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Former Vice President Joe Biden holds a town hall in Elko, Nevada.
Thank you I oh I guess leave this here. I guess this one. Work I excuse my back. I apologize. my mother and dad would shoot me for having my back to you all but thank you. Thank you for being here. Thanks for having me. I I've heard a lot about Elko. My sister Valerie was up here and loved it and told me that that I had to come and I know we usually do this remotely all the other candidates but I wanted to come up and see it and and see the territory so thank you. Folks I'm gonna I'm gonna take a few minutes to tell you about what I think is at stake here and then we gonna open it up to questions. I understand this is a virtual town meeting too that they're gonna be folks that are gonna be asking questions from from the television but look it's it's great to be here you know and I'm anxious to get your questions but let me just say a few things you know. I think we all know in our bones. This is this is a different election. This election is different. Anyone that any of you have voted in not because I'm running, but because of the nature of what's at stake, you know we can handle with a lot of difficulty eight years of Donald Trump. but if we have excuse me four years of Donald Trump, but if we let it happen. If we let it if we let them have eight years, I think it's gonna fundamentally change the nature of who we are as a people. I really do. I mean that sincerely, it's gonna be hard enough just to deal with the damages. bun done the last four years here and you know and you know it's not gonna be easy to beat him. We're talking about this is gonna be this a cake walk he is he's gonna have a billion dollars. He's gonna have an awful lot of the same kind of negative campaigns that he's running in the past and he. He's not gonna be that easy to beat so we better be careful about who we nominate as our candidate because the risk of nominating someone who can't beat Donald Trump doesn't beat Donald Trump is a nation and a world. We don't wanna leave to our kids and I mean that sincerely I have fact is that you know you don't take my word for it. I think I can beat him. I think I will, but you know don't take my word for it. Just the past few weeks. We've learned something interesting number one that Vladimir Putin. Don't want me to be President he has spent they spent the Russians for real or spending millions of dollars on the air to try to when they call them bots to get people who are pretending that they speak for themselves. but they're taking photographs of pictures that was on on online for a long time for a while, and finally, Facebook took them down because they knew they were Russian intervention, but I spent a lot of money because Putin knows I know him and he knows me. He doesn't want me to be the President. the second thing we learn. Is that Kim Jong-un the dictator and thug in North Korea He put out the North Korean press put out a statement three days ago that I am a rabid dog and I should be beaten with a stick until I'm dead. no that's the quote. I think it's pretty awful quote. so you know one of the ways you measure who you are is by by the folks don't like it but the other piece of this is if you noticed Donald Trump is only. Risking being impeached and thrown out of office for what he did to go into a foreign leader in Ukraine to try to bribe him to use Nancy Pelosi phrase into saying something about me that is simply not true. I was the guy in charge of our our our our our policy in Ukraine and I followed the policy of the President, all of our allies and international monetary fund and make sure corrupt prosecutor is fired. He's trying to get that person to say that you gotta just say you're gonna. Biden there's nothing to investigate but say you're gonna do it so you cast a shadow but he wouldn't do it and in just in time, the press pointed out what a lie it was and he was able to. he. the The the Ukrainian leader was able to not have to do with Trump was threatening because he was withholding withholding military aid that is badly needed that the Congress had voted for there are Ukrainians. This moment in the dumbass, which is in the eastern part of Ukraine, Russian soldiers wearing emblems that don't reflect their in their uniforms, but not with their Russian emblems on them are the folks that are organizing the Russian speakers in the West to try to take down the government and that aid was threatened to be held up. Unfortunately, the Ukrainians did not yield, but the point I'm making it all. this is that you know there's a. Steak a lot of stake about whether or not we can and will be Trump you know when I announced my candidacy for the President, I said. We're in a battle for the soul of the nation and I met at literal sense. I've been around for a while. This is the first President who has run for President and acted as President by dividing people based on race, religion, geography color of their skin. Where they're hail from Indiana ways that no President has done no President has done going all the way back to Andrew Jackson before the civil war and maybe President Johnson, who was impeached before the civil war. This is a guy who has goes out and I won't even use some of the phrases he uses on television in front of the lovely children under here for real, I mean this is a guy who has you know, one of the things that I've learned is what President's say matter they matter to them. And they matter to the country no matter how good or bad that President is a President's words can cause markets to rise or fall. It can send brave women and men to war can bring peace or it can breathe oxygen into the most hateful part of the country and people who are who are prejudice and get them allow them to come out from under the rocks. You saw what happened in Charlottesville. I come out of the civil rights movement. I never thought I'd see the day in 2017 where you'd see people walking out of the Woods and feels literally carrying torches and Nazi. Swastika chanting the same anti-Semitic bile that was chanted in Germany in the thirties accompany by White supremacists, The Klan David Duke. When I say the former Grand Clinical of the can saying that this is why we elected him and when a young woman was killed, resisting the hate he was asked by he was asked by the press. What did he think he said something no President ever said there are some very fine people on both sides. It shocked the conscience of America and stunned the world. It had leaders like Chancellor Merkel of Germany wondering what's going on his embrace of thugs like Kim Jong-un and guys who are clipped a maniac stealing billions of dollars and lying about trying to interfere with our elections like like Vladimir Putin. What did he do? He stood before the whole world in front of the whole world? I don't believe my 18 intelligence agencies. I believe Vladimir Putin did not interfere in our election. I'm gonna say some outrageous, but I know as much about international relations and foreign policy and National security as anybody I've done in my whole life. I guarantee you Putin was engaged in the election to manipulate it and is now what is that done? It's weakened us our alliances across the world and around the world and folks you know When I said that the Soul of America is at stake well, the truth of the matter is that the Middle class is in trouble in the Middle class is the soul of the country. You know, Wall Street didn't build America Middle class Build America and I might add unions built the Middle class. and that's the reason why when the Middle class does well, everybody does well. the wealthy do very well. The poor have a way up and people can. Live a decent life. Let me explain what I mean by Middle class where I come from Middle class is not a number. I have a lot of economists to work for me and they're brilliant economist. You ask him about Middle of the definition Middle class. What they'll say is they'll say I tell you what middle-class means 50 - $2100 or 40 - nine or 50 - 1008 hundred. No. it's a value set. This pain will own your own home and not have to rent one if that's what you wish to do. School that if they do well, they'll be able to get go beyond school beyond high school and you'll