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It’s the most hellacious night of the year. 🔥

Don’t miss a moment of the action, including 24/7 Champion R-Truth vs. Drew Gulak, on the WWE Hell in a...
You disrespected me you embarrassed. there's our whole family all you had to do is acknowledge me as the you beat my ass but you ain't break my spirit one another. This is all about the bloodline. It's yours at Helen is this time is gonna be real consequences for the first time to hop inside the highest stakes that any matches ever had in W history, the only win the match when your opponent says I quit. Now, This isn't over until until I say it's Drew McIntyre still has held to pick. My title and my legacy on the line. I'm not sending you to purgatory. Challenging Drew McIntyre for the W title inside the demonic. Hell. Now, WWE Network presents. WW Universe a sadistic demonic steel structure is the centerpiece of its annual event, where does victimize the superstars and willingly step inside in an effort to prove themselves inside here at the W Thunder, It is hell in a cell, and there is no telling what terror await as we move closer and closer to showtime. Hello everybody welcome on into the hell in a cell kickoff show I host Charlie Super pumped to be joined by the Stars of panelist. let's get those introduction. Shall we first of all over here to the far right? I don't really know my directions these days W Hall of Famer Jerry The King Lawler. Oh, I'm so excited we have we have kings galore. We have Hall of Famers of plenty and we have Pittsburgh right. Yes, I am going to they're gonna be a ruthless panel tonight. I think there's another one we're gonna have a Hall of Fame King-size Helena in spite of Pete that is a very uh time appropriate marker to Kings this Halloween. Is approaching and from one thing to another two time W Hall of Famer, I appreciate that huh where we at we're gonna get our champagne in the inside the thunder. Hey I like your. I know I got one. I threw my phones now we have Hall of Famer Jared his very first time on the W kickoff panel My maid voice. I'm so excited The Thunder Dome Kings is it. Peter Peter Mister Rosenberg. Why don't I introduce him I'm excited to be here. He's on hot Ninety-seven Rosenberg. Thank you Chuck at Rosenberg Radio on your social media and by the way we have three Helen Sessions tonight. I'm well gentlemen, We know that Helen is celebrating along some brutal consequences with it. What are you all expecting to see here tonight? Booker you wanna start pandemonium. uh that's what uh dusty rose was saying. so definitely we're. Can see um some um guys go out there um career changing moments can happen and imagine like this. I'm still up right there playing golf on Sunday not being in the hell in the match. It definitely takes some years. Do you think that the superstars who are entering a tonight? Do you think they're worried you think they're nervous. They're scared. Are they ready to go? Jeff. I mean tonight and say it's gonna be career career breaking and when you step inside, you know I've never been in the hell of a match but uh and I'm going. You know how I'm gonna be up right on Sundays, but no it's I think tonight experiences the word of the night when you look at the three championship matches experience going into each of those I think experience wins and we're gonna delve into intimacy of each of the matches later on, but experience plays a role in these matches and there are several tonight where you see different range of experience levels. you know veterans going against first timers and that is the case in a couple different matches so excited excited to get right well, you know there's one thing tonight that's happening. Nobody has ever experienced before because tonight is gonna be the fun in the match that is gonna be decided not by pitfall not by submission but by I quit that's never been that's never been and how big is that that's huge. It's huge. okay guys. Well, we have a lot to get to. so what do you say we tell everyone first and foremost where they can watch Helen because that is of the utmost importance. So everybody listen up. There's only one place to catch all of that is on the W network. So right now everybody you have one job go to w network.com and subscribe. It is included in that. Not only that next month series also included in that W Network subscription, but Peter we have a lot to talk about tonight, so let's get the car started. Absolutely this is gigantic Drew McIntyre trying to bend off Randy Orton again this time it's hell in a cell for the WW Championship eight as we all can be only one mister money in the bank and after the court ruled in missus favor, Otis was put his money in the bank and that guaranteed title opportunity on the line for the questions who will deliver the closing argument tonight. we're gonna find out. Also right here streaming live on our kickoff show We have a lot to get to including how about this Jeff Hardy taking on Elias right and we have another spectacular match that's going down. it is going to be for the universal championship. We have Roman Reigns taking on his life and a bet hell in a cell