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iPhone Fold, iPhone 12, iPhone OS 14, Apple Glasses & More Leaks!
What's What's up up guys? guys everything everything? out here. here exciting times times just just a a few few. days days away away from from WWDC. WWDC. W. We We have have some news about the new new foldable foldable iPhones. iPhones. iPhone. iPhone iPhone iPhone OS. OS 14. 14, is what we're gonna be be seeing seeing here here in in just. just a a few few days. days in your your naming naming structure. structure. structure 14 years of refinement refinement and and. we've we've got got some some iPhone. iPhone iPhone 12 12 news. news news both. both good and bad. bad. alright, Alright, let's let's jump jump. jump in to into that. that. So So I I have have one. one iPhone iPhone left left that hasn't been given given away away and. and and details details on on that. that that will will be be down down below below. in in the the description. description free shipping update for for those those that that have have ordered ordered. the rebel series case. So a few hundred tracking numbers did go out last night. More will follow this weekend and all of next week. so thank you for your patience and let me know what you guys think about our rebel series Gen two close case so the mythical John Prosser has shared the first ever public details of Apple's Foldable phone project. Now there have been various patents going back to 2016 some even further, which Apple could use for this, but no actual design direction Now now our our concept concept we. we're we're showing showing is is based based based. on on the the Galaxy Galaxy Galaxy. Flip. Flip. You know, take this with with a a grain grain of of salt. salt. It's It's just. just what what we we can can go go off off off. of of to to design this and there's a separate separate version version by. by concept creator. Which is actually using the design details. John Procter gave us, which is that of an iPhone 11 rounded edge design and the front will have a notch or more like a chin for all of the Face. ID components so assuming you'll have three displays, he says Apples foldable will not look like two iPhones stuck together, which is exactly what I'm showing you and we'll update the design as we learn more. But yes, Apple is working on a foldable and there are numerous patents regarding hinges foldable battery technology foldable display technology using many different methods that Apple could be. For this device and we didn't provide a time frame, we know that Apple is working on this and has been for quite some time. There's really no major demand for this device just yet Samsung has carved out a niche with their Galaxy fold and Z flip line up and it'll be further expanding on it. but Apple and it's Apple fashion will arrive on the scene late but maybe do things better here. Okay So moving on to iPhone 12 stuff Now there are new Cass circulating now which are going out to case manufacturers and being shared many twitterers have. To them and there's conflicting information going around right now regarding the design features of the iPhone 12 supposedly the iPhone 12 lineup will not be as impressive as the leaks have suggested, according to one twitterer and actually examining these cats, we can tell that they're definitely recent. They're not the old December ones from 2019, which have the smart connector, which by the way is supposedly not even a smart connector. Toan Russ Twitterer has shared that it's a five G millimeter wave. Opening unclear how it will be finished or if it will be visible on the surface. I assume it'll be painted the same color as the antenna bands on the iPad Pro. now these molds paint completely different picture than weeks suggested in particular with the camera layout, it's not using the square camera layout. It's the original one from the 11 Pro Max but slightly larger and different spacing. so the camera I believe is wrong here and that doesn't matter at all for a case manufacturer and the different twitterer is sharing these molds and metal with. Planted on top of them as you can see companies are already developing glass screen protectors and taking a look at that notch The earpiece is not up against the border like we saw in the schematics. John Prosser shared John Pro's explanation is that case manufacturers don't need that much information. These are real cats. They're just old and unfinished and we'll be updated so we'll see I certainly hope so I do not wanna go another year with the old notch and by the way this is a five point four inch model that I printed I did not. Expected to be this tiny, this is next to an iPhone five. It's slightly smaller than the new SE crazy. It's crazy. how small the footprint is on this phone. I certainly didn't realize it until I printed it and held it in my hands and just for a point of reference when the iPhone 11 lineup, Kass leaked sometime around this time last year, they were actually very close to the real deal. Apple logo in the Center and all nobody caught that so I'm not saying that these cats are to be trusted, but they certainly hold more information than you'd expect them to. Taking a closer look at the 2020 lineup, the iPhone 11 Pro Max, which Doon Ruy Twitterer, saying it will be the only iPhone to have a lighter sensor this year, Not the six point one inch 12 pro. I certainly hope that's wrong, too if Apple were to keep the same camera orientation, we assume the lighter would be the iPad Pro size. This is the scale and planted somewhere in there next to that microphone like I said, I hope that's wrong, just speculation There's a separate leak here of the schematic. Of the iPhone six point, one inch CA no new information, but it does show that notch and better detail. I really hope that Apple gets rid of that. I hope John Prosser