the ship. Condition. A Woman. Andrew Thank you for the shares as well. Man remember guys if you haven't already hit that like button as well. Travel to indicated safe zone I just fucking eyes. Say hello come on weather we're having. Oh shit man. Give me give me. Yeah, I'm gonna use his name scoop on demand, but I just hate everything else something. We often everything else. The fuck There we go. Okay. Sit back Circle collapse imminent. Get to safety. What's up my fucking testicle? Modern Travis morning. Russian guy No way I can pronounce. Call us Thank you so much for this shit man. Hmm. It's a video. That is well. Fuck I guess he was mid-level guy. Thousands of a hundred and 50 - seven days Travis Thank you so Be advised further collapse expected. I fucking hate finishes. Justin Thank you so much for this year. Lucky shot Okay. The fact that lay up and everything will collapse imminent get to safety. I was against bro. The supply drop in bound mom, I'm shooting the whole layer. I'm saying I don't know I don't know. I'm sleeping. Okay so Mike. Honestly, Was it fucking everything? That's all the fucking came. You know it's been a stream right now. he's gonna sing to wipe wife on. No. Fuck off man. Fuck How much fucking healthy you need Man Jesus so many fucking village. I need my building honestly. She needs to stop fucking falling at these times man. As as annoying like she knows it, but she does every fucking day. Everyday The Demon is no gosh. I must be fucking five bucks on it, but absolutely right, the guy the level 350 health. Honestly, Somebody's being fake coat right like there's obviously the profile picture. there's clearly no because it didn't seem that you're watching classical stuff. She's gonna be classical fan. Somebody gets it all watching that kinda be like Jesus man. Any makeup B Z game. Thank you so much for sending us. Jeff Thank you so much for the share man. She just needs this stupid, she knows. Catch Steve Oh man, she makes me things. It doesn't matter it doesn't matter how many viewers are saying over man. It's just the fact that you even do it. No Chicano, Maybe it was something that I could, but not anymore. Sean Thank you so much for the chairman. Hey, it's free fire. Oh man. Straight right. Dallas With a two -month support, thank you so much man indicated So I think there's a guy. That was so fucking light. Feminine get to safety Thank you so much for the party. Let's go. I can do this. Hey. You go on some man made the scope so just absolutely shocking. How's everybody this Monday morning anyway that you can go and you can go. Oh man. here's my silence. What's up how you doing man? That call supply drop. When the market released. My favorite guns and hold and demons good sorry this value, so one -stop equals one, said I thought let's see what you're talking about. You've been planning and never. I've never played the drums. And this is my full-time job now. The run. I'm a bit because I feel it shape. I feel like absolute shit. There was a guy here. The country through this time. Further collapse expected to travel to indicate that yes, so one style equals one cent $10. Justin the Santa hat. Hey, Jason Thank you so much for this year man. 10 months Support Lights go Best. Thank you so much to the 1000 stocks. Was there for a second? That's a wrap on this car. Not not enough. I believe that even at a distance and it does that well done. We got the fence. Good morning Kevin Thank you so much for the share man. Circle collapse imminent Get to safety Oh, my God man. Man. Seriously, 150 stars Thank you man. Say eating guide And trust with the 100 steps as well. Thank you. Supply drop in bound Nassau County and what they do is the child you extra for starts upfront and then I get a feel feeling, but it does take 30 days to come through. Stephen Hey YouTube it man. Further collapse expected travel The NBA thanks have a good night. Can I get my needs away for free? Never made 10 pens? Supply drop inbound I sit Red circle collapse imminent Get to safety. Cameron Thank you so much for all the parties. Mm hmm mm, hmm. With a 100 stars, lanky man. Everybody. Oh, that lesson that's another good thing yet it needs to be. You need to make over a hundred dollars a month before peace out. When I'm done. You wanna have a goat. Fucking rain his head. Coming up. Before I got there. Be advised some further collapse expected. Okay to save some. 40 stops. Thank you so much man honestly. thank you. Imminent Get to safety Oh, I'd be fucking best. Time sorry, Hello. 