Intel - Five years in a row. That’s reason to celebrate....

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Five years in a row. That’s reason to celebrate. Read more about our fifth consecutive year of record revenue.

Posted 11 months ago

Jeff Morrison 10 months ago

Welcome back Pat. Enjoyed the fun and energetic culture you created in the ProShare Video Conferencing Division. The Skit Day at the Schnitzer in downtown Portland was a blast. I hope you'll extend on Bob's back to basic approach and bring back a place where all diverse viewpoints are heard and valued. I hope you and Bob have a chance to discuss the opportunities to enhance Intel Culture through reforms of the Open Door Process that have been outlined. Women and others need to feel safe and no protections are in place to avoid retaliation for Good Faith reporting of sexual harrassment and other forms of coercion. I know in the PVC division you had zero tolerance for abusive/coercive management. Ronler Acres needs some special attention and I hope your new leadership that you hire will be role models for all the traditional values that made Intel great!!!! Culture was the underlying reason Intel has fallen two generations behind TSMC. Poor Yields and Slow Bin splits have forced Intel to build two Fabs it didn't otherwise need ($40B). Also the lost revenue from missed demand is likely another $40B in the last 4 years. America needs to become a leader again in Semiconductor Manufacturing Technology. Intel designs are great, but Apple bought out TSMC's 5 and 3 nm technology to leap frog Intel and promote its own architecture. Intel wouldn't have lost the Apple business had it had the state of art semi technology..... I hope you'll make Intel a Great Place to Work everywhere and for everyone!

Stephen R. Gillentine 11 months ago

Loved working for Intel. In Santa Clara CA and Rio Rancho NM. Great Place to Work was one of the Intel Values.

Fay Wong 9 months ago

I want to complain about the improper withdrawal of Li Yang's Intel endorsement in China, which is a serious misogyny and sexism case.

Li Yang, an outstanding stand-up comedy actress in China, has a great reputation in highly educated population. She is considered as an icon of feminism movements in China. The withdrawal of her endorsement because of the malicious boycott from some anti-women males against her, means Intel‘s permission, even support of misogyny. This act is disapproved by no just female customers of Intel, but all the rational female in China. As an international brand, Intel should response properly and Li Yang's endorsement as planned.

Look forward to your reply as soon as possible.

李铁诚 9 months ago

She is not a symbolic icon for female equal right. On the contrary, she has mangy speeches that has obvious discrimination against male. As a loyal MALE consumer to INTEL for many years, I feel deeply regretful of your company choosing this figure to represent INTEL's presence in China. As a male, I have been supporting female's equal right for many years, yet to the best of my knowledge, there's a huge gap between this person and Ms. Lisa Su.

Paquito Loppez 11 months ago

ok, when arrive the rocket lake-s to the market?

Andrés Ignacio Rodríguez 11 months ago

Great place to work! 🙏🏻

Rob Dinsmore 11 months ago

5 years in a row without a high end 10nm CPU as promised. 14nm . Sorry to troll but not really sorry

John Ormando 11 months ago

If only they could get the stock price to go up 5 years in a row!

INKLe 11 months ago

5 years in a row. Finally M1