is right, but if Apple were to shrink the notch this year, we'd be seeing a shrinking notch for the next three years, but we're already hearing rumors about Apple removing it in 2020, - one at least on one device and a small detail on iPhone 12 Pro design, which Maxine back is providing, is that they've they've elongated elongated the camera shapes slightly it. Very slight rectangle down instead of a square, this is due to camera structuring on the inside some good news regarding 120 Hertz. Max Steinbeck is reporting that it's passed a second engineering test, and it's still good for launch. Meanwhile, Apple rumors leaks might be doubting this feature and I'll be reporting more as we learn, but so far so good. Thank goodness and dig Times is reporting that Apple is now looking to include the Ssixty Qualcomm modem in this this year's year's iPhone. iPhones not next year. Originally planned, these are more advanced than the originally intended X 55 modem's with a five nanometer process, and they can aggregate both millimeter wave and subs six gigahertz at the same time to get you the best speeds and once again being reported this year's iPhones will arrive without wired ear pods in the box, according to Wedbush analyst Dan Ives. He's claiming that Apple is removing his feature. They'll sell more AirPods with it and again from a separate leak, Apple may reintroduce a budget version of air. To include a future version of the iPhone, this We Bush analyst also believes that the iPhone 12 despite the setbacks is still on track to launch in early October. John Prosser is also shared more details regarding airpower this Csix eight Prototype, which Apple engineers have been testing at home. He's saying they finally got the Apple Watch function working and has provided some pictures which Fudge has disputed Twitterer saying that those are made by him despite this John John Prosser Prosser saying saying. the information is. In a separate twitterer has found evidence in I was 14 of a CW 20 -, six or airpower mini wireless Charger. This is something that was rumored by several different sources. Apple is working on a smaller wireless charger and we might finally see it at WWDC. Margo Garman is also published a report on Apple's AR and VR future detailing further detailing the two devices Apple glasses and the VR gaming headset. Apparently Johnny I was unhappy Hub, which the gaming headset had to connect to an Apple engineers ended up settling on a less powerful device but being independent from a separate hub and this gaming headset is going to have high-resolution displays a cinematic Speaker experience and the main input method will be Siri. No details yet on design other than it will look somewhat like the HTC system, which is already on market and Marty Garman says. we'll get our first look at this in 2021 with with Apple Apple. Glass Glass being being. pushed to 2000. Just based on the complexity of the system so the first and then an AR headset Now what new hardware might we expect at WWDC a new imac the ARM Macbook AirPods Studio airbags, HomePod mini and possibly an Apple TV four K in a separate twitterer warns us that we might see substantial delays, software and hardware to items announced a WWDC. Now I was 14 may not happen. It'll be called iPhone OS 14, according to John. Which goes back to the roots, I was only named ISIS four before it was iPhone OS and now the Apple has multiple versions of its software for different devices. It only makes sense for Apple to use this naming once again, I certainly am in opposition of Apple renaming iPhone to Apple phone. Hopefully that doesn't happen mysterious online leaker. I've never seen this many new leaks and new sources cropping up in such a short of time. Now, there's a new one sharing many I s' 14 details in particular. Air tags sound effects with us I mean it sounds about right this twitterer is also claiming we might get ipod. OS separate from iPhone OS, it would make sense of that one is getting renamed. It also claims iPhone OS 14 might be released on September thirtieth There will be new Dark Mode control centered toggles, which will switch depending on your date night orientation and also that we might get a new mute switch toggle for the Control Center on iPhone this leaker claims to have found evidence pointing to the feature that that Apple Apple is is bringing. bringing bringing Sidecar. Sidecar to a future. Of Iowa was 14, possibly not the initial version also has found mention of the iPhone 12 and the Apple Ewen chip directly in IOS 14. I mean who knew and yes, I was getting a dedicated sleep mode, so this is separate from bedtime mode. This is an actual switch in your control Center, which Fudge details will put your phone into a completely different than do not disturb and more focused on sleep, especially since the Apple Watch Series Six six is is gaining. gaining this this sleep sleep mode. mode feature or so we. Along with a host of many different icons, Gabe Apples, AR based app they're bringing to I was 14, has been shown at least the icon for it and some of the functionality. This is all developer where you're really never gonna see this stuff on the final bill, but still interesting to see behind the scenes and buried in the privacy policy of the IOS 13 point, five point one release car key has been been detailed. detailed no no new new information, information. information. Other. other than than the the fact fact that that it it might arrive sooner than than we we think think possibly. possibly possibly with. with 13 point six or. I was 14 as originally rumored really excited for that feature, especially if it comes with Tesla integration. Alright guys. Thanks for watching. See you on June 20. Second, it's gonna be a crazy week so excited peace.

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