16 days. I think he was actually fuck. Cristiano That call supply drop incoming. Be advised some further collapse expected relocate to safe zone. I was kinda hoping for us like I don't like the gas powered by little circle collapsed. I really kinda remember what the hell it was. I always like when these houses. Cuz I know I'm good. Thank you so much man. I'm good bless. With 200 stops this year playing with this shit, Oh shit, Brandon and Adam Cheers guys. Thank you. Trauma kit and a stapler and not fucking box with no moments. it'll be lovely. I'll be at the collapse expected relocate to safe zone. Circle collapse imminent Get to safety Why? Major instability detective saves on back orders are in effect. Sit circle collapse Get the safety. Ladies and gents a good work. Oh, so sweet, you know what man I was struggling. That lost faith was really the me. Thank you so much for 50 years man. Oh, I did not like that. Thank you so much for the 15 stops as well. The second day after that just ended up familiar face contest with the 50 stars Thank you man. remember guys. If you haven't already hit that follow button hit the like button hit the share button. Play with the 300 stars guys. Thank you so much. Alright, I'm gonna go off my hands are actually shaking. According to the 320 - five stars Thank you man. I know I missed a lot like following up guys. Have they have that link so quick? I just you know I used to auto keys on my keyboard man and just smash all that that is it and. You need to be as quick as possible because you can't move into the same thing Good morning. No, I'm not drinking anymore. I'm not drunk since not played it before. Did you did you see it? I know you did not. Oh you did well this year. Thank you man. And just come in on Xbox Night and just pick a name and that is it Thomas. Especially with 330 -, Admission appointment. Stollery eggy He's drinking. You know why I just I think it's good to be honest. I get pain with a drink and there's a point that pain was just so I can be fucking drunk. I can't do it man. Potential collapse detected relocation to indicate a safe zone is advised. You want some look in seven HD a fucking Dream. Hello. We got a fucking dickhead. Concern around me you sir or Madam are disrupting my experience. As soon as he realized as I have one, this is there's no way. Lots of people just believe chains did it like another gun, so we'll just go for the wheel. Oh my goodness. With the Alliance as well, guys, thank you. Side to side Circle collapse imminent gets a safety. 920 - Five Stars Excellence X The second place Can I just be edit? I probably gonna be anything but the pilot. Clinton. I'm good. Thank you and bye. Jeff, for the exclamation North fight. Thank you so much man 00. wait. wait. wait. Oh wait wait a minute. Oh, no. no. no. no. no no. But why is my side buttons buttons on my right so that lets me jumping and then ask me open in the map. That's what World of Warcraft. Let's be honest. It's four days of weakness. That's right guys when the lead up to Christmas as well. I'm thinking about making beats streams continuous streams, which means like they don't save after it's been. Like after it's been steamed and played with the best of them cuz I think what you do is like stop playing like Christmas trees and stuff all you have to do to become a spy so it supports our define what you need to do is at the bottom is like a shield icon. And then you get the support by it's 350 a month or $5 a month, and but also that's tournament that's more tournaments, giveaways and and then obviously. Our support games as well. Lady with the shift, Congratulations man Kevin with 220 -. And also Facebook, but it becomes a sport after January, the first Facebook I've taken a 30 percent cut. Wassup Hey Max, he had Anthony Thank you man. I should really. John Kelly. You win. Yes, I have a life and have won seven. I think straight I don't want as well with the cat and the cat and attached. Yeah. Yeah. The cop in the state, I think. Yeah, but it twice. I guess people become supporters after January third and I think in December, they won't take a cut. Much. They get to safety. The challenge and I actually I was just trying to think most of the time of the land of stuff and I've always thought that it once zero killed a lender and consumer, I was back at the Starbucks. One more one more time I can't even remember. can you give me that? The trouble is only as many tough to get so I wanted to do. I get so lucky. That's the problem. They tried a lot longer than a place and then. Whoa. Three -month message me before Before putting that in the Chapman, Be advised further collapse expected relocate to safe zone. I usually make at least like pass me rather than just saying people tonight. If they like you, they have to be here. That's just there. It's just the way it is there wasn't this neighbor neighbor school. Some people like it, some people hate it. Collapse. I know some people don't like the noise man, but man there's there's nothing. I can do like a tame the noise all the way. It's just been so they just left his. Why does it take like three yellows to fucking? Why did it take three? I was like fucking change seats. I'm pressing the button and just nothing man so stupid this game. And this makes me the very