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On Saturday evenings from 8 to 9 p.m. Eastern Time, Khenpo Ugyen Tenzin will begin a new series of Saturday Dharma Talks on “The Medicine Buddha Sutra,”...
yeah, I'm going. yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Oh Yeah. but I'm a man. Yeah. Yeah. boy. Yeah Boy. Yeah Boy. You are Yeah. yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I'll be more. Oh, yeah. I'm. Yeah. yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah I I I love it. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. So I'm gay. Yeah. Yeah. 00 boy You're. Oh, me about boys. Niger don't. Ohno She drew the Lake here and tell you that you should do in the Bay A- one no-I Asia. Good evening everyone and touch the delay. please listen to the Dharma with vast motivation of Bodhi thinking that I would like to become Buddha in order to benefit all sanctions. And then on the other, then you come singing me-I, you'll be the disease on the number on the 10 me-I number one cuz I'm going to what he said. So. Tonight continue from last week, which is the aspiration prayer of the seventh Taal and the out of seven. We are at the first one the Buddha, which is called. Hoga Adha King of renowned glory of excellent name and who is deciding right now in Adha your land called a land could not be defeated by others. And then on day one come on. did you know the number but then I the Lord to never down that way it can. Good me-I neva or not of them, but I so a doggy doggy Ming and then there are johno get harder to get by the I wanted to. The chance to watch the the the Chaim they're there one. Here in you know nobody should I'm. So out of his eight great aspiration, we have done five of them last week and today we're at the sixth and his sixth grade aspiration was he said that when I become a Buddha by attending the perfect complete and unsurpassed enlightenment. so last time I was saying by the power of me, but I was told that it's better to sit by my power. So today I'm going to say, buy my power so by my power. Or by having my name in their minds and by deciding my name's seventh time mentally until the last moment of enlightenment. For all the flame of physical suffering be pacified of those being who are having flame of suffering on their bodies. Of those being who have no protector and are fighting and crying with various suffering as they are at the roots of their lives under the danger of Lion Tiger Bear and we have two different. There are one is called Timm in Tibetan, so that is also another kind of I think maybe some people's aggressive bear or something like that and Tibetan. we have two different men, BM and timon, but this. All I think but different kind of and poisonous snakes and may all wild animals such as Lions tigers and women in love and kindness, and may they live in the state of fearlessness and unto they become Buddha. I have a monkey that is umma come here. I don't know that Iggy DH insecurity In the but doing the things some Marian Ian. You know, then jobi day-I out of the water which me-I print-out some of our children and then you know and then But maybe and same with the movie with him and then they have to be wrong and then the the Chas then doing and then at the end of the this is about the the Digg comes from a decision about mixing madama. Around This kind of danger is still there recently, we heard news that someone has been killed by Timon or the another kind of bear or aggressive bear. so, of course if she could have reside in the name of this haga us, then she must have been set that for sure, even if she doesn't know the name of this book Buddhas but. Still, if you could have recite the prayer of refuge like saying I tech guru I test drive in Buddha and I tell you I put in Dharma and I tell my in the Sanga, then if you must have been set up for sure, but somehow, maybe when the the the Timon kimm, maybe he was too pride in And she didn't remember any of this because even in the benefit of taking refuge, it says those who are taking refuge in three children will attend the. Of Fearlessness, therefore, it is they're very short. therefore we have to help ourselves happy to ourselves to remember these things when we are, we encounter some dangerous like that. then it will be it is sure that will be set from this kind of dangerous not only that even if you reset the the pay of refuge one pointedly with with the full of devotion, then you can be set even from the danger elements who doesn't have mind actually like the danger. Fire or the of wild wind and water and so forth, so we don't have to we don't need to talk about the doors while the animals who actually have a Buddha nature in their mind. and so that's why it's very important for us to recite this buddhas and happy ourselves so that we could remember when we encounter this kind of situation. Oh, yeah, that is on the you know that a lot of Haji that the and me and my Andi and but then he went on to call it and come and I will do. My thought of the not on the chat and you have those chapters and then so then I did 10 Mao decision but didn't madama Essa. The village of Tori then what then your chances and YT go to each other but they don't pay for a hotel so from. On our all of you who have connected with this program, remember the