be able to figure out how to pay for them. Whether it's trade school or whatever else should be able to get in there. it's about being able to bring your geriatric mom home after dad passes away. Hope your kids never ever have to take care of you just a little breathing room, a little breathing room well guess what you don't have to tell you. I don't have to tell anyone in this room. The Middle class is actually shrinking, not growing shrinking. Over 56 percent of the Middle class says their children will never have the same opportunities they had. That's what they believe. That's what they believe and look. the fact is that you know it's about time. we start to reward work, not just wealth in America. All we do in our tax code now is reward wealth. so what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna double what they called capital Gaines. You have people who are just clipping coupons. they invested millions of dollars. People, but they in fact are able to pay at a tax rate. They make tens of millions of dollars and they paid a tax rate that's lower than a tax rate. You pay not a joke cuz the capital gains. It's called capital gains tax and guess what they pay less in percentage of their income than a firefighter that the minor than a cop than a teacher, then a nurse. It's not right. It is simply not. It don't have to be that way, so that's why I'm gonna double the cost of their capital gains. They're gonna get charged the same way you get charged in fact tax for wages. It's about time we treat raises just like we treat capital gains and in addition to that folks, we're gonna be you know. it's not just that what's happening. you know in this Middle class struggle and my dad used to say that you know Joey when we left my dad, we left Scranton Pennsylvania when I was a kid because Cole died. And if you listen to Barack, you think I climbed out of a coal mine with a lunch bucket. In my hand, you know Scrappy Joe from Scranton. Well, my dad was a White collar worker. He was a salesperson, but when Cole died, everything died in Scranton, we moved down a little steel town called Claymont Delaware, where there are over 4000 steel workers. There's none left now and every time someone would lose a job in our family and or get laid off my dad would say you know Joey and he said to my siblings for real, A job is about a lot more. Paycheck it's about your dignity. It's about your place in the community. It's about your sense of yourself. It's about being able to look your kid in the eye and say honey. it's gonna be okay. That's it a job is about. That's what the job is about well look what's happening now. How can a parent maintain their dignity when they look at a child with a preexisting condition, and they can't do anything about covering their health care costs. How darn a parent or grandparent look at look at their child or grandchild? Who has who is suffering from a terminal disease or how many of you have you don't have to tell me how but you don't have to raise your hand. If you don't want to how many of you lost a son, daughter, husband wife or close relative to cancer raise your hand. Yeah, me too. Well. guess what how do you maintain your dignity? If you have a family member or a child has terminal cancer and the insurance company able to command when they're passing away and say by the way you've run out of your coverage suffering peace suffering peace the rest of the time. How do you maintain your dignity as a father or a mother? When that happens? there's no. Through this, there's no excuse for these things we can take care of it. It's totally within our wheelhouse to deal with it and so look folks you know if you think about it, the you know, look at what's happening in rural America back where I'm from as well, but you're even further further into rural America because you're so far apart from other towns and cities, you know 20 percent of Americans live in rural America, 20 percent of all Americans. But you have an outsized impact on the success of a nation of rural America is doing poorly. All of America does poorly. so when families young adults are forced to leave rural communities like they do in the southern part of my state, the Delmarva Peninsula that's a warning sign that all the Central promise that we've made everybody that you can make it no matter where you are. If you work hard, I promise it gets broken and I'm committed to restoring the promise of the Middle class to rural America now not. Now, ladies and gentlemen, I put forward an ambitious plan that deals with rural America in my plan provides for for example, 20 billion dollars in rural broadband to attract jobs, High-speed Internet to allow your children to learn where everybody else learns and allow allow your community hospitals to be able to do telemedicine being able to deal with things a whole range of things that can't be done without broadband. It helps the whole country. It's not. About helping rural America when in fact you do that you can attract business. You're gonna attract people. you can attract infrastructure to your community and ladies and gentlemen, you know I've invested I call for investing one point three trillion dollars over 10 years in infrastructure to rebuild this country and overwhelmingly from dealing with our roads and bridges and high-speed rail. You know we have a serious global warming problem. It's real, but you know the. Priority the whole country depends on the success of rural America. most important lesson. My parents taught me is growing up. It always say, and I used to stutter when I was a kid and it was kind of embarrassing and I spent my parents look at me and say Joey nobody is better than you, but everybody is your equal. everybody's equal. That's how I was raised. I think that's how most of you were raised in this community. everybody everybody's equal but think we're doing. How we exclude entire groups of people and tired groups of people and how we treat them whether it's Native Americans and Indian Nations or whether it is African-Americans or whether it's women it's wrong. But here's the here's the whole point. You know what I call for is that you know we we have to we have to make sure that everybody is able to. Have health care everybody's able to have health care because everybody should be going that score. And look you know one of the proudest moments I had is vice President with Barack with I call them broccoli. I want to confuse him with the President today but President Obama was when we passed the Affordable Care Act when we pass the Affordable Care Act and folks at the time, I said it was a big deal or something to that effect. Thank you by the way the microphone was there. I was all way back here anyway. Thank God. my mom wasn't around but look I think it's time to finish the job and what I call for the Biden plans for call for building on Obamacare, providing a Medicare like option as a plan increasing subsidies so people combine into a goal plan, so you'll never have a deductible if you have the money to have a plan. Have a deductible more than a thousand dollars in fact, reduce significantly reduce the cost of drugs by controlling the cost, and you can't increase cost beyond inflation and all new drugs have to be approved. The price has to be approved by a group of experts, particularly these new bio drugs that are dealing with the immune system and cancer. Now we can control this and guess what the hundred and 60 million people in America who have negotiated with their employees for a plan they like giving up wages along. If they wanna keep their plan, they can if they don't they can buy into the Medicare like options. My plan strengthens rules hospitals as well and you know you depend on rural hospitals and you know here's the deal as you all know that in a state is not unusual. you have to drive 300 miles. Most places enroll in Nevada to get specialty care 300 miles, and you know the number of practicing physicians enrollment. you rank number 40 - seven in the nation in terms of practicing physicians. So what are we doing By the way in my little state of Delaware, we've had to go out and entice physicians to come paying off their medical call their the their tuition bills for medical school and residency in order to get them to come. But look you know if we