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This biker is such a hero ❤️

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Oh my God. Call Call the the cops. cops cops call call the the cops. cops. Any kids kids and and the the kids kids are are are in in in in. the the the House. House House House anybody anybody anybody in in in the the the House. House. House. Oh. Oh, Oh, I I just just know know I I need. need. My God, oh my God. Hey anybody over there. Anybody over there. Oh my God, This is my neighborhood. Oh my God. The The fire Department Department make make sure sure I I get get them them them over over over as as as fast fast fast as. as as possible. possible. That's not gonna do anything. We could try it, but but I I don't don't think think it's it's gonna gonna gonna it's it's. it's already already going. going. Oh my God. I don't think that's that's good. good. I've I've I've got got got to to to say say say if if if you you you let let let me me me me see see, see, see, let let let let me. me me me see see, see let let let me me me see see. see. I don't think think it's it's gonna gonna do do much. much. It's It's kicked. kicked. Kk. it's kdd. it's pink. And And kick kick it wherever it's it should should be be on on somewhere somewhere turn turn the to. valve left. Oh my God. I'm a firefighter now forget about motorcycling. Oh, my God, I don't know what to do. do. They've They've called called the the. the the fire fire fire This yeah keep going it's. This is this even doing doing well. well. I I guess guess it's it's getting getting getting. far far off off of of this. this. Yeah, shoot it it shoot shoot it it it The The The the the the base base base and and and I'll I'll shoot shoot the. up top. Let's see what kind of damage damage is is doing. doing. Is there a gate? Oh my God dude. Yeah. Hey. Come here we need to get buckets of water so it doesn't get to the House. This so it doesn't get to your your your House. House. House. I I I spray spray spray all all all the. the the all all the the grass. grass. Oh my God it's hot. How did this happen? To To them. I can't let it get to the House. Oh God that's hot. That is so hot. hot. I'm I'm I'm surprised surprised surprised. surprised my my my camera camera camera isn't isn't. isn't melting melting right right now. now. Do you have have propane propane on on it? it it or or what what? what what is is? it? The smoke smoke smoke cigarettes. cigarettes. cigarettes cigarettes no-I no-I. no-I was'. they're all out. Oh my God. it's it's hot hot. hot. this. This This This armor armor armor is is is actually actually actually though, though even. though even even even though though though it's hot, hot, it's it's protecting protecting me. me. Hey. I need slack. Fire Fire departments departments here here I I hear hear them. them. Fire departments departments here here I I hear hear hear them. them. them them I I. I I hear hear hear them. them. them. them. Oh Oh Oh my God. God. it's it's about about to to collapse collapse and and it's it's about about to to collapse. collapse. Oh my God. God. it's it's hot hot like like it's it's. it's burning burning. now. Oh. Oh my God. it's it's hot, hot. hot. I I I got got got back up back back. up a a second. second. I the only only one one here. here here out out of of everybody. everybody. Are you kidding me? I got more help coming. Okay. Hey, let me help you. Go ahead Buddy

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