first point why doesn't have much means anyway. Jeff became a supporter. Jeff Thank you so much man hello. Honestly, I got jumped out and then I hold the button enough and that's my finger off the button and then push it again. Put the practical through Jeff Thank you so much man. So yeah Sunday all day on PSfour. We play the supporters Wednesday night with Xbox Exclusive giveaways and also free entry to the tournaments that we're gonna be doing at least once a month man. And no publishers have the people that voted for solid PS workplace so. I would like you to vote on the They hate smoke stuff, but thank you so much for this year. I don't might be flips to safety. Look up with a 100 stars. Thank you man. More than Linda, I'm also thinking about doing the sabotage thing to me as well. Black hair. Jeb will be good man what you want. For your next book. Instead of contacts all star. Ready Get a fucking icy Arman. It's absolutely nothing why I don't know why Linda Alexander with all the time and then I hate it when I do it, I need to. Good morning man I please people remain flat fucking lie. I do all the time and I hate it. I'm going to just offer something or one -. They gave me the 50 stars. Thank you, man and two seconds guys. Let me see if this works. This is what I made sure to spend the wheel still working. Walking One factory okay, I'm getting my hair again. Thank you so much for the 100 stars man. Win something. It's something I would stay. I don't want this guy. absolutely fucking pumped me. Cheese man Sit Rep Potential collapse Detective relocation to indicated safe zone is advised. You got it. I wasn't even on yesterday, man I was LS speared everywhere. It's not only was it. Jesus fuck man on my bed That was me I was there. That was it. With it. Justice Just so shit though right. State Rep Socal collapsed him and get to safety. The item is wrong. I don't know how anybody could Dream that. It's just fucking just Ooh and I love all my kids. I definitely think there's something in the basement, but I was a. I thought I thought I really can't open just. Like all the sugar and stuff that I just really turned my stomach, I was just inspired. Second everywhere and then the next thing I knew what's up. Hold it. The wind it was rough man, putting the ball in the Beach from. Nicole Supply dropping running kill. I just miss you just thinking about it. Why did you just throw a random trophy system there? Hmm. Very strange. Thank you. Thank you man. 301 days. That's awesome man. Thank you. I think there's definitely something and it was just I just had a big night and sculpt shape. Be advised the collapse expected relocate to say so. Thank you. Item. It's like a soda can. It's awful. Supply drop inbound The chair you're sitting in the Bush I was looking at the chair. No. Oh come on man. That's some partisan as fuck. I was looking at the top. and a glass ball is awesome man, but that Bank one recipe. Hey, I was looking at the shop that I wasn't paying attention so. He does not laugh at this game, something's honestly. You could have shot him in the polls right. What is it safe to do wait? just it's so bad man. What's up all of it? John exactly man, I'm just I'm just looking at the chart just like that. It doesn't bother you spin it again. I love this fucking sad fish. Blackout Between 10 and 10 and 12, mostly and smoke. It's not every single thing today. Timothy Baby Play PlayStation Four easy. I don't know how to play station when did I come in? Potential collapse detected advise relocation to indicate and say something. I mean what did you know that? I'm not dead silence man fuck off you fuck you man Also you're not dead silence. What do you want me to do? what can I do Nothing? Honey Badger don't fucking like my dick. Honestly it silence and he didn't shoot me out of bed. They wanted the folks. What can I do? Slide show Jamie Thank you for this shit man. There's nothing against that silence nothing. I thought well, I recently straight to borrow the Warcraft. He has to be a bad idea. I think. Honestly, late moment what? I hope I hope I kill him at some point. fucking crazy amazing. What did you take your favor and just a cheap keyboard man? It's called Magic Eagle. The opposite of that I have awareness not enough midnight awareness awareness is shit. okay. Well, Thank you so much for the chairman. And plus Lake Mountain open right now, I don't know that I don't know if I got to go with it exactly. Who's doing a random sense? Central Scotland It's a place just stumbling between classical and. Well, I'm gonna go across this. did you see I was playing Warcraft some PC but I don't have. Hi, how did you see what was on? Hey, Liam Good man. You need to buy an adoptable present or there's other ones I think go down. Barely judgement in the winter, there put your knees like massive. That's gonna melt. I'm a friend of Xbox Spa. Some DC It was like a vibrant. I