invest in rural broadband like I talked about, we're gonna be able to expand access to telemedicine number one number two, give young doctors and nurses incentives to work and rulers and to make sure that hospitals are have access. Portable MRIs and Cutting-edge technologies, which were encouraging because look how long it takes to get an MRI most places in the state, and by the way 60 percent of all trauma deaths that result from a major trauma occur in rural America, 60 percent, you make up 20 percent of the population, 60 percent. Why no immediate access, no media access to emergency care and rural hospitals in my state and all across the all across the Midwest in here they're. It down because the reimbursement costs are not sufficient to go to Medicare for all a lot more gonna close down because you get only reimbursed at the Medicare price. Well folks, they can't keep them open. They cannot keep them open and part of it is the Center of the community, a significant employer in the community, sometimes and folks you know we're gonna put ours look every Democrat cares about health care, but big transfer more transformational change in health care is maybe the hardest thing. Done in government, it took six Democratic presidents. Finally, Barack Obama was able to get it done and I was able to convince every Democrat we needed to vote for because we didn't get one Republican vote. so ask yourself you gotta ask yourself who can get these things done who gets the idea who knows a lot of people out there. We all have a vision for health care. We all have a plan, but who actually is done anything to get any of them passed. It's not my being. I'm not being pejorative about my colleagues, but part of the deal here is that you know they actually have. Get the hard work of getting things passed through the Congress. Well, I'm the only one that's actually gone out and done it. You know look the fact is that we're in a situation where most of the things that got passed is our our our our circumstances that maybe cuz I've been there longer but may also because I'm able to reach across the aisle to get consensus to get things done. Look, you know you all know in this community and every community 12 years of education is not enough in the 20 -first century to get The Middle class is simply not if we're starting over again. we wouldn't just 12 years of education. I did a study at the request for the President. He used to love to turn to me in a state of the Union Messages and Joe's gonna do the following. Remember. Joe is gonna handle the 80 - seven billion dollar program for rejuvenated the country Recovery Act Sheriff Joe He never tell me he's gonna do it. You know. I always thought it was great fun to do it with me. You know our The jobs of the future gonna do a year study on it, but what we did was that was 56 years ago. Now, you know we found out right now today every job in America of this about of every 10 jobs. six jobs now require something more than a high school degree right now require something more than high school degree doesn't require four years of College or graduate school doesn't even require community College some of them, but they requires certificates that require options. Ships in the Lake well look folks. How are we gonna get there well, a lot of the schools in rural America and down my way. My way are title one schools schools that come from areas where they don't have a lot of money and guess what we now pay 15 million billion dollars a year to help those schools well, we increase that to 40 - five billion dollars triple it, which is totally within our capacity to do by getting rid of some of these outrageous tax cuts, the President put through Trillion dollars, but it requires another 30 billion dollars. We can make sure that every school teacher Enroll America and in the cities where there are title one schools can be paid a competing wage up to $60000. Here's the deal guys. If you have a son or daughter or you're a teacher and you've gone through school at a great University or anyone universities in this state, you graduate and get a job. Get paid 20 - six percent less than any other graduate graduated because you chosen to be a teacher. We're already a hundred and 10000 teachers short in America. what's happening now? The baby boom generation of teachers are retiring and not being replaced. People aren't going into teaching so we're gonna be short somewhere be dependent estimates between 500000 and close to million teachers nationwide. You know what that means bigger class sizes less learning We have in the United States America. Now we have one school psychologist for every fifth 1507 kids. Every expert says you need at least a minimum of one to 700 think of all the kids that are coming to school carrying with them problems of consequence from their homes and being able to identify early on. We've learned now the all all the academia has learned. Now. The studies have been done that mental illness is not caused by drug addiction and drug. Drug abuse mental illness causes that and you can identify when kids are young. They're not bad kids, but they need help so we don't have social workers in our schools anymore. We have very few mental health clinics around the country, but we can provide for all of that within if we if we do what I'm talking about in fact, investing in title one schools. Secondly, here's the circumstance you know every single solitary. Child in America. If we do this, we'll be able to go to school school not daycare school beginning at age 34 and five, and by the way it does a couple of things of consequence again all the study. you seem to know this all the studies show it increases exponentially the prospect that child will succeed through all 12 years. No no, but but you know it and guess what it also. I was a single parent for five years after my wife and daughter were killed and my two boys. The tractor trailer hit them and killed my wife and daughter right after I got elected and I I had a I had a lot of help you meet someone you met my sister, my best friend in the world. she she and her husband gave her the home moved in to help me raise my kids. My mom was there my brother, but I tell you what I couldn't afford somebody to come and take care of my kids and I was like I I listen to the forest man in Congress for 30 - six years, but I was making a salary of a senator and I I couldn't afford it, but having children who have go to school and have after-school programs significantly freeze up the cost of child care is that's not the reason to do it, but it has the ancillary benefit of being able to put you know if we, in fact provided an eight thousand and eight thousand dollar tax credit for child care in America, there will be 750000 women were back in the workforce. Increasing the gross domestic product, I'm gonna sound like a walk now but gross domestic product by eight tenths of one percent growing America. the other thing. If we think about this, why in God's name do we you know I I don't think we can afford to go out and relieve one point seven trillion dollars in student debt for people of Uganda, private universities and onto graduate schools. We can help them if they engage in public service, but look there's no reason why we. Provide we can't cut the cost of four years of College in half if that's used by providing free community College for everybody who's eligible because what it does it cuts in half it cuts in half and half the cost of a four -year College because they're all transferable before your College in every state and look we're in a circumstance now where it cost a lot of money, six billion dollars a year to do that well, guess There are one trillion 640 billion dollars in tax loopholes. You can't justify you can't justify more than two thirds of that and guess what just eliminate one tax loophole is called stepped up basis. I didn't know what it was because even when I was elected vice President, they said. It's probable no man has ever assumed the office of Vice President with fewer assets than Joe Biden. I assume they weren't speaking intellectually, but they could have been okay, but here's. Think of all the people because of mechanization is happening in artificial intelligence. The new Industrial Revolution is going on in America that are