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So what, he said Wait What welcome to watch? Mojo dot com and today we're counting down our picks for the top 10. What the moments Anatomy before we continue to make sure to like our page and share this video with your friends for this list we're looking at specific times and they left us just kind of scratching our heads Even within the context of their respective crazy shows Be careful though some of this madness happens to also include spoilers Number 10 The parade We know that all dreams are weird but this is really pushing the envelope Don't, you see his brain is numbed out in the world we're entering another person's Dream has become a revolutionary way of therapy you can expect to see some trippy visuals out of all of them The parade sequence easily takes the cake This particular Dream consists of various objects springing to life and marching down the road If That's not weird enough any human that joins the brave ends up transforming into some sort of disturbing hybrid Oh boy How everyone Number nine hubs safe due to the laws of Physics High School of the Dead Out of all the ample chest and survivors of the zombie apocalypse by far the most capable with sako go, get her I'll cover you, but you better move like you got a purpose, you Can't They're Way, too. Many of them to fight with a wooden sword just get the girl With her sword skills and oddly sadistic approach to beating the crap out of me on debt she was definitely the gal you want by your side when facing horror as it turns out, she also has a secret skill gravity defying boobies Not only could you slay zombies with just a bucket but her boobs also have the speed and dexterity to dodge bullets in real time needle Number eight so many muscles Arcola under the bridge With the bizarre cast of characters living under the bridge there's bound to be some conflict however rarely does a family viewed and with two of its younger members duking it out in such a manner you guys. Don't Komo out tonight, an idea to you know, be my staff after the one shiny tech world suddenly becomes bolt due to his training he soon ends up battling both his brother and the one sweet Stella both of whom also have the ability to get huge It all ends in a clash of titans that cannot be unseen Number. Seven food gasm Food horse shoe casino, Salma The game We all know that great food to feel like sex in your mouth but this is taking it a bit too far. Don't. You think so my dreams of being a top class chef and it turns out he's well on his way since his booty is so good that it literally sends people into what can only be described as a food gasm Throw in something rotting imagery to hammer the point home and you have enemies interpretation of food porn on empathy Number six leaf now across the seven This is a series that is beloved for a whole plethora of reasons most notably its soundtrack the tail of the gigantic space fleet as it traverses through the cosmos in search of a habitable world is made all the richer by the fact that our main lead Nikki Basara is one hell of a guitarist C On top of that you have alien encouragement and all sorts of conflicts to further engrossed with the narrative Now you might be asking Where is the moment Well It's this That's It number five cats Just cats Cat soup It's Hard to target a specific, weird ass moment in this animate so we'll just cheat it and say the whole thing you can't quite put into words. How trippy this little feature actually is also it's filled to the brim with bizarre imagery as well as a crazy cast that range from father time to even God Also for kids, despite being all cute cats seeing kittens drown people being cut into pieces, but scissors and pigs being beaten to death might not sit well with them Number four, the principal versus the deer need a joke The title may translate to my ordinary life but the mundane events that make up the lives of you go meal and my are quite far from that We had a lot to choose from but out of all of them, we had to pick the outta nowhere insanely awesome battle between the principal and a deer We are not sure why he's trying to capture it But we do know that despite its adorable appearance that deer is a total beast good luck bro Number three toothbrush incest Nissan Motor guitar Damn bro, what is wrong with you his sister, maybe hot, blooded by major and clash with his laid back personality But it doesn't seem to be the case here when the two agreed to a contest which somehow ends with him, brushing her teeth for five minutes S Something man seems to become increasingly arousing Look animate We know you have that incest in each kind of cover But seriously You've destroyed the institution of healthy gums you monsters Number two bra attack plastic Nissan Daddy know You're okay As two young students are cornered in an alley way and look like They're about to go through a beating they saved at the last second by their schools, kept into the baseball team His methods of heroism, however aren't so much with his fists as they are with his choice of undergarments Does it surprisingly this seems to work and while we're all for spreading the love you might wanna hold back there You're coming on a little strong Yeah S Number one the third impact Neon Genesis Evangelion the end of event Galia S Trust ask finally, some closure while the end of the original series may have left viewers scratching their heads as to what the hell they just launched this final chapter of the animate was sure to leave no unanswered questions Carrie you also finally get to see you again New More out of body, symbolic high school afterlife, personal existence fiascos No Now, she, G Oska, and Ray can finally have their happy ending in wait hold on Why are they on a Beach What happened to humanity Why is strangling Moscow Why is there a giant version of race space Why is what disgusts me What the

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