Join the spook-tacular fun on Friday, October 23rd! 😱🎃

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Oogie Boogie's little henchmen are coming to stir up some trouble in Disney Magic Kingdoms! 😱🎃
Join the spook-tacular fun on Friday, October 23rd for our...

Posted 1 year ago in Travel & Leisure Activities

Sarah Barden 1 year ago

Treats of course! Can't wait for this event! Bring it on!!

Samantha Plummer 1 year ago

I prefer treats. I miss the treasure chests that you can stop on the rotating images. Even though I get completely scammed when I stop on a character. For example I stopped on Elsa, it froze and then gave me a lamp instead, ironic. It would do the same thing with buildings as well. However I still relied on the rotating treasure chests for concessions and decor so I could sell them for elixirs. The chests we have now by the chests choosing items for you is annoying as I keep getting the same ridiculous tokens instead of giving me the opportunity to try and get what I need! Ps. You’ve made getting happiness harder to not lasting long enough to help with tokens. Getting legendary tokens is ridiculously hard. They get dropped once a year. I’m never going to get Donald’s Halloween outfit at this rate. I would if I got chests to stop on rotating decor to sell for tokens 🙄

Samantha Adams 1 year ago

Treats ..
Excited about the new event can't wait to start

Amanda Junge 1 year ago

I’m excited about them coming to my park. I been leveling up characters so when it starts I’m ready

Lydia M. Vough 1 year ago

I really don’t like the 75 characters limit it makes it really hard to get what I need to level up my characters and do certain tasks. Bring back all characters to play

Debbie Ferguson 1 year ago

I don’t mind the occasional trick as long as it is followed up with a treat.

Bridget Cournoyer 1 year ago


Robin Roberts Going 1 year ago

Treats! Looking forward to the event and thank you for all you do! 🎃🎃🎃

Diane Allen 1 year ago

My husband is having trouble with his game and he unable to send you a message to tell u about it any advise

Dana Nicolau 1 year ago

Treats for sure! 🤗