losing their jobs and they're scared. They're scared. Now two years ago we had over 200000. I think it was 220 now 200000 sales people who worked in outlets across America, but along came Amazon and Amazon. Now we buy online and so you have people the average age was 40 -. Of those 200 and, some thousand people who lost their job and the average salary is 50000 a year so your high school educated person you've been contributing to your family. Maybe your whole income or part of the family's income and all of a sudden you're 50 years old and you have no job and no prospect well guess what they should be able to go back to to community College and be retrained for nothing and we should be able to do that like I said that's included in the six billion dollars. so I eliminate this one. Stepped up basis if you make a profit on other than sale of a farm or real estate or ever, if you make a profit and you have a capital gain and you're about to cash it in and God forbid figuratively speaking you get hit by a truck and you pass away. you leave it to your son or daughter. They don't pay a penny. It's not inheritance. tax is a tax dude six minutes earlier, if you just eliminate that one tax that's 16 billion a year out of one trillion 640 billion dollars, and we can put. Single solitary person every single solitary person in community College for free who qualifies and you can take the other the other in this case not as nine billion dollars. you can take the other eight billion dollars and you can move it to make sure that you reduce student debt and nobody gets hurt doesn't affect anybody. Nobody standard living is gonna change except that people are able to go to school. so my point is there's. Many things that we're able to do and without damaging anyone but look you know in terms of whether or not we and I'm not going to question answers on College loan forgiveness and things that you wanna talk about it, but you know talk about the soul of America. All of you sent your kids off to school little kids. And what's the first thing they did When I got to school, I had learned to active shooter drills, duck and cover. Schools that have a button so you teach you can hide behind it if shooter comes in with a semi-automatic weapon. That's a morally bankrupt country when we have to do that, there's there's answers those answers. I'm a second amendment guy I own two shotguns. A 12 and a 20 gauge my two boys ski shoot. They duck Hunt. did he passed away but duck hunt, but folks the Second Amendment is not absolute. If one of you stood up here and yelled fire and everybody rushes out Oregon shooter everybody rushes out and someone gets hurt. You're liable is not free speech. You can't say. Just exercising free speech, there has never there's not a single amendment. It's absolute. now. it's one single one and the Second amendment is set from the beginning. You're allowed to limit who can own a weapon. You're not gonna give a weapon to somebody who is a convicted criminal. still for violent crime. You're not gonna give a weapon. not over my dead body gonna give a weapon because I was able to get it done to a wife abuser who's been convicted. You're not gonna be able to give a weapon to people who can't pass a legitimate background check. Some of you are you know deal with you know, duck hunting and you know international foul y'all know out here. I assume a lot of young weapon guns well if you are if you go duck hunting, you're allowed to have three shells in your shotgun. Why in the heck can you have a magazine with 100 rounds in it? If you got if you need a hundred rounds to to hunt, you're in the wrong damn business man, you're a danger to yourself. But look the NRA has decided as more than it's even the even the NRA now over 50 - eight percent of the members agree that assault weapons are weapons of war and they should not be able to be sold members of the But here's the deal, but the gun manufacturers they want to sale. You know I went out to Silicon Valley and I worked when I was vice President and some folks who came up with the technology. you know you can you can come up with the technologies James Bond type stuff that the only person could pull the trigger on a weapon that you own is someone with your biometric measures on it and guess what they made several of them. I made them in pistols and guess what. They put em in the stores. You know what the NRA came along and said, and the gun manufacturers they keep saying we're gonna put you out of business so all of them took them off the shelf. How do you violate anybody's Second amendment right saying. If you pass a background check, you can own a weapon, but only you can fire it. How does that violate your Second amendment right? If anyone you've left your keys in your car out there to come to this meeting and a 15 -year-old kid jumps in the car grabs his heads down the highway and injured somebody you're liable. Why if you leave a weapon on a table, not locked not put in a Cabinet, not having a trigger lock on or whatever why should you not be held liable? Why should you not be required to have Your gun just like can't leave the key in the car when you put it up put it in a gun case, but but that's not what's happening and so folks there's a lot we can do. I beat the NRA twice. I'm the only one to beat them nationally and I come from a state at the time was viewed as I think a percentage wise, having a third or fourth highest gun ownership, a lot a lot of hunters and down in the wetlands. Duck hunters You know it wasn't easy to do it when people realize that I wouldn't take Joe why you taking my shotgun, Let's show them and they are 15 this month. Take Oh okay that's different. Joe. That's different didn't know that so the misrepresentation is going on. also background checks. background checks anybody wanna leave give a convicted terrorist allowed to buy a gun. What do you think? I don't think so so we've all. Been able to do that? There's always been a limitation for and by the way those of you who have friends who say the tree of Liberty is water with the blood of Patriots, meaning you need weapons to be able to protect myself and government. you need an F 15 aircraft. you need a tank. you need help fire missiles. It ain't gonna happen. It ain't gonna happen so folks people are people now are realizing that the jeopardy we put our kids and by the way our kids are more. The so-called generation Z kids who are seven years old and up now with their greatest anxiety, is across the board, rural and cities being shot in school. It's causing serious serious anxiety problems with those kids. so there's things we can do look folks you know I I'm gonna talk to you about I'm I'm already talking to you too much about what I care about, but you know there's things that relate to. I wanna talk about global warming. I wanna talk about a number of other things with you, but here's the deal you know let me conclude by saying before I go to questions the next President. The next President is gonna inherit a world in disarray and divided nation, and they better be able to undo that can be a lot of child time for on the job training and you know and the fact is that of all the people running. I'm the only one that's. Been able to bring bring people together on both sides, the pass important things and I've demonstrated that I can unite Democrats and Republicans, whether it's passing the Brady Bill or Recovery Act, keeping the country out of the depression or the Cures Act. After Trump was already elected, I was able to put together a coalition to provide almost nine billion dollars to NH in a billion 900 million dollars for cancer research and you know. Are securing mine resistant vehicles for our troops, which I'm the guy that pushed that saved millions of lives, thousands of lives and limbs throughout these two wars we've had or pushing a ban on a global ban on chemical weapons. getting a pass now, my colleagues all not my my competitors all acknowledge. Yeah. Biden got those things done, but things are different. You can't do that anymore. You can't do that anymore. Well if we can't do that anymore and by the way the last two things I did occurred in in 27. January of 2017 before we left office and Trump got sworn in the Cures Act. If we can't get that done, we're in real trouble. If