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Nigeria will be great
Catch this cruise do you know that the Human Rights Commission is actually charged with the responsibility of handling cases of human rights violation and ensuring prosecution of offenders. Now. This is the same Human rights commission that the federal government has asked to set up another panel to perform its functions. Okay. Do you also know that the Human Rights Commission has remained without a governing council since 2015, and by law without this governing council, the Human Rights Council, the human. Commission Cannot perform its functions that they don't know or they don't care about our human rights. That's another. You know that there's something called the Police Trust Fund in this Police trust fund 0.5% of the total money in the account is meant to go into that trust fund 0.05 of the total net profit of all companies all companies. Is operating business in Nigeria. Do you know how much that is that money is meant to go into the Police Trust Fund. There's a long list of some other things that are meant to go into the Police Trust fund. Where is the police trust funds They are not being paid Well. The cars are not worthy. The police stations are completed buildings. Police have to convert exhibit for the personal use in the office is disgraceful the state of the police right now we have to start holding people. Accountable That is the only way we'll be able to move forward.

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