match. I can't wait for that. That's the that I'm most excited about that. There's more. Of course, we have the champion Bailey taking on her best friend Sasha Hell in a cell. This is the match We're gonna talk about first and foremost. you know these two, they were former best friend. They were also ups together. SmackDown Women's Champion Bailey and Sasha Banks are gonna do whatever they can to each other success tonight through a goal too high that he's too trailblazers do battle inside Helen if you SmackDown women's Championship on the line as Sasha attempts to end the Baileys historic reign. Our friendship is unstoppable. These titles are present our friendship. We are stronger together. We're We're best friends. There's nothing that's gonna stand between us. Banks is hurt and baler continuing to have her leg jacksons that cost money. Who's on a stance? And I damn sure didn't care about our friendship. Office. All of Do you think I enjoy doing that target? Yes, I did. I watched that inspiring it, but I'm not going to because I wanna be done with Sasha banks, but now that she's an even bigger pain in my ass than she was before. I don't have an ounce of time to waste on that useless poor little cry baby Sasha because I am the most dominant women's champion at this place has ever seen. Over 1 year of an historic rain Michael I am the longest reigning SmackDown women's champion, which I get all by myself. Fire don't forget who helped you every single time you turned your back on me, you try to end my career. What hell you got it me and you walked inside of hell in a cell I am going to take the one thing that you love the most you're smack down a women's championship because as Sasha banks, my name is bigger than your title. I don't have to sign anything I didn't and I won't sign the contract so you may as well earn the damn thing because I know Sasha likes to call herself the boss well ding dong. The boss of me sister, you don't stand a chance bitch. I'll show you. You started that if I'm gonna finish it. I'm going to take your title and I am going to what you started. You know what really is wild to walk that path they see where the relationship is at this point in time because of back to the summer, such as start, I mean not only were they dual champions together they were tag team champions together they had nicknames their relationship. I would say was possible to penetrate they're on all three brands all the time and now you look at them and everything has fallen apart. Peter is this rivalry in intense. Do you think this match is going to get tonight? I mean Charlie this is as personal as it gets. I mean we can talk about Roman Reigns and Jess and how that's family. you can also talk about Sasha Banks and Bailey. Being about family, this friendship goes not just months this goes back years. This goes back to Nxt. This goes back a very long time and we've seen their ups and downs, but now there's no going back. This is truly this is the most time for Helen cell. it's it's Olivia how many times have I said you know friendship and business They don't go together not in this business and the thing is ask Sasha Banks on Friday night. How did it feel to get? Um by Bailey, just set it up and uh and just not to clean out of the park. My thing is this uh you got to have your head on a swivel and you gotta think about one thing and one thing only when it comes to this business actually two things checks in championship. That's the only thing we need to be talking. I'm right well, you're exactly right. I mean they've been friends. they've been they've been enemies is up to LeBron James and the city of Cleveland. It's it's it's crazy and I think that tonight may put the final name. In the coffin of their relationship, I think this is gonna be it. I wanna and I wanna talk about cashing checks. I mean every match means a check. Sasha has experienced like Helen herself. She's been in this match twice before she was one of the very first to compete in a hell of a match with Charlotte Flair, but number one she go for two. she is over, but still she has been there twice before now you look at Bailey first timer. How is that factor going to play into the match to me? It's huge to me. a lot is right on tonight. The transformation of Bailey this entire year haircut we could go on and on no she's flame with to the back of her head right now, but if she doesn't walk out there uh champion tonight the transformation of Bailey to me is not complete so a lot riding on my lap for what would you say experience is going to put Imma tell you right now? Um Bailey was nowhere near my bfive. Um you know, probably you know year and a half ago but over the months 2 year. Has stepped it up um to another level she came out and did one thing a form at a very, very high level. I said something about she may not be the best um something but she's good at everything. Uh so Bailey tonight I see walking out and still cuz I don't like Sasha Alright. So this is a lot. I know that's gonna be all over the internet. Alright guys. Well, we have a lot to get to right now. we wanna send things backstage to Kayla Braxton, who is. By with Paul Hayman ahead of