name of this particular Buddha superboy Nama Sheri Raja or the Tibetan name is Gil, which is translated in English as King of renowned glory of excellence name. So if you could remember his name, that's the best and reside his name with full. Abortion even if you cannot remember his name at at the right moment when you encountered some dangerous and at least you should remember to decide the prayer of saying I tell you guru Ivi Buddhas rape in Dharma and I I preach in the Sanga so and then if you do that, then it is pretty much sure that you'll be set from any kind of dangers. then if you yourself, then you have the result. just practice like refuge and practice otherwise if you just forget when situations happen that then there's no much benefit for you to take language, Therefore, from now on who ever has any connection with this Dharma teaching I would I would like you to remember that in your mind and could told them you can you. Don't look away and I thought this is and then there's the mei noki talk about Chisel and that's how you have somebody watching you tops the or. I mean he jumped on that hebb target and then Kenan robi then jumps but young. Chaney and it's. So if you want to know more about how you could be protected by deciding the record player or by taking refuge, then you can read lots of stories day in the sutras in Kanu, you can read and you can find a lot of them. if I tell you one is an example. there was a story. There was a group of marching in the in the ancient time who are hunting for the Treasury in the great Ocean. so whenever they go. In the ocean, then there are always a problem with the wind and Nagas and the crocodile and so forth, and then many of them could not come back because they got you know the the broken and then they they they're singing into the water and they just pass over there then then I'll throw a while. 11 very smart margin had the idea saying that all it is said that whoever you take the refuge and Buddhas Xanga will attend the state of fair. So we should text someone who has refuge with us. So whenever we have a problem this kind of problem again, then we should ask him or her to reset that's fair. then they took what Uber Cigar Cigar, who has a refuge vowel then I can say when they are right in the Middle of the Great Ocean, they're hunting treasure in the ocean. Then they had the same problem I get from wild wound, annas Andro diety and so forth, and they asked this US Saar, who was with them. The Refuge player and he did and then actually they are protected by doing this kind of prayer and they could come back safely on the Earth again. So this is one of the story how you could be set by practice refuge genuinely that the money CG did you know it's my mother told her about. Pending on top of that top of top notch about the to me posso Bess A- two Pbs Andro Asia up on the. You doggy doggy Ming that Dogtown gets harder to get out come on down Robb the geog Georgie toan. Okay, let's go to the seventh. he's got seven aspiration pay and he's seven great aspiration was. he said that when I become a Buddha by attending the perfect complete and unsurpassed enlightenment by my power by having my name in their minds and by reciting my name seven time mentally May. Until the last moment of enlightenment all fights and separation be pacified for them and may they live in loving kindness for each other, those being who are Disrupt fighting and separated by fight and colins. meeting but you know Palma bhi meet him but ju-on you know meet him but then we're gonna go go along then on the big. And so I'm Duno and Howard Shodan mongo. So in our worldly life in the life of householders, usually, we have big problem with the argument such as between husband and wives, parents and children, brothers and sisters and friends and so forth. so when you have this kind of problem argument fighting calling and so forth, then again if you decide the name of this particular Buddha, who is called a King of renowned glory of accident, Lamm or Super 50. Raja a seven time then you are a problem will be pss. no-I Gog Gonda Nuys Johan Lh Barn Tosi means in mongo about the Laing tell me about the to the Simba so. That's so but the dog doggy dingell me-I London's get harder to give your children Kimber Kimber Georgie's Sheba imed. And Denys, he's the last and the Earth but aspiration, he said when I become a Buddha by attending the perfect complete and surpass enlightenment by my power by having my name in their minds and by deciding my name seven times mentally May until the last moment of enlightenment, they'll find. Live from the Great Rivers and cross them without any fear those being who are crying with various suffering because they are traveling in the rivers and oceans on boats. but there's no island where they can stop and they want to be alive. Are you? The tello young loven considerable was not I'm really numberis Digg is 10 to the. Tell the here-I'm Juan Heuer theys the Yagi them, but you know comes in and then you know that the big guys I imagine. On Jem Tora dinner that day and said the world and by of the and that is from 10 to 10 to the 10, he told them how does she do it? The Inna you know? can I see the tendon? Everybody see what they did to me, but it's. So actually when we. Encounter a kind of problem or fear less