feel like dealing with us. Let's take a bite. I played all the way up to region at the day. But they think classic Shaman really isn't able to read some stuff so. That's me, I don't think I can do that. With the stars, Big spin I'm gonna die. I'm just fucking quit eating meat ball, No fucking ballet. Potential collapse detectives advised relocation to indicate a safe zone. I'm on another girl. It's on classic way like I'm not. It is really. It should be nice. Hook collapse imminent Get to safety The ability to take. Expansion. Hey, yeah, I think that was a puppet. Kind of what was said, but I had them. Guy and then he breaks. Man so many bullets like I do. And thank you so much for the 500 stars Man Happy holidays. You see that guy. Supply drop in bound Here we go with it. Place. Twice I've got in his car and just this little man. It never does that never ever ever and then I tell you the shit anymore because I always fucking. Also, you don't haven't seen my buttons right working. Yes, a bit further collapse expected travel the reason. Robin So one of the workout for me, you can only like place the keys. Thank. When I was moving right, I was obviously hoping chef and like his movement was also holding like WPSD, like 22 of those fires and chef because I'm not used to hold their shape for spring. So it's baseball and the map button. Just random usually told me I'm gonna stop. I'm gonna stop sleeping the door and. Because I need a I need a break from this game and not like somebody screaming. I think maybe some of the Nations and stuff will be the last. Happy fucking grenade man Five of those 200 to me just invited I'mma fucking feet. Alright, right in my hand. This is my fucking. Imma I'm living so we don't really missed. You don't really miss much and when I do it, I'm on the level at the moment, so it makes more Danielle. a man tigers की ministry है वो I can just I can just see people's reactions nigga when I bring it up and play and they've they've never seen it before. I don't believe what the fuck is this game from the goodbye technology. Almost fourth man first, it was was a warrior. I can't remember but. Get sexy as a fucking drink. That's why I've been an eight-week Crossman. I'm just gonna I'm just gonna end. Great jobs for the majority. Final Fantasy 14 Okay. That was really, I really enjoyed that as probably the closest thing that's pick up as much time as well crafted. A blackout. Trade in and destroy Christmas feet I kinda wanna train station is fucking, but something that I do that great. Oh man. I need to remember it's an old game so graphics and stuff like that. There's just no place by the game plays good man look. I really love you really love. I really enjoy it. Plus You got trailer, which you can flip the level 20 as well, so you can actually try it. How many it's great. I said potential collapse detected relocation indicated safe zone is advised. I guess we got absolutely nothing from nothing. Hey, Andrew Goodman. Ah, Did they coordinate and we'll get you in touch with? but then when I moved to Facebook and yeah. But not nothing is really happening on your day and so that's why I moved to Facebook like I was. I was getting people watching this stuff and. I did this with my name, so definitely Facebook's been much better for me. Yeah, Jeff Jeff I'm going to what if I didn't know that I didn't know I was out for PSfour. I've got it for PC. I don't want it. Hey, Stephen is usually about sixtieth and Steve Do you think you'll have a lot more deserve buckets? You mean, like don't push it up. What what? Come on come on. It passed it without even seeing. Couldn't even see my face and dead silence. There's something in the tree. Really Cannot take anymore in this game at the moment. Yeah, my YouTube video was installed in the some College ones on that as well. Man this game is it really really is. Chris What is my dad? I think it's a mainstream on on YouTube man. You're not long. Let me let me have a look. Soldan's space streams so i thought i'll describe the moment i just i just Skin just as he did for me right now. Blackout Elsa is a free fall. May doors are open exit. We're ready to fly a mission deployment pass. Goodbye David. If I told you, I would never message you though. What is your Dream man? It's fucking late, they tell me 000 fuck off. I think the people in my chat when I'm streaming, then fucking on me. Oh, I just killed you. I just didn't get it. I really don't. Potential collapse detected like as a fucking. I'm I'm getting I'm getting carpet. I don't think of it. Fucking pointed the obvious man. Honestly, fuck man I just I hate that I do every time somebody comes into the student was killed. You well, I'm fucking what you do man. it's a game. Oh, no he had to live and he say I live in quantity. so like I'm saying he should be Focus focus in on his own stream right rather than come in and be like, Oh, I just killed you. na