$1000 Survival Kit in a Case

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$1000 Survival Kit in a Case

Posted 9 months ago in Science & Tech

Andrew William Forrest 6 months ago

Great Survival kit good idea if you're lost out in the wilderness.

Christopher Doty 9 months ago

Disappointed that it didn't include a flare gun or a firework to try and signal help. Great kit, but not worth 1k in my opinion anyway 🤷‍♂️. As always, great video 😁

Janice Gunter 9 months ago

The triangular bandage is a sling for fractured or sprain wrists...

David Gaskell 9 months ago

Definitely not worth $1,000 get the same stuff about $400 very cheap products

Joe DiNunzio 9 months ago

That's not worth spending $1K on.
For that much, I can equip a good backpack for long term survival.
In fact, my bug-out backpack cost me less to equip than $1K, and it will help keep me alive as long as I need.

Ken Fisher 9 months ago

Not really worth 1000 missing alot of items that I would put in a survival kit

Shaun Sims 7 months ago

Some of the items were good but the tools should have been less cheap because they are just as important as everything else

Spike Vesters 9 months ago

They could of gave you alot more survival tools and gear such as a better fire starting system or a survival knife but all depending where your from it's not a bad survival pack I guess

James Stover 9 months ago

But most of what you got you can buy better and make your own bug out bag that is what I'm working on now

Roberta Allison 9 months ago

Not worth $1000. to me (now), but under the right emergency.....Love the box, but I would rather pack it myself. Why don't you make up the perfect Crazy Russian Hacker Survival box and share it with us all.