tonight's universal championship inside Kayla Thanks, Charlie and joining me now Hayman. Huh. Ahead of Romans universal title defense in his hell in a cell I quit match There's been a lot of talk about consequences. Can you tell us what the consequences will be if Jay Oso is successful and forcing Rowan to say I quit tonight. Kayla do yourself a professional for and take the hype out of your voice. Jay Oso word man, which is not to make Roman Reigns to compel Roman Reigns to forest Romans to say I quit then Roman Reigns quits his claim as the universal heavyweight champion quits his claim as being the WrestleMania main event quits the quest of being the star ever quits as the head of the table, the head of the family quits his. Being indisputable chief for all W, but when. And I to me when Roman Reigns forces Jay UO to utter the word hell in a cell becomes an indentured servant, He will do the bidding for Roman reign at Roman Reigns Leisure at Roman Reigns discretion when and how woman Reigns tells him commands him to do so consequences that will occur tonight, says. I quit at the hands and the dominance of the reigns defending undisputed heavyweight champion. And your tribal chief Tonight only buy one T shirt and get one for $1 and save up to 50% off championship titles only at W shop.com. Alright, Well, they're three different hell in a cell matches taking place tonight. another one of those will be will be between the WW champion Drew McIntyre and Brady Orton. These two have been at each other's throats for a long time now to do battle once again with the WW Championship on the line and this silence inside the demonic the statistic itself. I didn't leave class of champions with the WW championship. Instead I left in an I don't remember a lot from that lie, but I do remember what happened to my match One of these have a life from this past summer with Orton. That's the same goes with every action equal and opposite reaction. I am talking directly. You want that legacy so badly it'll be for you if you survive one more WW championship match against me inside hell in a cell. Every time I see or I'm in the same building as from now on, I kick the off cuz I at the beginning of the night, it's gonna continue into the six man tag as far as how the sale goes dancers my title and on the line. I'm not sending you to purgatory. I'm sending you straight to hell. True hadn't lost via pitfall in almost one entire drew if that's not a sign of things to come, I don't know what is I will be locked inside Hell in a cell Drew McIntyre and I'm going to take his WW championship from. By with the three most dangerous lettuce in sports entertainment are. K I want you to know something when I kicked you in the store, a clash of champions every party you've ever screwed over. A hell in the cell all the stuff I call you it'll be for me. Oh, here we go. To the legend killer. He announced just And has spilled in the ringside area. I cannot imagine what Randy Orton and Drew McIntyre are going to de to each other inside that barbaric structure. I am gonna. Well, here we are king thirty feet wide thirty feet long twenty feet high. We're gonna have three matches inside hell in a cell right. This is some structure that is gonna be closed. That door closed this padlock and this chain is gonna put wrapped around there and then just feel this be feel how unforgiving this deal is. Can you imagine having your face? No? no? no. I get it. I get it. Yup. I get it you don't we would not. No, you would not want that, but it's gonna happen and I gotta ask you Ken. I know you've never had a match yourself, but you have called so many legendary matches almost all of them inside Helena cell. What makes this match so different? Oh my gosh for that. I need to think back on some of those matches. I mean, look at this thing. It's what how many twenty feet tall twenty feet twenty feet high. I'll never forget looking up at the top of the cell and see Nick Foley come crashing down right into our laps and looking to write. In his face and poor Mick looking up and his tooth was sticking out of his nose, I mean so anything can happen inside this thing and there's you know there's no holds barred and it's dangerous. It's so dangerous like they say careers can be altered careers can be ended inside inside this hell in the now one thing that's different is for the first time instead of pin submission, we have an I quit between Roman Reigns and Jay inside the cell. What makes that so different for a match well? I'll tell you what I like a guy who loves to win, but I love a guy who hates to lose and tonight. somebody is gonna hate to say I quit and I don't really know. I don't know if you're one of these guys are gonna be capable of saying I quit. That's I cannot wait to see what happens in that match. Well. III Cannot See Roman Reigns quitting Inside Hell in a cell I can't see I don't let's throw it back over to choker and double J with the show you one more time. No. we're good. We're good. Alright guys well they. Said they could see neither of the competitors quitting in this match. We're gonna definitely break down that match later on in the show, but let's talk about Drew