Making Jewellery Out Of Vintage Coins

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This guy takes old vintage coins, and turns them into stunning pieces of jewellery 💍

Posted 7 months ago in Fashion & Style

UNILAD 7 months ago

Huge thanks to Create Anything, make sure you check out their channels below -

RevVictoria McSweeney 7 months ago

My grandfather use to make “dimeand rings”...he’d attach a dime to a ring back in the 60’s/70’s....wish I still had mine. ❤️

Luis Wicho Aguilar 7 months ago

Something to have now because we are heading to paperless money future. Coins and paper money will be a thing of the past. Digital currency is not too far ahead of us. I don’t like it for many reasons.

Capatain Dharmaratne 7 months ago

This guy is a stupid idiot those coins are extremely rare.🖕😤

Chloé Davies 7 months ago

Coinringsbyandrew very good craftsmanship 🖤

Charlie Mattouk 7 months ago

I made Ali Matos her engagement ring from a silver quarter with a set baguette diamond :). Was fun!

Deirdre Grennan 3 months ago

Its illegal to use British coins of the Realm. Do not encourage in Uk.

Jeroen van der Heiden 7 months ago

This hurt to watch.

Norman Edwards 7 months ago

Thought that was illegal