you can't unite the country, we're in real real trouble and by the way there are things we're not gonna agree on and we don't agree a President is supposed to be able to persuade and then you gotta beat the other team. just like we did in the off-year election this year in 2018, nobody knew. When Obamacare was because the President wouldn't take a victory lap, but all of a sudden when people are out there sending eliminate pre-existing condition coverage. I'm gonna eliminate being able to keep your kid on on your health care plan on the 20 -sixth I got eliminate and go down the line. All of a sudden people started realizing Whoa. Whoa. Whoa. Where did that come from? I didn't know that was Obamacare well guess what I went into 20 - four States Purple Red areas and guess what we looked at 40 - one members of Congress, beating Republicans cuz I walk in and say my Democratic Obama care and what I'm proposing to increase it now your your senator your congressperson your governor your legislator. They say they're against it and you found the Republicans when I leave no. no. no no no no where for it were for it before we don't wanna do away with it. Well, you know we won a whole lot of governorships too. My generic point is you're not gonna get Republicans agree on everything, but you can get them a Grant enough, the things that are consequential because they understand. What's the stake too? You know the show comes through town once and you realized there's no P under any one of the three shells. When they come back, even the guys who kinda like Carney shows don't bet on it anymore. Well, the corny show came through once the President says he's he is working for the forgotten man and then he forgot them almost across the board. so folks look you gotta be able to prove you can get something done. You gotta be able to unite the nation the next President and secondly, he's gonna inherit a world in disarray or she's gonna hear the world in disarray. We're in real trouble. We're in real trouble, The world is in fact disintegrating in terms of our interests. alliances are breaking up. The embrace of these autocrats is causing our friends to wonder about our commitment what he did to the courage and I spent more time with the courage than I think anybody because that was my job as chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee and as vice President of Kurdistan multiple multiple times of the Brazos and others, well guess what. 11000 courage died died, defeating Isis the most outrageous terrorist Organization in history. They captured 10000 Isis prisoners. We had a very small group of people less than 500 special forces interpose between them and the Turks, as well as the Russians and. In Syria and we left because the President had a new relationship with a guy, I know better than he knows because I spent more time with them. President Erdogan won a Turkey who is doing the turkeys democracy. What Urban is doing to the new democracy of hungry. It's autocratic. He's going after the free press he's going after democracy and what happened you see the looks on those soldiers faces as ever pulling out our soldiers. The finest fighting force in the history of the world. Finest fighting for It's not high per Bole, the finest fighting force in the history of the world and guess what you saw the looks on the faces. Those mothers are holding up their baby sit. Please please please don't go and I would just have their heads down. You had generals like Petraeus and others who, in fact, writing articles. They never do. they're the least political people I've ever worked with saying they are ashamed and guess what. People now are questioning our word. you have the President of France, My Chrome saying two weeks ago. we better work out an accommodation with Russia because we can't paraphrase and we can't count on the United States. So folks no on the job training for the next President they have to be able to moment they're elected stand in command the world stage. And those who are with us no that we know who our friends are. We keep our words and those against us. They know that we know who they are. That's what I've done my whole career. that's been my job and folks we better get it right right out of the box otherwise if that doesn't happen or if Trump were to win, I promise you remember, I said this everybody remembers the things you predict. Turn out to be wrong. I predict you if we don't win this election or we don't win it with someone who knows how to put the world back together again. You're gonna see the end of NATO in the next three years, the end of NATO, which is significantly consequential for the United States of America. It wasn't just about the Soviet Union. It was about making sure that no one country could do it. The first two World Wars had done step out a line in Europe and drag us into war because they overstepped their bounds and power with nature together. No one nation can do that so folks there's a lot going on a lot of opportunities, though, because we're better positioned any nation in the whole world to own the 20 first century, we have the greatest research universities in all the world more than all the world combined and every major fundamental life. altering changes come out of a research University monetized by business, but it's come out of research University and we own them you own them. Our workers are three times as productive as workers in Asia, not fiction fact three times as productive. We have more natural resources and intellectual resources in this country than any nation in the world. Any nation in the world. fact guess what we're walking around our heads like Whoa. Wait, what are we gonna do? How are we gonna make it with Trump out of the way the options are enormous. Enormous to change to change the world to lead the world. Ways that are just wide open just wide open. I've never been more optimistic than I am today my whole life. I spent a lot of time I'll conclude with this one. A lot of time on cancer. I visit every major cancer research facility in the world, but two in the world I put together the cancer moonshot President lobby do that, and then the Biden Cancer Initiative. we are on the verge of some so fundamentally changing the nature of. Curing so many, there are 204 distinct cancers, but we now can do a million billion calculations per second. It gives us enormous opportunity to do a human genome of every cancer and sequence and put em all in one spot and learn why one cancer regime works for you and it doesn't work for me. Point is there's so much hope we can't let it pass. Thank you for listening and I'll take any questions you have thanks. They're very polite. Thank you. So are we on here? So we're gonna go ahead and keep this moving. I know VIP in has a stop to make in this little Southern town called Las Vegas a little bit later, but we are gonna take some questions around rural Nevada and we have people sitting ready in Dayton Nevada. Dayton Are you ready with your question? Hey Dayton. Hey Kimmy. Yes, we are okay. First of all. I'd like to say thank you mister vice President for doing this. it's great that you're here. I am very concerned about global warming but I haven't heard that candidates say much about it. so I want to know what you if you're elected plan to do. to address the issue and how soon in your presidency we spread at immediately and I'll tell you what I'll do number one. the first thing I do is President of the United States is rejoining the Paris climate accord, which I helped put together. What you have put together and the second thing I will do is I will call within the first hundred days a meeting of the over A hundred and 70 - five Nations that are participants in that accord and calling to Washington DC to up the anti and what they've committed to. But most people don't realize even some of the people think they know a lot about and they do know a lot about global warming is the commitment made when they signed on to that agreement was that as science progresses rapidly, we would we would up The nation's made and how they would do what they're going to do the second thing I would do by the year 2030. I would fundamentally have changed the way in which we deal with and set in place a circumstances that you cannot change the trajectory of how