Warzone Zombie Royale on Night map is CRAZY!

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The final circle is always hell. Most stressful, chaotic, yet enjoyable experience ever.

🎮 Stodeh

Posted 1 year ago in Games, Puzzles, & Play
Gamology - The Best of Gaming
Gamology - The Best of Gaming1 year ago

Courtesy of Stodeh:

Gary Matthews
Gary Matthews1 year ago

I think I speak on behalf of most players now when I say that this clip is pretty tame for a final ring in Zombie Royale! GG's fellas!

Jevon Wade
Jevon Wade1 year ago

I just want to unlock the Halloween stickers and raise my kd from .86 to 1.00 But i can't do that if I'm getting hit markers in the gulag with the throwing knife. Or even hit markers after a head shot with my Ax-50. Anyone else or am I just a dookie player lolol

Daniel Pabon
Daniel Pabon1 year ago

Good comms is essential in any of the battle royale modes, but freakin necessary to the utmost degree in this one lol

Also makes it incredibly fun

Mike Allen
Mike Allen1 year ago

So many tracers and beams that I thought it was Battlefront for a moment.

Jack Butler
Jack Butler1 year ago

I'd like to see the warzone zombies thing a PvE gamemode like in black ops. That would be cool as hell watching 20 people trying to survive an army together in the final circle.

Kló Veðhjarta
Kló Veðhjarta1 year ago

Honestly, this game mode is not only dumb, but boring tbh. I’m not a big fan of Warzone to begin with, because I typically start getting bored halfway through my 3rd match, but this wins the award for the game mode that makes me bored the fastest.

Jesse Orimoto
Jesse Orimoto1 year ago

That final circle was mild af for a zombie royale game.

Kevan Strider
Kevan Strider1 year ago

This game is so overrated.
Not only is it 250 gbs of reskinned trash.
But it's plagued with cheaters to the point of being unplayable.

Richard Auletta
Richard Auletta1 year ago

The Thermal Sight is pretty much essential for this event. I use it for my Ophaga and Rottweiler and it works great.