McIntyre and Andy Orton uh I wanna take it back to last week's Monday night. Rob because I know Randy is a veteran of this match and it is drew McIntyre first time, but I will say when Drew McIntyre showed up with those wire cutters to cut off the lock where Randy Orton was standing inside. uh the hell in a cell, I saw a look on Randy's face that to me look like pure fright. Think that Randy Gordon is a little afraid of what drew can do to him inside. Helen No, I can feel the tension in the arena right now. I feel the tension right now you know ever since I got invited to be on the kickoff panel. I've been looking forward to this coming coming debating analyzing talking smack and don't know the book. Let me finish. let me finish because we're not talking Titans Texans. We're not talking raise against the Dodgers. We're talking Orton McIntyre Clay and since I walked. In the building today, back at catering, says you're all wrong double jr wrong. Don't double J Experience World of the night. Yeah, you watch Yeah. And that's what this thing is as soon as uh double J had to experience over me when we for the world Championship and who walked away, I walked away uh the world champion um for the first time in years that that what make me and Andrew McIntyre kinda correlate um having that first run um it means so much you know exactly what you were um on that night for forever. Moore now Randy Arden, 24 years old, the youngest champion in W history championships later it gets harder and harder and harder to keep winning those championship as you go along. Look at Tiger Woods still trying to get a green jacket, but it gets harder every year. and that's where Randy Arden is even though he's still that man even though he's still my guy, he's gonna have a hell of hell of a time with Drew McIntyre. So I'd like here. Prediction. It out there, I just said it did not. I just said Drew McIntyre. I bet I beat Drew McIntyre being the first um British born champion he ain't but on the other hand, you said experience is of the utmost important he's had more experience over Mohammad Ali and he said. I'm gonna shake up the world in 64 and talk no more and look how great of a champion he became. Hey, Drew McIntyre the three most important letters of the night. RKO out of here. Winner Alright guys. I like it well, there's another rivalry. That's also taking center stage tonight. both of them are new comers to Monday night Raw We have party. We also have AA lot has been going on between the two the two of So what do you say? let's take a look at what we've seen in the past week? Alright? Yes. yeah. do come to but not to this business Beautiful twist of faith by Jeff Hardy but look who crashes the party my guy Elias Imma tell you what a tune right there, but when you think everything is all over, that's when. Thing gets a little bit crazy. Let's do it brother and my guitar. I don't know who you think you are, but this is a show. Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome my guest at this time. he is the charismatic enigma Jeff Hardy. Jeff Do you care to comment on Eli's claims that you were responsible for the hit run by a car which left Elias injured and out of action for months? Sir I've made plenty of mistakes in my life. I've battled my demons in front of the WW universe for years, but I look in the mirror at myself everyday and I'm proud of who I am. I'm proud of what I've done. I've owned up to every mistake I've ever made those mistakes have made me a better man. Of course I didn't hit with that car. I was clear to that a long time. Go the last was to use this self diluting vengeance toward the point of fingers at the wrong person. I hope they catch the true C if Elias wants to swing his poorly to guitars at me, he's well aware that I'm ready to swing one right back so the only universal truth that aliah should be worried about is the twist of faith that's waiting for him tonight. Jeff Parties he's not afraid of anything I will tell you came on this past week accepted Eli's challenge. No questions asked look straight into the camera and said yes, I am up for it and no I am not afraid. Yeah I respect uh hey I I'm sorry y'all. It wasn't my fault this time Little Jimmy. It's so good to see you bro. J Bulldogs James Oh, you didn't know you have to call somebody. Hey, Where's Where's truth? Truth is here Where are you sick of temperature? Look? I hope I'm confused man come on you to help me out help me help Sam my dog Sam. what's up? I thought we were just talking what are you doing here? They told me that I had a title for my twenty-four 748 711 I-95 South European television championship on the kickoff. But the Jimmy's told me that raw talking already started and y'all got a full panel up here on have I've been replaced. You're you're you're mistaken cuz this is the hell of a kick off this is it you do have a match It's. I know who you is, you know what I'm saying he knows you know I just there you go. You got it this time. We know we know each other, you know, double g. So do you have a he does yes, drew will be competing against you for your 24/7 title, which by the way Where's others right? Okay? I couldn't let me say that