we're gonna deal with this. For example, we now right now just by if you just focused on transportation if we were to change continue to move toward what we had before. Standards we had before that saves over eight billion barrels of oil and then and guess what the automobile industry they supported it, but more importantly, every new road highway that is built must be Green, but here's what it must also include We will make sure there are 550000 charging stations on those highways charging for electric vehicles building around them again enterprises Just like when you build a gas station enterprises go around them and it puts a whole lot. To work not a $15 an hour, but electricians are 40 - $5 an hour it make sure that we are in a position where we will own the electric vehicle market now own the market and we'll create over 10 million new jobs by laying some of these in place. Thirdly we've set down the ability to what we did before that. This guy is wiped away tax credits to make sure that we have airtight buildings and homes. so we're not leaking significant amounts of energy. you get a For for dealing with the grid to modernize the grid, for example, there's no battery technologies that are working now and in fact, would allow for self storage and massive storage that that comes off the grid from elect from wind and energy, and that is you're able to now we're moving in the direction because we provide for 400 billion dollars in research and development. I know this you I know I'm going long which you're gonna get mad If I don't give you detail and I wanna give you two. Detail and keep you here the whole time you can go on Joe Biden dot com and get the entire plan, but here's the deal. What happens is that right now. The technology is developed because we subsidize it when we were there with the Recovery Act almost a hundred billion dollars, deal with wind and solar on the grid. What you can do now, there's companies that are arising now and we give you tax credits. Let's say you decide you're gonna have deal with install solar panels on your House if that was the case, but we're gonna be able to continue. Underwrite your ability to do that so you can write it off with a credit, but then allow you to be able to use the battery storage technology that's gonna be available to your homes that, in fact would allow you to use that storage storage in your basement in batteries that, in fact, would when the wind stops blowing and the Sun stops shining you are able to continue to be able to keep in and cool your home to take care of things. We also should make sure. Every public, every single biggest single biggest owner of vehicles in the world, is the federal government, and there will be no vehicles that, in fact, don't move by 2030 to be an all electric and in the federal fleet, we have the capacity to do that. We have the capacity also to make sure that every new building built in every federal building built is built that it is climate ready so that you can install new windows doors. Systems battery systems that allow you to in fact run on one fourth, the energy these buildings run now consuming hundreds of millions of barrels of oil less than before now. Look I know I won, but there's a whole lot. Why don't you let me after this is over call here. Can you call here and give me give me a phone number and I will get to you and lay out the detail of anything. I have an answer for you, but oh by the way you. Zero zero net emissions by the year 2050, but by the year 2030, you would have moved to sake a significant number you'd move up somewhere between 20 and 30 percent of the way, so it cannot be changed. The last people by the way is rural America should be the first the first energy clean area in the world use. we should be paying farmers in rural America for absorbing carbon into the soil into the plant materials so that they get paid to do it paid to do it. There's a lot of technology happening now in the last data point, I'll give you all the the right now what's happening in Amazon, The Amazon Forest is burning. They call that those who are not as as familiar with this stuff is they call that a a carbon sink meaning that there are plants and there's vegetation that takes the carbon out of out of the atmosphere and absorbs it in the soil and or in a plant product. Okay, meaning it's not. Causing global warming well that carbon sink, which is burning now the Amazon and they're burning because they're clear cut in it because they want to increase access to agriculture and timber well what I propose doing early on and it was working for a while. I passed a piece of legislation saying we'll trade debt for forest. We will forgive the debt. you have to us. If you don't not cut down your forest. Well, here's the deal. There's more. Carbon absorbed in the Brazilian Amazon then is expanded by every single solitary vehicle in the United States of America in a daily basis. just to put in perspective how gigantic it is. If it burns continues to burn. It's it has a consequence of us giving up. let's say they wouldn't a single bit of carbon be admitted from transportation in America. Not one single thing well guess what that's how much carbon is absorbed. What we should be doing and this is why the President knows nothing about foreign policy. Why knowing a lot about it matters. We should be organizing the world in a way that we say, okay, it's in all of our interest, but we should be doing is going down and say to the Brazilian President who doesn't wanna listen. We're not gonna come up with two billion dollars help you the world is going to pay you the difference between what you would have made had you in fact, uses to farming to bring along your people, another enterprises and we're gonna do it. Together, but you cannot continue to clear cut and burn. If you do we will be subject to massive massive tax benefit. I mean, tax or trade limitations on you and we're not you're gonna be a lot worse off no matter what happens to you. That's what we have to do, but we can't just walk away and say by the way guess what you know we did it. We We we clear cut all these stuff 2050 a hundred. Hundred 300 years ago, we're doing pretty well, but you can't do any of it. We've got to have unite the world in the interest of the world to make sure they do not cut down or burn down that forest. That's just a single example, but there's so much more. I apologize for giving you too much detail and I haven't given you enough detail on other things. Well, we appreciate every bit of it for sure. and now I believe we have a question from Douglas County down in Minden Nevada. Are you guys ready over there? Jen Yup. Yes, or no, it was not a necessary hello Mister President. I hope you get used to that title. This is Doctor Van. Mentioned that health care is the number one issue and when I looked at it, I see the Medicare for all won't work that the current status quo with the healthcare industry failing all of our citizens. Why is it that no candidate has looked at the possibility of having a British type system where the government provides healthcare, not healthcare insurance Two reasons? Number one, the British system does not call for as extensive a coverage as Medicare for all calls for by the way it's much more extensive number one number two. there are circumstances in the British system whereby if you notice they're having great difficulty in terms of let me put this way. No one who has a serious problem. Russia's to go to Britain to get it taken care of. there's no by the way there. They have a decent system. Anyone who. A serious problem and they're heading to Canada for it. The Canadians, the bridge and others are coming here and so the point is that it's not because the system doesn't work. It does work, but it doesn't work as well and the reason it doesn't work as well is because they, in fact, do not cover everything that needs to be covered in a timely way. But secondly, secondly in the United States of America, we're in a circumstance where we in fact have significantly greater obligations than Britain has. That go well beyond what we spend money on that Britain and no other nation. not being the leader of the free world has the responsibility for now lot of people when I say they say well, let's just cut the defense budget