Joy Behar Makes Her Famous Lasagna

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Our Joy Behar took us in her kitchen last year to make her much-talked about lasagna! Get the recipe:

Posted 11 months ago

MaryLou Ruggiero-Salzarulo 11 months ago

I add mashed up meatballs not sausage into the ricotta mixture which has the mozzarella already in it too. Then on top of that layer we sprinkle grated parmesan cheese. Every Italian has their own little change but basically the same.

Carol McDonald 11 months ago

This is the most awesome recipe I have ever used and I sometimes make it without the sausage. Try it you are gonna love it

RoseAnn Gen 11 months ago

We make a very similar lasagna except I remove the casing of the sausage sautee and sprinkle some on each layer.

Jan Hadaway 11 months ago

Love it Joy! Thanks for helping this southern cook how lasagna should be done!

T Lynne Joiner 11 months ago

I love Joy's outspoken personality and I am sure her lasagna tastes great. I always crack up because the other View hosts get jealous when Joy only makes lasagna for Whoopi. LOL 馃ぃ

VickiJohn Paverud 11 months ago

Made it for Christmas. Outstanding! Had a little problem following order of Instructions, but, heck...I have COVID-19 Brain! The sauce is superb. It is my new "go-to" for special occasions. But....if I am going to buy that much stuff, spend that much money, take that much time...I will make 2 every time so I can have a fantastic meal in my freezer most of the time! Thanks, Joy! Tremendous!

Elaine Pressley Weight 11 months ago

Thank you Joy, it looks easy enough and delicious. Thanks for sharing.

Shauna Pryor 11 months ago

Thank you I've been looking for a delicious lasagne that was easy.

Anna Maria 11 months ago

There is another way to make lasagna. Ground beef instead of sausage, mozzarella instead of ricotta. Add mushrooms and peas to the layers of pasta. Many versions depending of your family tradition.

OT Trevizo Villa 11 months ago

I love you Joy but that sauce only had garlic, onion and tomato paste? Also the layering didnt go to the edges and not enough Ricotta. Too thin.

I LOVE that kitchen though. Nice clean lines.