you don't wanna let that out of your side and know that much. Yes. see you better. watch it. I think you have you got your. That's my queue. Okay. Yeah. you gotta go. Alright. Okay, um well a three, you know truth. What is this the kick out that he's randomly? So is it's when does our truth show up? Yeah. I never knows what's going on. He always thinks this is raw talk. What is he? what you think he's gonna get it through his head. I have no idea he'll get there okay, but we we were discussing I do believe Elias and so we should get back to that because that has a whole lot of drama behind it really stemming from this sorry we all know there was an accident. I've I've spoken to Alicia still thinks that Jeff Hardy is responsible for that so uh uh a lolly would like. Further depth. This is the credit warning one to watch. Visit go one.com life ever rewarded. Oh, and so we've talked about it for death. We have the man himself. Elias here crazy. How that happens? Huh. Oh, you have a mic on. Hey. thank you Monday should be treated. Thank you. This is great. How are you feeling tonight? I'm doing great. I'm looking great. I'm ready for this. I mean look I got Jeff Hardy tonight in the ring right where I want on top of that after I beat him tonight, I got the album coming out tomorrow. Universal Truth. It's a big night for me but uh let me break this down. I heard you guys talking. here's the thing. On top of Jeff ruining my concert last week, the guy he tried to run me over in a car 4 months ago on smack, I couldn't end my life. That's you know it. You know what I mean, I know it's very important but when you come to Houston when the concert is governor is usually when you're a fan of when we're touring live again around the world, Houston first up just got into it. He just like McIntyre Listen so the free ticket you know as well as I do, I've known hard time. He said he didn't do it. He talked about it got red hair red beard, please attitude from this guy is unbelievable. First of all you gotta get some yourself first of all if you don't like the way Jeff Drives stay off the sidewalk. Second of all. I heard that this may uh a rumor that your album is not gonna be released. It escaped. That's Jerry no. how did you come up with that one? Well we spend all day thinking that one so hey, let's. I sense a lot of jealousy cuz there have been a lot of people in wrestling who've tried to be musicians before and they were frogs The real Oh, I wasn't even I mean this guy to him. I was everything you wanted to do was an inspiration. Is there a song? Maybe you could play. I mean I've always got you trying to give him a personality as well. Everybody's trying. This one's just for like just give me so much attitude it goes like this is for Jeff. Yeah need to shut your mouth for a minute. Okay. Jeff I've seen your mug on a sun screen. what's with guys name cha is That's all that's it you did another hand hit. I like it I like that Oh, I did this has been the credit one bank one to watch the good credit one.com. Alright, Well, the mid and Otis are embroiled in illegal that will be decided tonight. would they face off to determine who the rightful owner of that money in the briefcase is a trial was held this past Friday night on Smackdown and JB was writing of course multiple superstars also took the stand to testify that boy boy. What's good? Alright court is now in session in this case, Mitch is suing the defendant but for emotional distress, creating an unsafe environment and money in the bank, I think. I deserve the money the bank because I won the money that ladder match. Thank you. He should be able to cash in that contract anytime he wants He won't straight up what it means to you. Thank you. Did you get any of that every single word player Otis. They say he assaults a lot of people. It's hard to put into words that trauma that it's not necessarily the physical scars. It's the scars in here. That hurt the most. Otis is my best friend and while he might not be as educated as some the big man is sensitive is you cross the line and how would I think about it? I wanna beat the crap out of you right? Order in the court. I'm supposed to believe that Otis is responsible for emotional distress and creating an unsafe work environment. He's AW superstar. I pretty much a job description. It is established in the contract that the money in the bank winner has a full year to cash in. I have absolutely no choice but to rule in favor. Of the plan of the miss you are here at W be held to sell this week and you will thank me in the winner will get and keep the money in the bank contract. We are yes. Okay, things did not turn out the way Otis had Otis. Oh my god uh and here to help us discuss what we just saw and what's going to happen tonight we welcome in miss and Morrison. Thank you for having us gentlemen. uh miss. I'm curious so I know that JB was leaning toward bullying in favor of Otis, but there was a last-second switch. Uh there were some evidence presented to him way excited piece of evidence and what was that exactly it was a key piece of evidence user imagination needed to be put out there. it was. Out there, the judge made a incredible