health care Medicare for all was every expert, said not every 90 percent of the experts, including the people who had initially supported Medicare for all the two major candidates of the two major contenders have. Point out that is cause somewhere between 30 and 40 billion dollars over 10 years. That is the the estimated average is three point five trillion dollars a year that's bigger than the entire federal budget. Everything we spend anything on does not equal three point, five trillion a year. so so what happens well, let's say. Say we eliminated the entire Pentagon literally. I mean every not just depending on the building every soldier sailor Marine every drone every outer space initiative. We have every soldier every sailor every ship that would pay for three months of Medicare for all three months. So the question is how can you give people coverage that they like and they want and can cover all the major initiatives and drive down drug prices as well. How can you do? An affordable way well, the one thing I found in neighborhood I grew up in when a three bedroom split level House with four kids and a and a grandpop living with us. The whole time or a great aunt was that you know we don't like being told what what what what's in our interest and the fact that the matter is, if you've negotiated a health care plan that you like and you think covers it because you've given up significant amounts of income in order to get that from your employer, you should be able to keep. You should be able to keep it and we're in a situation now where, in fact you have a hundred and 60 million people with private insurance. I liked my insurance, but you should be able to provide for if in fact, the employer changes the deal or you decide you don't like it anymore. You can buy into a subsidized plan of Obama now become Biden care, which, in fact will subsidize buying into a goal plan and provide for anyone who, in fact, can't afford it to get into a Medicare like proposal that is within our plan. That's why. The insurance companies are spending so much time trying to defeat me because it creates competition is rational. It creates the ability for people to actually make a choice and so there's a lot else to say, but the British system even the German system and one of the things they're better at us in by the way is drug controlling drug prices, the way I work, it is that number one the Medicare that exists today for people which covers it covers a whole lot of people a whole lot of people. 240 million people are eligible before along the way and I mean would be eligible in the new plan, but what happens is that it cost people a lot of money to for their drugs, so we should allow Medicare to negotiate drug prices for everybody on Medicare that would fundamentally lower the prices across the board number one number two for every new drug that is coming on the market. Every new drug is coming. And we're going from chemical based drugs to bio-based drugs and because they did dealing with other diseases in the immune system online and their unique. So what I set up is and I will set it up. not unlike what they have in Germany, You bring together a group of experts not working for the government, but our part of a Committee that sits in and reviews every single new patent and makes a judgment how much it is worth how much you can charge for it. I met with 12 leading. Manufacturers in the Biden Cancer initiative and they all said to me how do you think you can base your drug pricing, they said, Based on the efficacy of what we produce. so if you produce a drug that cures cancer, for example, they think they should be able to charge anything well. guess what under my proposal the circumstances you can get a significant profit on what you've invested. I'm making this up to give an example. If you invested 10 cents in producing the product, you can, in fact. You can make 14 cents more than anyone else would make, but not nearly what happens now, increasing by 200 300 500 percent prices. How how many of you have had to use an insulin? How many of you have seen your prices? go? I don't have to tell you do I you know exponentially. No, I know and guess what they know that so what's happened to the prices. It's just gone through the roof and secondly, you would not be able you wouldn't get the patent unless you agreed that the price is limited and you have to keep that price for the entirety of the drugs used other than the increase in the cost of medical inflation, but you can't raise it from costing someone 30 - $5000 a year or $10000, or 3000 to a hundred and 80000 or 200000. And lastly, you should be able to go and buy drugs from abroad. if, in fact, they are in fact, viewed as safe by the FDA and that fundamentally is gonna change the attitude of the drug companies and what they can charge and what is available to people because whether you live or die should not be based on your income. I can answer yes or no, if there has to be an easy question. So I hear we have a room for one more if we can do that from the virtual input and Nike County down in Peru, Nevada down South. Are you ready with your question? Go ahead and meet yourself. We're ready for your question. We can't hear you you down there. Yeah. can you hear me now? I can hear you now. Yup. Five. My name is Kathy and I I'd like to know how we go about repairing or rebuilding our alliances with our allies who have been betrayed and insulted in mishandled by the current administration. That's a good question. I literally met not because I'm important just because my job. I've literally met every major world leader in the last 30 - five years, and I know the ones who were in power when I left office by their first names and so one of the things that matters is whether or not whether they know who the President is and whether they know they have a track record of the person, the woman or man who becomes President so that when It says something they know it is meant for example, the President this President Trump has treated NATO like a protection racket. He's indicated that we would not keep our sacred commitment under under article five, which attack on one is attack on all unless they paid us more money or unless they did A B C or D. That's why they don't trust us. but they know me. I was chairman of the NATO Committee as a senator, I was the guy who. Been there for over 30 - five years dealing with all these folks. I know them well and they know that's one of the reasons why by the way A hundred and 30 - five leading foreign policy specialist without my knowing about it and Republicans as well have endorsed my nomination a week ago because I know all of these people and they know the team that I would put around them around me, they know who they are Democrats as well as Republicans in that team. So it's Not we in fact are viewed as reliable again, and they know why I'm not joking. one of the reasons why why Putin is not crazy about me. I've spent a lot of time with him and I've been very blunt with him. I've let him know exactly what I know. I know about him and got it and and and I've let them know not not to be pejorative but let them know as I always would tell Barack everything. all politics is personal. I don't expect people. The second edition and profiles encourage voluntarily, but in fact, if I know that you in fact are have been dishonest and private attack. I know how dishonest you are and and no no, and I say they did A B C and D. I'm not gonna go outside talk about that, but let's get some straight. I know who you are so I'm gonna double check what you do and exactly how you do it. I know you and you know me. you know my shortcomings. you know my strengths and you know when I say something. I mean it and so it matters about those relationships when they think we mean what we say, but the harder parts are gonna be this. The harder part is convincing convincing the people in those countries that they can trust the United States again that they can trust our commitment again. For example, before I decided to run for President, I got an invitation. would I go over and speak in London and I was asked to do this. By the former, the former Prime Minister, a woman conservative Prime Minister what I come over and speak at their famous form over there and let them know