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Elizabeth pulls the rug out from under Kim's fantasy. Enjoy the conclusion of today's all-new #GH - exclusively on Facebook Watch!
Just wanted to tell you how grateful I am Everything Thank you Scott It's Elizabeth Franco's leaving town now like in a matter of minutes he told Kim to meet him on Pure 50 - five at 10 o 'clock. So there's no more stalling. We have to do something now or we may never Hey sorry that it took so long I ran into Phillips and do you know what he said to me Oh my God Hey what's wrong I don't know if it's for the best of the worst but Frank was gone That was weird not really Jason and Sony both have personal reasons to wanna see Shiloh go down They're probably just covering their basis making sure the invader doesn't print fake news or something Yeah Okay But why is Shiloh talking to Jason about anything Especially Peter Maxi seems surprised that the shallow Peter connection Yeah it's definitely news now. What I need another set of eyes on this Let me guess Spinelli I thought she wanted me outta here It's been a change of plans You'll get your 30 percent plus bonus Exchange for Taking care of David Henry Archer Kim You came I'm not We're really doing this This I just have one question of where you go Alright, what's that Where are we going doesn't matter. We'll go back to San Diego anywhere. You want matter me as long as I'm with you So I guess we just go to the airport and it sounds like a really good place for us to start Thanks Franco Bowie you're coming with us What you wanna get off with me Ma' Am you have to speak to a judge? What are you Hi, this is Tamara and I need to Oh my God Did this It gave me no choice

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