Kenyan lady confesses to infecting men with HIV, begs for forgiveness 125.6K Views
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Kenyans react to a confession by Harriet Vihenda, where she comes out and admits to feeling guilty for not revealing her HIV status to the men she slept...

Posted 1 year ago in Health & Medical

Pretty Kathunzi 8 months ago

That's why I keep telling people before you engage to sexual activity with anyone plz know his/her status first .

DA Ngo TE 1 year ago

Justice should be served just as she served herself to Men

Adonix Consline 7 months ago

Not only infecting the men alone but also other ladies because those men slept with other ladies too repent to God

Inviolata Favour 1 year ago

No justice there it is asome kalesson for those men who are always ready to unzip their trousers by just looking outward attraction..They had all reason to use protection and I know some are married ones.The only problem is who can we trust in this life as singles since among those men I know they had galfriends and galfriends had men so on and so on..May God protect us...God is only who knows how he will deal with you Harriet

Simon Karani Santa's 1 year ago

A good lesson for men who spread their wings, cross the boundaries to taste the waters. There are many others like her out there. When you sing their song dance to their tune also. It's your choice.

Jane Mwangi 1 year ago

Woi am sure Kuna mwana mme ame faint pahari,pole amka jipanguze vumbi twendelee na safari

Larvine Rich 1 year ago

Men and women wakalishe makalio chini atleast they are learning something from these stories sio Harriet vihenda mara Mike Oliver huuuuu I pity those infected they just sanitize themselves and keep social distance

Jakie Kija 6 months ago

Hata kuna some men walikuwa nayo na wakapatana.

Redemta Konesi 1 year ago

Shauri yao wakiambiwa mtafute Mungu hamtaki

Joy Dickson 1 year ago

Wanjiku Muriithi swty come see who is reporting over here,