The Journey To Mars

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Experts weigh in on what it’ll take to complete a successful human mission to Mars. Watch episodes of Mars here:...

Posted 8 months ago in Science & Tech

Mental Health Laboratory 8 months ago

Space exploration is the final frontier 😍

Mohammad Yahya 8 months ago

Only the richest people will run away leaving poors behind them with disastrous earth.
Dear Elon,Branson , and Jeff ,
Please spend your wealth to make this earth better place, escaping to Mars is not a solution .

Gayle R. Robbins 8 months ago

Vacation pics ... this seems like a really funny way to spend a whole lot of money ... given all the other (and better) ways that money could be spent.

Julian Viera 8 months ago

Getting there is not it. What we learn while we try to get there is invaluable. New technology, new mindset and a new vision.

Stephanie Villaluz 8 months ago

We cant live on Mars,you already named it radiation ,very far, no water,impossible again Impossible!!

Erwin S. Pioh 8 months ago

Mars, there's fast changing extreme hot atmosphere that you NASA can not detect by the Hubble Scope, be careful what you have desire to explore that planet, all metal composite can be broken because Mars Atmosphere

Dhorriis Nel 8 months ago

50 years from now the earth will be like the movie WALL-E. People live in space and the only thing that remains on earth us trash that people made.

Thea Henn 8 months ago

Clean up this planet first. It is the best planet ever - no Mars will ever compare.

Boon Kiat 8 months ago

Just don’t wake them up and bring them here. We have enough aliens here on earth.

Judith Purcell 8 months ago

let's save earth. mars is COLD.