Megan and Madam Cat training their foot slave 75K Views
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Mitzi is should be glad such amazing goddesses took her as their foot slave and foot bitch, she should be honored she can crawl at their feet, clean their high heeled shoes, smell their feet, lick their soles and suck their goddess-like toes. Today she has a chance to prove herself. She has to be the best slave today, obey every word, do any humiliating thing her goddesses tell her to do and thank for all of that. After all she is just a piece of garbage for goddesses like Megan and Madam Cat. They can wipe the floor with her, humiliate her, make her clean their sweaty feet and dirty shoes and she still has to thanks for it, Mitzi has to beg for it and be grateful for it! So far both goddesses are satisfied with Mitzi but it take only one slip, one error and she will be beaten and kicked and stomped mercilessly on the ground under her goddess' feet. Such is a life of foot slave.

Posted 2 years ago in OTHER