der nochmal bringt Not bad David the fucking tape. I was not you know, I know your PSA, that was not used that thank you so much for understanding. i know you do white movie if you are open source Yeah. Mission. You love me. Wait, they did they tell me just picked up an office. Is it really London right? Justin my left as well. There's an ice underneath the fucking underneath the bench. That's not me. I love it. Oh damn. I'm I'm ready fucking calling this. Wait one minute ready for this. I you know. I'm ready for this type of work left and just being like I'm putting this because this game system my fucking head. Because that So I was looking at the end. Molly doesn't change me man. It's just I just been fun. I think it's Did you see the future but it's happening? I just think it's a little bit a little bad. Mother's Day is next. I feel like I'm a hundred people do you feel like you're giving away. He told me the judges thank you so much man. Have a good day at work man. Body Thank you so much for this year. Potential collapse detected relocation to indicated safe zone is advised. There's there's another thing though right with this game, I don't even like I didn't even all of a sudden he was just there. Let's give me some things as soon as absolutely perfect and sometimes it's just the fucking observe. Watch. It's like. I would be happy fucking pissed at me. That's that's probably I would just turn off again when I'm done just fucking just ended. You could see I can't even get that. honestly, there's nothing in my in my ear that he was there. Well, you have definitely ballot just let me know I'm gonna get to safety. Fucking last year. It was last year, I was tightening. It's such a. Engineer If you haven't achieved since. Up shoes. She knows that if you're like, yeah, I see them when you see them in the concentration. Fucking eyeballs So that's that's the fun. Well, guess what this little treatment just either. Supplies. What the fuck? He's just fucking disappear. He's listing sleep with me. Be advised further collapse expected Brandon wants to do it. The train station equals made maintenance to me. I'm so confused like that sense of a little bit of fuck you in and then all of a sudden just reappeared. That's it. Just one more up here. Let me. And none of us that this game. If you're not staying man, thank you. action or as in a bad do that i have been used for graphs to put inspection car that class expected revival kind this side south game It's been very very strange. Either this guy is going for a long fucking swim. He just sit in that book. Fucking jumps in the Middle of the water, Oh man. Sit Red Circle collapsing gonna get to safety. Quit. It's simple. Breathe. You're ready. Hey, Corey Thank you so much for the 50009. Thank you so much man. We got a couple more followers from it. Nicole Supply dropping coming. Circle collapsing minute gets a safety. Sanders. I'm a fucking rat ear man. How is it to my left? On my right ear. I'm done. It's same as on my right ear while you're having and how can it be on my life? Man I'm like Chinese company right. But this man, so I jumped in right, it feels like my hair my headphones in back with Susie. What fuck it sounds almost like I'm sending those late. okay. I'm gonna jump in this campaign, but I offer it. Just be a bullshit. That's all this game is these days. I cannot say with my fucking earrings on the left-hand side. Investment and pest of this game and shit is. I think to be fair, I think after this, I'm gonna be done with this game for a week. I need a break from doing a bucket. Just gave me fucking bullshit. I think I'm gonna describe it for the week. I really I really did. I think about it. I don't know I'll just I'll just be a traffic. I'll just be so fucking crabbing man. This will be the last day of Steam Fucking College for the week. I just you know what like that this game is good, but it's just like there's so many fucking thing was wrong and they just another volunteer. What's up Marcus How you doing man? I I I don't know. I'm just I don't want my late. I'm Kevin. I'm frustrated at this game but The time you just pull up it. Thank you. Potential collapse Indicated safe zone Big bite Another The games got fucking. Honestly, I just I just don't get this game of things. The game is amazing shit at the same thing. How does that even work? I'm a Speaker, let's get shopping again. That sound like a fucking household. Buddy Thank you so much for this year man. Thank you. Circle collapsing Get to safety. I've been in this game is just. Man like it's just no, I don't know. I just really feel like it's fun anymore. This shit is that safe. To leave and hear it until you stop your car. Don't leave until you such a car right and one more game guys. That's seriously. I guess there's no bad all in. Yeah, I've seen the excitement and I looked at it and I just have to see like honestly, it's supposed