Clingy Cat Never Wants To Leave Shiba Inu Dogs Side

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We all have that one clingy BFF… 😂❤️

Posted 3 months ago in Animals & Pets

Katia Christiana 3 months ago

So fantastic, because the cat actually initiated the relationship. I love this story.

Heidi Wascom Simpson 3 months ago

Looks like they have been given a sedative JS cute animals though….

Susan Schwarz 3 months ago

I’ve never seen anything like this…EVER! It melted my heart!

Cindy Parfitt 3 months ago

These two are so cute loving each other so much!

Elaine Nixon 3 months ago

Absolutely adorable , what a great Video and photos 👍👌💖

Susan Shuffelen 3 months ago

I can’t contain myself on how cute and cuddly they are. 🥰🥰

Carol Giokaris 3 months ago

OMG these 2 are the most adorable pair. So so cute just love them