of fear because Gbi in Tibetan Tibetan is which is usually translated at SAP. so the this great it great aspiration are for eight different fears to pacify them or our problems, then usually if we have not training before then we we we when we actually encounter this kind of fear, then we are too frightened and we don't remember anything so no. Need to think about this long member of the Buddha, you don't even just remember just buddah. you know like that. Therefore we need to have practice all the time. it's possible every day. we have to train ourselves and we had to a happy kid ourselves to this name of Buddha and, for example, saying like I prot to King of the renowned glory of excellence, Name, Buddha and all the time like that and then the measure. The measurement of your practice is, for example, if you what you have a problem, Your Dream that if you can't remember this practice in your Dream, then you are pretty good. You are quite good. Then you can then you can decide to his name in the and then you are the problem will also be solved and that's for sure, therefore, we when we encounter little bit problem this kind of problem or fear, then we always try to. His name this Super Shera, or if you prefer to be in them, then tell which means the King of renowned glory of excellent name. So you have to train yourself to remember his name and practice his name. even you when you encounter a little tiny bit of problem they then in that way, then you'll be by yourself and you become more happy then. If you can't remember his name when he encountered any problem, this kind of problem in your Dream. That means we are pretty well. then you will also be able to remember his name when we encounter this problem in the part of when you're going to a party after that and then all the the problem in part will be specified for you. So that's how we have to practice yourself from now on. Yeah. alright. I jumped in the tailgate but No-I kimbo at all jumble that jumped in the labor song. No. I'm going. Care about ASD Gammy It's the love but how did the two of Sheba Toshiba? dollars the tools is about and then the usual of God and and then they did the number 22 ball over down. Regarding aending, he also told me he came down shamash Simba. I'm talking about, but they need that they should you know they hear about the younger, but it's always Sergio Tomas, they said to you. I'm still you know jumbo. I'm on Kimani tell everybody on the about the the on your game that they them be. This is about the tens what laws that they thought they love my Jonah. then I'll tell you on the Abdul Tamba then Robb those shino. You could be this is what I'm Rob the you or the children then there and then if you want them, you know in the world jewelry. So Buddha continue his conversation with Mahe again and then Buddhas again Jambo, which means Deena therefore this Buddha The King of renowned glory of excellent name or Super Kwanza, how he at the beginning in gender Bodhi Shedd actually from the very moment of Inge his bodhi for the first time what kind of aspiration he did and the what kind of Soma he practiced the then how he has ripening senden. And then what kind of kind of the body to conduct he has practices and then how much he has made offering to the Buddhas Taha and then how much he served to the Taha and then how much he had elimination number two and then how much he has purified the Buddha field and then how much. Attending Buddhist to attend he had this all are. Buddhist, who recite on Tenth Level Tomi and the perfect Buddha, accept them even the shara Buddhas and the particular buddhas Cannot, expect them even they talk for 100 year or even more they can there's no way they can they can talk about them entirely. So this is the greatness of this The buddhas. W therefore, again Buddhist still continue his conversation, he says Jambo onda, therefore those noble son or daughter or the King of Minister or or the sponsor or the Householder who are faithful and then who are striving striving for inbal you. Which means you are looking for a qualities, but in this case is the the path and the Liberation because you then can mean many things. So here I think we can trust who are who are working on the path and enlightenment should. Therefore, you should hold his name and then you should recite his name so here at Kele says if possible, you can decide to not just hit this first first Buddha but also our medicine Buddha If you can and then also it's a lot to go means not just by reading with your mouth but full of devotion and and then confidence or trust to him. and then if you do in that way you. Open to him, then all the negativity of this particular practitioner whether it is noble son or daughters or King of Israel or just Householder whatever you want, we will be all this negativity will be purify all his Carmen aeration will be purify and all his sicknesses will be completely purified and then all his wishes of a 10. Buddhahood a Liberation will be fulfilled and then he or she will be never returning from the enlightenment in Latin men of Buddha. I didn't do whatever the the download the this is tell me about your ability but he and then I continue to you about the top corner. Then it talks about you know the the. Meetings your condition is you know there's the on the