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How to Make Cream Puffs!! (It's easier than you think!)

Cathy Brawner Reardon
Cathy Brawner Reardon1 year ago

Oooooh! I haven't had one with a surprise raspberry before. Yum!

Cheryl Reed
Cheryl Reed1 year ago

These Are my favorite desert

Deborah Hazelton
Deborah Hazelton1 year ago

My favorite. I shared this recipe with friends and we all made our family treats
Needless to say. Cream puffs are ALWAYS a hudge hit

Sherrane George
Sherrane George1 year ago

My goodness" that looks delicious.

Alka Malik Tandon
Alka Malik Tandon1 year ago

Hi my cream puffs became soggy after it had cooled down. Pls let me know where I went wrong.

Marie A Lopez
Marie A Lopez1 year ago

OMG! You are so tempting with all these wonderful recipes.

Bob Coulter
Bob Coulter1 year ago

These videos are all fake! There is no way you could make ( and eat ) all these incredible, tasty, delicious things and still maintain that soccer moms figure! LOVE THE RECIPES!

Bettina Newsome
Bettina Newsome1 year ago

You can make a any type of pudding to fill the pastry too instead of whip cream,that is how we made them

Robby Corkum
Robby Corkum1 year ago

yum, my hubby's favorite!

Sharon Byron
Sharon Byron1 year ago

I would drizzle some chocolate over the top馃構