to be the Oh man. I think it's real, it's being damaged and so yes, it's it's real guys coming from the Here is what they will look vacation. This fucking PSfour pashmina PSfour Pro. You can't even walk up anything ridiculous. Oh, The guy is aiming here. There's nothing in this game. Look at me. Oh shit. So I was I was I gave him. Thank you for the shares. Thank you man. Box Come on let's shoot. That's pretty fucking car, so I can actually hear somebody's living out that'd be great. Hey, should I saw a man a circle collapse imminent Get to safety? What's up Alexander? I'm getting I'm getting pissed off at this game, but I'm good. He shot me. Exactly Chris Hey Jesse. You shortly first it in a three. I get that money went through pages like I said. I'm just so sick of games right now. It goes right to my body. I'm done like I'm done. Like I'm done, I feel like 100 percent. I tell you something right. It takes a long fucking delete it like I would I actually believe it. Let me see if I don't even have a I don't even have fucking thing one more food. Cuisine Oil No, I am not being Cology. That's it. I'm done for the for the week. Oh shit, but I can't get a bunch of media or anything. How long how long like that thing went eight minutes? I like that shit you can get like any. Anyway, I have to be honest Social media this year like I would I would have that, but I didn't get that two seconds case. Send on I think you're right now on my PC, It gives me everything. Like it doesn't it. Just send something I'm gay. Man. Favor is not over the break from it. I just like it's just the break. Oh, no don't matter. Two seconds guys. The tenuous packed between the whore and the alliance has all but evaporated. The drums of psychology that's Thunder once again. And they catch later, I said that is the game. I'm gonna be playing for the next at least the next week cuz I really need a sick fucking run right through it, you can get banned as well. Be a fucking car. It's a noble. Run right through the barricade. The game. A couple of days ago, I think Jeff said. Put it up. I have no idea what is gonna be like, I don't know. The only souls and squats on this. Hey, it's pretty much a pump off Bam. While the bucket that they can get fucked but a week I really. Bullshit system is too high for me. Fuck you any options. Bitch. Let's get back. Oh shit. Actually this game is stopped. I was going to a dress. This is not like I told me. It's funny bye protection. Alright. I'm holding scripture it could be a little bit with that that'd be great. Thank you. Yeah, it's been a minute. Yeah, it's like it's like a waffle fucking cuisine out. I just want you know what I'm done with College for the day. so let's say. To be honest, I will be playing the class. I think for the next week on sleep because I just I need a break from College. Fucking doorman So I'm gonna get in that fight and this is gonna be all over the place. Usually when I post what I'm using some people don't like the controls for so long. Workouts available and walk out some PC while the walkout on there. Yes, it's my understanding that we need. Come see what it's like. For PC gamers. No, no, I press this shit and there's nothing. You can actually hear fucking first steps in this game Jesus. I didn't know that they wanna pass, Oh wait. Feeling some sense to me. And it's pleasant wallet. This one forgot I tried to throw it it just there's nothing. So this game is just picture right in the game right. And then that's it. Like you stop. I can't forget that it's a little bit like a movie. That's one more fucking flashlight. Thank you so much man. I want a flashlight when the fucking broad map cuz I believe. It's not good for you. What the fuck he's not fighting. There's only had was that machine gun. Fucking spring Yeah. This game is so fucked up like I would fit in and it's just it doesn't. Hey welcome. Thank you so much for 20 - five stylish man This new game. That's all I can really say about it. So you know what you might think. Kelly He can't do anything about spreading. One shot one kill, I think. Even when the guy knows that I'll do that, Thank you. Springfield over the car. Of that. Fuck it right. Scopes and everything. Taking off Oh, no, no. no, I want my back to sleep back. You don't have to either and we did. I think that's it. Richmond I'm shooting a video. I love my beast ability right. Something just popped up. I keep again let's go stamina mechanic as well. so keep fucking splitting them like what is this? I thought he was, I think I think. I just saw and quantum movement. Fucking spending your fat deck They shouldn't have a stable mechanic cuz it's getting a spot to soul with. How's that? I'm trying to pick up the fucking machine gun. Hello. What's up? 40 - Shake You already see you later. Sprint man is so slow. नमस्ते क्या हुआ There's a bunny. Day one. I want this funny feet. What's funny feet? Yeah. So you