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Hear how IA graduate and pediatric cancer survivor Jake Taraska , started his own foundation to raise funds to bring a smile to kids who need healing. We...
The you know one of the attractions that it just kind of seemed after they got after jay came here and he got involved in the business program that's the entrepreneurial program uh they have Business leaders come from outside of the school that would come in and talk to them and to me that was phenomenal because you're not gonna get that at a you know the public school um it also help them think jake with his foundation that He started um you know help him to kinda form his foundation to kinda wanna do a foundation and um and you know I just kinda think that that has help them to flourish within his foundation because some of the programs that are here the school so Go coming to inspiration I really have the mindset is dying foundation um I just wanted to help so um I came to inspiration kind me uh inspiration kindly allowed me to find myself and be me and do that span of time um I recognize that I need to do more to help these kids so I started uh so that's why I say the foundation and uh the people who inspiration where big support and allowed me to um to follow my passion of being kids battling cancer

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