EXCLUSIVE: 'I Am Really Scared': Seattle Resident Speaks Out Against CHAZ

The Daily Caller • 2 years ago   6.4K     2.2K  •  1M Views
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"I am scared"

Leann Tuckett
Leann Tuckett2 years ago

The Purge is being acted out in real life. That is what is happening.

Kim M Santangelo
Kim M Santangelo2 years ago

Need to know what God says will take place toward end times. The spirit of lawlessness is rampant. Educate yourself who is behind All of this and why. Lord Jesus come!

Kaila Kozak Martinson
Kaila Kozak Martinson2 years ago

And look at all of you just take this random, unnamed, and unidentifiable person who we don’t actually know lives anywhere near there with such specific details of 16 inches away from the precinct word as the truth. For god sakes people stop taking everything you see on the internet to heart. This is part of scare and control tactics. 🙄

Daryl Middleton
Daryl Middleton2 years ago

Government officials calling this a “festival “ and a “summer of love” need criminal charges and removed from office immediately

Debi Garrett
Debi Garrett2 years ago

Turn all utilities off now!! They won’t last a day without their games and phones! No one in or out!! They need to really feel it!

Jeff Ross
Jeff Ross2 years ago

But the mayor said it's just a festive block party and summer of love

Philip G Kuriger
Philip G Kuriger2 years ago

You supported the wrong people now you are stuck with the new brown shirts of the left.

John Raymond
John Raymond2 years ago


Cole Macklin
Cole Macklin2 years ago

Take the fear your feel every day and image that's your life.... Imagen what it must feel like to be black and not sure if your safe or not because the cops arnt there for you. Maybe what he's saying is the deeper point to this protest.

Janet Burton
Janet Burton2 years ago

It’s hard to discern truth these days. We can only hope Daily Caller is portraying the shocking truth. We need to know the truth and to pray to God above.