Giant panda gives birth at the National Zoo

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Giant panda Mei Xiang gave birth to a cub on Friday at Smithsonian’s National Zoo.

“Everybody is doing great,” zoo director Steve Monfort says....

Posted 1 year ago

Regina Ryals 1 year ago

I continue to be astounded by the comments of people who have zero training in animal husbandry. And, I am confounded by those who take a very special moment to turn it into some stupid political statement. Why can't we just enjoy the beauty of the moment? Humans are such disappointing creatures.

Kenzie Anne Harvey 1 year ago

I don’t know why the topic of discussion isn’t a bigger enclosure. Especially considering the Panda was due to deliver a baby. What an absolute sin.

Linda Marleau 1 year ago

Agree that the space is way too small ...why?

Angela Mclean 1 year ago

Maybe they can help calgary zoo with their pandas

Brenda Vilbrin 1 year ago

a little crowded in that space isn't it??????

Sara E. Self 1 year ago

maybe she needs 2 stretch out??

Royane Stanfield 1 year ago

She cant turn try being in labor and cant move

Carole Wright Wooley 1 year ago

Based on the comments, no one even watched the video. So sad.

Dean Martins 1 year ago

Finally reporting on something other than “Trump bad”. Amazing!

Fernando Antonio 1 year ago