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Chopper 11 flew over Wrightsville Beach as beachgoers kick off the July 4 holiday weekend

Posted 1 year ago

Jessica Dawn 1 year ago

Looks to me like most are social distancing! Look at Myrtle Beach they are on top of each other!

Kevin Roberts 1 year ago

Hey go home so maybe by next year I can actually take my daughter in a store with me thanks

Teresa Reynolds 1 year ago

What needs to be watched are the stores where people still are not wearing mask

Gregory Buxton 1 year ago

The human version of a petri dish

Ray Wallace 1 year ago

It got as hell... and most dont have an umbrella..smh.. no thank you..

Renier Cammañ 1 year ago

Pueso hay mucho enfermos por el virus

Rick Affronti 1 year ago

Fake News. I was in Myrtle Beach yesterday. Everyone was distancing. I wonder if they showed a tape from last year because it was not like that. They are lying to you. They are trying to win an election. Wake up trolls.

Chris Spencer 1 year ago

Anita Augenti 1 year ago

Miss the beach alot!

Frankie May 1 year ago

Are you sure it wasn’t a beach in Raleigh??? Ha!