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Brett Turcotte 馃嚚馃嚘 wins gold in Snow Bike Best Trick at X Games Aspen 2020!
For Games, Aspen 2020 a hundred and 11 percent, there's 11000. That's a lot of people out here over the course of the last four days and then. Out here at Buttermilk Mountain is back out in the mix. let's check in with Diana one more time before we see next attempt. He is feeling good out there, he said. He's gonna go out there and do what he can. his bike is not feeling the best right now, but he's doing what he can guys Alright so despite the crash. Workouts gonna go for it again. Puts one down here in round number two. He had a Superman back flip there. you could hear the panic revenue around the guys are having a hard time flipping that ramp tonight. I gotta give him credit for the two crashes that he took in snowmobile freestyle on Friday night. First right here tonight then to come back and do it again. Oh man you said it. I mean that the weekend he's had with crashes to come back and to commit to a trick like that, pull it around hats off to him. Yeah, I mean.

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