honorable uh decision in this way. so here we are playing chess. We're playing shoe letters. Okay. So you're not sure what the evidence was and it's easy to win letters right. okay. that didn't make sense. but what do you think about it? you go straight to the top right? Absolutely now you know the way and we know the way this is everything that's wrong with the latest in America. you guys have no case miss how in any way. Do you deserve the briefcase? Otis won the match Fair and Square. I don't care what evidence you gave it doesn't make sense. How do you work for? Do you work for WI? Do yes you do right? Yes now in this company. Do you see a person like Otis being the cover child of w representing us in the media all over the world be awe universal champion. Let's put it this way. Do you care about your jobs? Yeah. Do you care about your jobs? I'm after the company and when I have the money in the bank, I'm not gonna look at it as a prop. I'm looking at it. As something that is important and I will definitely 100% make sure that when I catch it after I beat Otis, I will be the WW champion. I will be the universal champion guess what they will be unnoticed. Everyone is every single superstar because if you hold that w universal championship, I'm the one that's going to taste. Some of you are gonna tune in to see that Brady who's gonna tune in to see Otis people know he's never gonna cash in. this is what we're talking about beat someone like. Step up See that and safe company Booker, You know. yeah, you know what I believe in the finders keepers losers weep rule. So I agree with you guys uh just to put that out there. Alright let's talk about let's let's talk about a notebook since we're we have you being a champion. There are many pressures that people don't understand most people understand that because they've never been AW two universal champion. they don't understand the pressures that come with that you do I do. And now everyone else will understand no I totally understand. I respect everything you guys have said somebody like Peter, He may not understand he may not Jeff. He may not understand but trust me the five top six time worship two time Hall of Famer. I see you guys are you guys. Thank you for your time. Morrison Thank you for your time and good luck. No need for luck with alright guys. we are getting the actions started here on the kickoff show the 24/7 Championship is up for grabs, so let's send things over to the. Commentary team for that match right here on the kickoff show guys. Thank you. Charlie Tom Phelps alongside by accident Samoa Joe Gentlemen, This is a huge night. Not only is he just heard is the money in the bank contract state but five times tonight and three he match ups. Oh, you're absolutely the three hell of a match ups. I like to call the great decider of faith. I mean it's been a long time since we've seen this much carnage in one night and I'm very much looking forward to it right now. People a little bit what's the deal man? With Or you can get that get that get it. The like I can't nobody talk my guy can nobody else keep the drive the twenty-four had to run. I'm a legend kicking the game, Everybody knows that the thing I like to party because I became a hold up load up right now hold up that. Grand finale just begun. What's up? Say what's up? what's up? what's up? What's up? W Thunder make some. What's up? I'm glad truth activated it out here considering you just found out about the match 10 minutes ago. Schedule for one fall, It's for the 24/7 championship. Making his way to three from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania weighing in at 203 pounds. Well tonight, WLNS brought to you by cricket Wireless when Austin calls you answered smile, you're on cricket and gentlemen with that. Join us tonight Live via W Thunder twelve crickets very own superstars and behind is a lighter right. We're a good company here I got ringside, especially as we get things started here on the hell in a cell kickoff show the 24/7 championship match the champion are set to defend against Drew remember the rules of the championship. They must be the title must be defended anytime anywhere. But those rules are suspended while this match is underway and this is actually the most peaceful portion of 24/7. Jimmy's gonna get out of the ring first. that's. Yeah. Hey little Jimmy. It's alright. we'll talk to Jimmy. Hey how you doing buddy Come here Let's go come here. Come here. Yeah. She talk to me. Hey. how are you doing? Okay? Yeah. Come on give me that one boom. Yeah. real good. Yeah. You know this one okay Boom. Boom. Boom. Boom. Yeah. Little jimmy my man. Alright. Hey, come here take a seat. Be nice got a little trick dangers that and our truth, all of true for whatever hit a little Timmy. Hey, I don't I don't wanna know what's happening a little but our truth is making you pay for it. I don't even know how to begin to explain that oh down goes into the puck to the length and the kick out. Yeah. I love this version of our troop. Oh our truth. Joe a 42 time champion. Dyslexia, You know we talk about fighting. I mean obviously drew McIntyre. He's in front of the but you gotta admit