can get and like armor for your feet right and there's big money slippers you just buddy. We're really getting much I'm moving. Nice. It's like you feel you kinda stop and. Sprint sprint shocking Oh, man, my sweatshirt and black. Alright, see this spreading really needs we started in this game. I think. Great fun Kinda like fighting pants, we got an obstacle. that's pretty cool. Anymore closet. Yeah, just addressing a break from blackout. It was really frustrate me today and it's just I will like I said we played in one of the world-class publicly. I'll be better as well. I thought they just don't wanna shelf I fuck off. Honestly grateful. Well, just let me know Wally alcohol and it's in my legacy that I'm gonna be doing about little the Warcraft, though, like that's What the fuck is that an IV bike. Oh, yes and regenerate points per second. that's awesome. What is the single? I can tell you. I'm gonna get something. 10 Like this is what I mean, like 10 fucking bullets, but an LMG that's really gonna help me. I'm not buying Murphy. I wanna break feel like. College and you just gonna just gonna. What the fuck? Fuck Hey. One Let's get crazy. I just came out a couple of days ago, I think so I haven't played it for PC and it was great fun so fucking what I said, but let's deal with any color. It's really frustrating me. Did you get that from boxes? And whatnot so high. Killing me date Silence just say I absolutely hated my body. I thought he was dead and another one came in and he killed me. He's like. Oh, I'm sorry I killed you. You know what the game looks like I think like I said that he spent shit that would be great for spreading a bit and White. What's this a fucking on my head? I can handle it. Damage 70 percent so the helmet right, oh, no. that's how you doing. Huh. Huh. Okay. Let's just I got a big number. Yes, that generates my health every second. Kindness fall somewhere. I've got two snipers away. I'm sleeping on the shotgun. My God to stay down. Oh, come on 20 - two. You're done that mister Freeze feel it. Gold coins give me a machine gun. Hey. Whoa. They need to know as well. I thought I got one shot. I thought I put my head down. And I don't know if it's for PSfour man. Did you see that Jacob I got enjoyed man so I had a guy three times right and then once I love it. That was not a politician. The fuck out. That's great good that drops you straight in their game, though I mean people are spoiling energy and it's big. They don't have any weight like in between my halo again. In between matches and stuff. It must be a door right at the door. Thank you. Like getting naked. The best thing was awesome, though right there's running. Zika the fuck. Oh man, I want an RPG skin. A little one, I don't want these gold coins. Fuck What's changed is the best thing? I'm scared. I got it wrong. This dispute of this game has been if you could have an automatic feel spring. It'll be great. I don't look like I am give you better with people with something you've been spending. It's like I like it, I like it. That seems to be a problem like oh, what's that. Gold, It must be good. that's fun. What the fuck I got weapon, I got a pistol. I need three more coins. No. oh my God man. The fucking missing A souls and squats, and there's no Jews. Oh, he's a he just likes me. Fuck Boxers Alright. did you get a new boxes as well? That's awesome. Let's go fucking Axe ease It's probably somewhat of a decent life. What is the point? What is this fucking? No? It's not peppermint was it when it go. When you get people so I thought I'd do a boxer shorts. Like this, that's gonna be fucking. I smell like. Watch out for butterflies and a small bag. Well, it's this. Oh, my God look at that shit. Oh look all that. Let's go let's go. What's up to you right? How's that? Oh man. I'm fucking moving let's go. Look at the back up. Oh, my What is this? My intent that said, I cannot I I got I cannot think. Oh, that's pretty cool. So I've got four days in the Caribbean right, but even just press it like once zoom in, there's something normal. But then if I hold it, it wasn't in the victim. Oh that's cool. My Ivy again. I won't be this week. David I'm gonna do something else with it but they'll be. I was I was yesterday so I. Definitely. Fucking last night off, I think it's absolutely wrong. And this is called cuisine Royal. That's what I got. Alright, Special inspector The fuck Hey, I just got let's go. Minus 40 percent recoil, I don't fucking nothing. Actually I do. He got like a waffle machine that will come and get us. I'm lost. This is causing his feet on PlayStation just made. This fucking shots flying everywhere. Change my sheets. It was definitely shouldn't up here. Oh, the fuck say something is just beast. Many of us shouldn't come along with it as well. I think I found a way see that that's the only thing you know how to follow. It could be a runner for miles. Hey, it's