ability of the 1010 a don't give them they maybe you can give them the Virginia and I care about you know Calvin she down on Newmont. And a lady it. So to a concise and precise the meaning of this last paragraph of the conversation of Buddha and Magic in short, it says if you want to receive all the qualities that this particular buddhas processes, then first of all what you have to do is you have to be free from all these adverse conditions, Galen or unfavorable. Conditions and we are the Cros such as anger and so forth therefore, and in order to be free from this unfavorable condition, or at worst condition than what you have to do is you have to hold his name and reside his name with full of devotion with full of trust and confidence and faith and so forth. and if you do that, then all these favorable conditions will come nationally together like because of practicing that way, then you are. All negative negative negativity will be pacify gradually and all your carm aspiration will be pacify which are usually considered to be the unfavorable conditions for our practice and then all you sicknesses of poison and so forth will be pss by then it will be free from all these impediment of obstacle to practice and that's the result you know. They are the what he told you that you know, Tony and he said you're on with the and you have to be one with him. They didn't know know them and then you know and then they know surgery is my lord. I took that go to Wakanda Andie on the is now my nemi marzo heche touch. You know the hi to. Somebody jungle and do it but so I think it's nice to clarify a doubt here because some people might have a doubt saying that when this particular Buddha at first, it says he has like a great aspiration at the last pair of again it. Buddha said his qualities could not be expressed even 100 year by the And the buddhas, except those who reside on the 10 levels and the perfect Buddha, so it may seem contrary to each other to you. So to clarify doubt here actually the last part of what Buddha said in the last break is the reality That is that is it that is it and then but somehow since in the degenerative time, we don't have too much time to go and study all his qualities and details for if buddah thought even with that hurt them, we don't have. Have to go through that and then another reason is we in this degenerate time people doesn't have merit to believe in such a profound and vast teaching, therefore, if that part everything in detail if people in this time would wouldn't believe that or can't get countries and that therefore whatever it Asp has been taught is because of the capital capital City of capability of the. Of people in this general degenerative time, that's how Buddha taught only is it great aspiration but actually in reality, the last part is what it is. It is limitless even the chaga and the particular Buddha cannot whole you know even in 100 years. come with you and did this yaba buddhas that you can't edit this and this party and then they did okay. So this is the completed here the first Buddhas Buddhas and then we are at the second Buddha. Now we need to stop here tonight the teaching and we will do the practice the second at doma. Bye. Okay. please get your book ready and we'll do practice. We have a little more time today, so we'll save money a little more today I am I know I'm young and I'm I'm get them boys. You're like Jojo Signe. I'm Joe's, I don't. I'm going and you're like I'm like I'm Joe and I can't I I I'm. I'm like Signe you're and I'm like I love you all I go and I Jomon. No, no no. And I'm like more more more more more more. Don't wanna be more money more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more. I want more. I want more more more. One of them a bit more money, all my my my money more money more money more money more money more money more money more money. Omar more more more more more more. more more. More more more more more more. more more more Mom Mom Mom Mom Mom Mom mom more. More more more more more more and oh my mom Mom Mom Mom Mom Mom mom I want my mom. I'm mom I'm mom. more. Omar Home' Mom Mom Mom Mom mom and a bit more and more. I've home' moment. Omar More more more more more more more money more money more money more money more money more money more money more money I'm a bit more more more more more more more more more more more more more. I'm I'm. And I know on your boy. Yeah, know I'm going down. I tell you can get to heaven so no-I. Yeah. I am mine you're right. Yeah, I'm calling you. I'm Yeah. You know what I am Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I don't know I love what are you? I'm your. I love you right. Yeah cuz I'm joy you're just. Yeah. but love you. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Going on than know why I'm on, but I love more. I'm Conway all I know and I'm more. I'm more. thought I but I I I. I know I know I let down again. Oh I am on. I regular dedication player who's on there. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Don't iming you guy. I No-I Byer bears' your jumbo I can't juans on day on day. And I go on I get goes on you know you're brenda and you're like, I'm on the player or. There you go Garvin Goma and Boyd Iway. Oh, I'm bad. I'm better of it.

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