our truth. He's making a case here. Oh 324 seven champion of all time, so I brought up the idea of being in a fighting champion. You know our chief. He's won a lot of his 24/7 titles by a lot of hygiene in every place you can imagine but in a conventional like we're seeing right now doesn't that favor it absolutely favorites like let me explain why drew is a matte technician and as you get out to see right now, this man will put you on the mat twist you in ways that your body. Not to be twisted the truth is not by his for his reign is 24/7 champion He actually believes that our two tarnishes what it is to be 24/7 champion. Attacking the left leg of close to 15 minutes now until the Helen Pay-per-view event begins streaming live on the WWE Network passing here taking his time just got that knee ligament. You know if you wanna ground 24/7 champion, this is the most effective way. One good leg he successfully so truth was trying to get away from the a House party this past during the tag team match up between Miss and Morrison Tucker and El Gordo. Oh, hey, hey, hey hey into the cover out. Remember Drew is a multiple time 24/7 champion in his own right and right back on that knee Tom trying to capture his fourth 24/7 championship title can only change. Chance for a pitfall or submission in the This is not looking good for our truth. right now. It's just a little thing just a little chin torque that knee just that bit more and archer grabbing the bottom rope that will break up the submission. uh get you done by our but I mean he's need to get some momentum underneath, but he wants to turn around his fortunes and big night is the WW universe watching from around the world Live interactive viewing experience known as W Thunder and it's drew in complete command. On the champion, a great counter by the champ, our Troy better at all look at this, Oh Bernard and running, and he's channeling his childhood hero John Cena. Here's the best part. It was an interesting childhood long childhood. I guess the truth is timeless age is just a number Paul tried to set up now. Knuckles softball for I think truth on this on wobbly legs trying to set up for the attitude adjustment. By truth growth into the cover to retain his title and a kick out by an insane impact by our true in danger right now, truth consensus and now our truth well look at that scissor kick right to the back of the neck and in block. Under the corner, Just that for all things are true and went back to the knee. Oh look at truth finds unconditional volleyball look at leaping up to the top turn buckle to join this is not gonna end well, Oh, he's taking it to the top rope to WW universe looking on here Thunder mixing up the bread basket our truth able to escape the predicament here does not come. And well for drew now drew up on the shoulders of our group beautiful trying to turn it into a pitfall coming back defense his title. Here's your winner and still the 24/7 are true drew is in shock. Congratulations our true successful championship guys here comes. House party and you know what that means don't try the matches over the title of defended anytime anywhere That's live and oh my gosh you got to win you got to win. Can't you have to win today. You look at it. Our truth your childhood hero John Cena socks. Okay, he is very angry. Well. yeah. maybe he said some things that he didn't necessarily mean yeah. yeah. That was bold statement. I don't think anybody what are you doing with them? Here has nothing to do with it nothing to do with it. Yeah. That was just a hurtful. Comment childhood friend. You know there is one group around here that has been you know throwing around a hurtful comments. I think everyone knows I'm talking about retribution so much has happened with them in the past few months, we had no idea who they were now not only do we know who their leader is. They also have contracts with W and they are just ready to challenge anyone who gets. I mean this was last Monday the themed Alexa they're inside the ring retribution comes out the lights go out. And this way everything just turns it's retribution right there. T tapping out to Bobby Leslie That's what I like to call it, but when let's go out guys just run. Come on just taking everybody to school right now and right now, everybody is confused because we don't know really what's going on with me. Do you know what the greatest life is? It's watching someone make a bad decision and over these past months, I've been watching w stars as they plot against other and make some very bad decisions. You plant laughs I laughed when a single handedly shut down to heart business a group of greedy men that just like w are nothing more than an evil corporation that don't care about people. They don't care about profits. We have some unfinished business with their business so tonight I would like to present a proposal, one of ours against. An MP mythical Which member the hurt business will fall before retribution. That's your decision to make. That's a challenge that but I will say I'm not surprised one bit. What do you think who's going to be the one to represent retribution who will represent the her business? If I'm if