called. Tickets oh my God come on like visit. I think it's only 40 at the moment. That's the highest. Yeah. so most of the time I should be next model. You want more. There you go. Oh whoa. How many bills that you Dick, Oh wishes she could see I walk. I'm the guy that never picked up. Please listen if possible. pharmacology that's for sure. Stumping wooden The fuck Whoa. I'm over there, I'll put the bunny slippers. Oh, my God man. Why is this? No, no, I get it. Thank you. no. no, I didn't wanna I wanna say to you yes. Motherfucking Oh shit that's fucking password just jumping on here. No one eye glasses go on eyeglasses. Let's go. I got a little pistol man. Oh shit. Let me see fuck up. I don't like it, I like the fucking storm right there. You heard my game grass. Nice Go ahead and hang out. We're really fucking weapons man. I'm a pistol with a pencil on the frying pan. Thank you. About this. Hey, it's me again. Follow me. I think that stay at home with his feet. Spending your thought bitch man she doing at live. I'm playing cuisine on Play Station. It's just give me a couple of days ago. Oh shit. Be the best basic fucking. Necklace This is called cuisine. Oh, my God there's a guy named. Oh shit. I'm stuck in this cold, tell them something that's building. Wassup I'll be on my health in general right. I'm sure he can jump that Wall man come on. Nice My name is. Look one. What's up with the sleep? I guess it's gonna be fucking much either. Fucking album. So I can see him to the fishes but just. I think this guy went. What the fuck? I need it funny. There is just a severe lack of ammo anywhere in this game man. One more guys I'm gonna head off. That's called Casino online. I think I'm gonna be singing world to work off man. I've all been. No, I used to use the Beast mode. Yes, Thomas just actually that's what was been I was applying to you man. Go to the play. You can't figure it out. Like now. I'm playing College. I'm playing cuisine. closing out and is p o n Phil Beast Is it Marcus although Everton Purple was decent? this is what like. It could be like man, How did I just thought it was like like calming uncommon? Many Ducks. But I want to pick up a little right now. that's smart. you're right. man you're a genius. Fuck Fireman But to be fair, I'm actually enjoying this more than playing College so. And we're gonna draw. Four like I know it's a shot four bullets. Cuz you know, I don't like him. You can't go wrong. Come on. let's go let's go. I didn't even hear them dead silence more than the cool. परिवार परसों पानी मौत jail warden a student what is I wanna go back to that fucking my in place. I'm a fucking pistols and I'm not naked, I mean pants. Cuz you know, I mean just giving guess what. It's called Casino. Oh what is that it's not shotgun. What the fuck is that a long time ago man, I'm second again absolutely sick of it. Imagine the backlash called would get better singing. I don't think it's good. I had to get fucking pumping tank. Remember that life is awesome like the famous awesome in it, but I mean if you wanna watch what someone else ain't playing this week. Hi. What are they gonna like it? but? Hey, it's Christine Royal and it's free on PlayStation. I don't remember that life volleyball as well. Had some Jaguars man fuck? There's something over the head. What is the signal that everybody know? What the hell, What is it? To me, Jeez man talking fucking pull over this helmet She will not find a way that they're fucking and those buildings. The Philly pops what's the point? what's the point? Even though Look what I found. It's not fun. Jenny Jimmy Fuck man. I didn't know you can like this shit. Holy shit any bullets. How many fucking bill is mine? You have you have to lead yourself in this game. Alright, so it's a public. What the fuck is that it's absolutely shocking. School. She died. Where's your motherfucking? Is it good? Honestly, Keep it like that right? It's definitely getting nuts just I'mma look in them. The same thing. Russia. Fucking drunk man. I'm stuck. I'm stuck. I can't I can't see through that. Four. Run come on. Hey man. We hold what she did man. Fucking real I'm scared. There's one guy left and there's my pot and that's probably fucking. Without either. Oh, he's got the best thing on. Oh, my God man. Oh, no. no. no. no. no. no no. okay i mean was man No. Hey, man it just runs it yet, and you just keep filling the billets when he's leaving. should he still keeps running No. Yo, it's all I think if you had a squad on, I would definitely be praying decent, but you don't have some laugh with it. He just kept running at me. I'm fucking hell. The enemy is all the way off. I will be back on tonight with either let's get more fucking. Oh, this is not dead. He's definitely not black girls. Jimmy I'll come into your Dream and be a fucking negative count this man. Have a good day guys.

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