RJ Barrett vs. Phoenix Suns

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5 triples for RJ last night.

Keep on lightin’ them up 🎯

Posted 5 months ago in Sports

Max Mcgrath 5 months ago

We was up on this team both times by double digit and loss the game. Actually we was up in the second half of most of our games we loss this season. If we can learn how to finish again elite teams we’ll be a very hard team to beat in the playoffs. #KnicksForLife

Chad Chase 5 months ago

Let's not get carried away with the negativity on losing to the best team in the league. Compared to where they've been rhe last 10 years and where they were supposed to be this year, this team is light-years better than they should be.
They don't have a 5 that can score, they don't have a starting 1. Rose is great for 25 mins off the bench, he's the new Lou Williams. Randle is the only real forward on the team. Bullock is honestly a big 2 guard.

Joel H Mojica 5 months ago

Needs to finish at the rim on those fast break with people on him. Gets that down and he’s a force

Leonard Ware Boster 5 months ago

We lost 2 on a row. Back to what wins. DEFENSE!!... HIT THE BOARDS!!... we're getting 3 happy. Forgetting what made us the 4th seed. It wasn't matching Baskets!! It was moving the ball scoring , and getting stops. LETS GO KNICKS!!

Winston Mcgill 5 months ago

Knicks are a ZION away from winning division then Eastern Conference, we're on the RIGHT TRACK until then, keep building & fighting...GO #KNICKS👇

Jamal Parikh 5 months ago

Frank made a nice assist. we were up 11 then Thibs took him out and we lost

Billy Hare 5 months ago

The Knicks look like they are quiting their last couple of games. "Winning is contagious. Unfortunately so is losing." - Vince Lombardi "Winners don't quit and quitters don't win" - Vince Lombardi

Robert Sullivan 5 months ago

We stunk it up in the 2nd Half

Rickey Johnson 5 months ago

Thats alright brothers. Its hard when you don't have all your players, I like how Julius stood up. It was a very physical game

Jarell Grant 5 months ago

Long as we ain’t playing no team like this first round of playoffs. We ok. We do not play well against good teams. I keep saying this but ppl ignore it