I'm MVP, I'm turning it down exactly you know I agree with you. okay. Why helps these guys out? you're right? Why agreed to that's not what you're dealing with tonight if I'm MVP, I'm saying. Thank you. no. thank you guys agree with that I do I agree um in certain aspects but man I totally agree with him as far as what he's doing right now. Um you know the fans. the fans are the reason why Mustafa had to work. Inside the shadows, uh not really being able to come out. they didn't really wanna get behind. Mustafa Ali and the thing is sometimes man you got the cars your own niche. That's what must I'm sorry You are well. I'm feeling a little bit black but right there, but I'm telling you sometimes that's what you used to do you like a retribution guy right? That's I hate you. I had no idea where he was very passionate. There's a lot of passion going to be filling the W tonight gentlemen as you know the championship. Is on the line it is considered one of the highest touches in W history will take place between the tribal chief and the universal champion Roman Reigns and his bloodline so inside hell in a cell, the cousins will go to war, but the match won't end by pin our submission, but with one devastating statement that I quit. Ladies and gentlemen tonight, we are all here to officially declare Roman Reigns as the tribal chief I don't want you to call me that I don't want you to acknowledge me as the the tribal because he didn't acknowledge me acknowledge me say it to me. I want my cousin to come out here. Jay Imma come out here right now. Was to represent families before to share the main event with you and and what did you you disrespected me all you had to do were to say the words acknowledge me you broke my heart. I don't know you at classic champions, you showed your true colors. It's supposed to be my cousin acknowledge my blood. my family you beat my ass acknowledge now, but you ain't breaking my spirit if Jimmy never put that towel, I'm going to see who's gonna do that championship will be mine. One another shot it's yours at Helen Self. But I'm telling you right now this match will have highest stakes that any matches ever had for the first time inside Helena, there will be an equipment. I love you. If I was, you wouldn't accept this challenge this time is gonna be real consequences. Change those you know connections with yourself and with our family and who am I to ask right? Don't ask me ask my brother. When I make you quit. That you're out. And not just you brought your brother with you. He's out to your wives and your children your children's children are all out of the family. Those Are your consequences? That This is the Chucky Ducky quack quack moment of the night right there is that is right there now go ahead and not only that, but this match is starting off hell in a cell so we do not have to wait long to see what transpires between Roman Reigns and and book I wanna start with you here because you already made a very hot take earlier this week All Fame podcast. You said that you believe while most fans believe Roman Reigns is going to walk out the victor you believe that Jay UO is going to be a winner. Here tonight, you said it's the world and the reason I say that is because guys you know we look at Roman and what he's done in this business has been unbelievably stepped into some big shoot and he filled him, but I noticed like being the little brother in Jesus is the little cousin always getting second always getting hand me downs always being the guy in the background every photo we see we see standing tall and we see the in the background tonight is gonna step up and say look. I'm not your little cousin anymore. I'm looking to become. World champion You wanna play a wager I cannot see you know the saying I quit tonight. Yeah, you're right, but this reminds me like in real life of one of the all-time favorite movies. The Lion King. I mean, this is like living that out. Yeah, who is gonna be the tribal leader who is like you said. I can't I can't envision either one of these guys saying I quit okay. We never have to choose so who would you choose He's going he's going with let him speak. My name is uh I'm going because of uh I think that outside influence like Lion King scar uh is gonna be there uh at ringside and I'm gonna have to go with the Roman reign so Paul Hayman would the scar scar scars without question, I said at the very top of the hour experience is the word of the night Roman Reigns but I still can get over the words that Paul talked about invention of this is a family that I've known since my entire career. I've never seen this family be divided and they are more than I but you gotta go with. Experience Okay. Alright you stand alone. here She is going to win, but ladies and gentlemen will not have to wait long to see the winner truly is you see that as you can see you see that this is being lowered just the time is up. There is no more waiting. Roman Reigns Jaso kicking off and it won't be long here before we hear the words from one of those saying I quit ladies and gentlemen, enjoy how it is. You disrespected me you embarrassed.

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