whether there is another foreign policy in America. other than Trump. No. I'm serious unusual thing, and this particular Prime Minister is no longer there now said simply can you in fact, can we do We still have a special relationship with you can we still count on? So I've been going around the country. I spoke for example, the famous conference that I've been going to for over 30 years and a whole lot of Republicans. Democrats members of the House and Senate go to and there was keynoted by his called used to be called the forgotten to conference. But it's a conference that is now called the Munich Conference and all the members of NATO and their foreign ministers. The heads of state all show up at it and we talk about it some of it off the record but much on the record. The future of the Western Alliance and Russia's invited and other folks are invited as well. Well, I went over there to speak and there were 30 -, eight members of the House and Senate, mostly Republican used to always be led by my friend and my political opponent. but a close personal friend, John Mccain and I went over and and and Pence spoke first and he talked about, he said. I'm here to speak The President of United States President Trump there's dead silence in the room. No. I'm not joking, not one single leader in that room stood up Clap said a single thing he spoke. He spoke. He made his whole speech, not a single movement by anybody. He finished and walked off the stage and then Angela Merkel, who is then the most powerful person in Europe and the NATO alliance stood up and said. We have to go to a loan we can do in just a second. we have to go it alone. We cannot count on it. then I got introduced not me now. my dad used to have an expression, he said. Joey don't compare me to the Almighty compare me to the alternative and so it was only because I just got introduced by a well-known diplomat both parties, but as a guy who was part of the Organization and I got assist. Standing ovation not because I'm so special, but because I represented a traditional US position, the point being that after it's all over you even had the Republicans who were there at a dinner afterwards with Democrats led by the Republican Party, all got together and they all know they all know we're in trouble. and so my point is that we have to convince not only the leadership but the public sphere. To move because what has happened what Trump has done by his his appeal to racism has appealed the differences in all the like that's generated the same kind of appeals going on in parts of Europe. Brexit is not on not based on race, but based on the idea that we're that Britain has been taken advantage of and so on, so this is new nationalism. he calls an America first this new nationalism. Well, America first is. America last and so it's not just enough to get the not just enough to get the leaders back. We have to make the case to their legislative bodies and we have to let them know who we are. dad you want. Yes, I have a suggestion of a good, please there after World War two, I spend about a half year in China and it taught me the beautiful North beautiful lesson. There's only one use of money that is fair to everybody, not simply lowering the cost of things. You're absolutely right, but here's the deal. And then after the after the war, they send us to China where I spend a half a year and luckily one of my jobs was doing guard duty to Chinese Bank and they taught me to cute use of them what they were going to do with their money After the war, they were going to forever have no no. Unions No No no price, no price increases on their goods or their services or their money, and it would forever boy and then suggested that after the war probably America would go crazy with inflation and they would invite us over there to do their work and there's certainly happened to thank you. Thank you dad the problem. That that and I've spent a fair amount of time in China, too. China is in deep deep economic trouble. They are in real trouble, and, in fact, what's happened is the fact that they were not going to increase prices at all meant that they couldn't be competitive in any way and you found that they didn't develop anything remotely approaching the Middle class. There is no stability in China. What you have now is a cryptocurrency. That's in China, Kim Jong UN. Who is the guy in Korea along with Shia Ping in China, the leader, I spent more time with him and any world leader, according to statistics that the times that I met with him. what's he done. He now finds himself in a position that they have what they called the Prince Lings, who are in charge in China and the Prince Lings are people who are inherited in terms of the the party the party, in fact, controls it all in China still and What's happening is that you have the ability you have virtual no ability for people to in fact grow and what's happening is, for example, China has real serious serious problems. One of the problems is, for example, they don't have enough water W A T E R, to feed to to allow further their their population to have water to drink so they have it now truly a dollar project to try to turn around the rivers because they would never invest or give localities the ability to make decisions about their well being in those communities. Governors governors have no authority. That's why they keep annexing and X things within the state. You have this massive massive building of apartment complexes across the board, and now they have not only they have a housing glut. They can't afford to maintain it. Their debt is increasing the point I'm making is that they're finding that what they're trying to do is they're trying to move to a capitalist system and keep a Communist rule in place. It's a very contradictory thing to do. That's what South Korea tried. After the war to basically keep a very tight tight not common system but dictatorship in place after the Korean war that, in fact we had to yield to the capitalist system because they couldn't make it and right now, For example you if you fly out of soul and you get up high enough to look up in the North Korea, you can see a line a bright line where it's dark and it's light. I mean literally dark you don't see lights on you don't see lights on because they don't. Enough electricity because of the nature of what they've done and so the point is that Kim Jong-un would change places with the President of United States in a heartbeat if he could. But yet while they're doing all this, they've have a million wagers, meaning Muslims in Re-education plan plan camps in the West because they're worried about Muslim infiltration and Center ecetera. You see what's happening in Hong Kong now and it's when we're. Silent on these human rights abuses you see what's happening in Shanghai and so they've got real problems. But unless we act in a way that is consistent with our National interest, they will be very well able to take all this money and invest in artificial intelligence, which that's if you're trying to do and move in a direction where they may find themselves moving ahead of us in a number of areas. so we have to invest in our people and we have to invest in our. But there is there is virtually little little equity that goes on by the way what constitutes a Middle class person in China. If, in fact, you were able to have a motor bike. no, I'm not joking and you still have those some of the wealthiest people in the world and in China living off for the rest of the population in ways that are causing great disgruntled man in China and so I.. I applaud you for your for your service in the war and simplify the Marines, but my point is I think that China has a long way to go and I guess I gotta go so was there another question you wanna ask you there and then I'll get out of your hair. I was gonna say just a big round of applause here for VP. Thank you. Thanks for the time and also also I wanna let everybody know for people out in the rural counties. Most of you know me, but I'm Kimmy Cole and campaign has told me that there are any questions that we didn't get to today. please get them over to me and I will make sure that they make their way to the campaign and at this point I am going to turn it over to the.

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