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Exclusive iPhone 12 Leaks! 120Hz Update, 4K 240FPS & More!
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What's up guys everything Apple Pro here. Welcome back to your weekly episode of apples and News. We've got a lot of iPhone 12 stuff, including some exclusives with Max's Wine back the picture that's being painted right now is a lot different than the one we anticipated, but there's some exciting features in the works and if anything I was 14 has made me even more excited for what's to come. What an amazing release I can't wait for the next beta and yes hidden features are coming so sorry, it's been really occupied with phone Rebel. It's become a much bigger part of my life. Originally anticipated and thank you guys. honestly, I'm getting so much amazing feedback. I'm sorry for this release. We're still rolling out the rebel series, but it's being rolled out in chunks depending on model number more being shipped tonight and all next week. I wanted to say thank you for the support guys and the understanding you could not have chosen a worse time to release also Gen two rebel series, which is our closed case. We're still developing the open case, but I wanted to share the progress there refining it honestly looking amazing so excited for the next Gen. Let's get into those leaks and more and more product listings are showing up for iPhone 12 Related accessories cases, screen protectors and even these Dummies so originally shared by Sunny Dixon, we have a good clear. look at what the square housing will look like for this year's iPhones very similar to that the iPad Pro now the cameras are the old layout. They're slightly larger and protrude a little bit more, It looks odd. I really hope it's not like this again. I hope we're wrong on this one and the Apple did not share the final. Orientation with the accessory makers nor the notch, which again still remains in that large format, taking a closer look at those Dummies, You can tell that the lens rings themselves are slightly thinner than that of the 11 Pro Max on the 12 Promax model They protruded far more. It's it's very strange and I've got some iPhone 12 exclusives with Maxine back so first off a production update on the 120 Hertz refresh rate display Maxine Back source says things so far are looking good 120 Hertz is still on the menu. The iPhone 12. Has passed five out of five hardware tests the smaller model the iPhone 12 six point One inch has not it's only four out of five tests is because it's using a altered panel due to the sizing. things little bit more condensed, but they believe that Apple can fix it in time, although it will cost them more An Apple at this point is trying to decide whether or not it's worth it. So we may see the staggered 120 Hertz release. That's one option. Apple may choose to place it on the six point seven inch. Speculation or Apple could just ask the entire feature altogether, but things are looking good so far, there's still time for Apple to remedy this so as of now, 120 Hertz is still happening and I universe does confirm this with his Tweet, essentially saying 120 Hertz is happening on this year's iPhone 12 Pro models and more for Max Steinbeck so him and so were bored and decided to tear down into the camera application in iOS 14. Not in the leaks build this is the official build and they found direct reference. String of text to new video modes, potentially coming to the iPhone 12 and 12 Promax This video modes are four K at 120 frames per second and four K at 240. That's simply crazy Current iPhones are limited to four K, 60 or 1080 P at 240 frames per second, so this is definitely in a completely different territory. We know that major camera upgrades are coming to this year's iPhones, but I'm sure the Apple a 14 has a lot to do with this as well. potentially Apple could be interlacing frames to achieve this frames per second effect at four K, I mean that's seriously out of. When it comes to smartphone capability going further, Maxine back ask to source about this and they were able to determine that. Yes, Apple is internally testing these modes for upcoming iPhones likely reserved for the higher end 12 Pro and 12 Promax Maxine Back also reports that Apple's marketing strategy for for this iPhones will be unusually aggressive, essentially boasting about not just the design like in recent years, but also bring new features more into focus. I'm curious what you guys think about the new icons that Apple. Incas biger and if they were to be used in iOS, would you guys like this direction? It's not necessarily skew more. It's more more fixed so modern plus chemic I personally think the design language on these icons is all over the place even though I like that it's new, I don't know how it feel about it being on the iPhone and twitterer mister White has shared with us our first look at the iPhone 12 power adapter, potentially it's 20 Watts. It's two watts more versus the current. Promax power adapter so potentially we may get slightly more advanced fast charging still USBC, Of course, it also has shared a clear engineering prototype version unlikely that this would ship even though it does look pretty dang. cool. a frosted look inside the power adapter kinda reminds you of the old imac Gthree. Meanwhile, Barclays is reporting that this year's iPhones will not come with the ear pods and may not even come with a power adapter, which I mean inclined to believe is false because of this new 20. Adapter I hope it's false. I mean, yes, Apple would save some money and potentially bring the cost of the iPhone down but you'd have to spend that money anyways to get a power adapter and some great news for the iPhone 12 We Bush analysts are now claiming Apple is back on track to launch the iPhone 12 lineup in September due to normalization of the supply chain ahead of expectations. they're now back in the driver's seat ready to launch this iPhone sooner than expected previously was October November now back to September and we wish analyst. Believe there will be no ear pods in the box with this year's iPhones, potentially to save you some money lower the price of the iPhones, but also entice you to purchase AirPods later on in official leak from a completely new source, which is claiming that Apple will be launching non fiveG. iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Max models, which will start at a cheaper price. The iPhone 12 instead of starting at 649 as John Prosser predicted a non five G variant would start at 540 - nine and the iPhone 12. 649 instead of 749 now with Apple do something like this, we've heard previously that there could be potentially 95 G variants of the iPhone. This is the first time we're hearing about this since it sounds suspicious, it would undermine the entire five G release and there's more evidence pointing to the fact that Apple will be using the Ssixty Qualcomm modem in this year's iPhone not next year, and yes, we want this one. It's five nanometers more efficient faster. download speeds as it combines sub six gigahertz and millimeter wave. One download speed this weeeks claiming that latest engineering prototypes have passed multiple tests and saying it's looking good at the XCsixty modem may happen this year and regarding the future of five G PC Mag has a wonderful take here so the new App Clips feature, which is essentially a bite-sized preview of an application under 10 megabytes may become more and more prevalent as time goes on between 2021 to 23 as five G ramps up, we may see less and less on device processing. Instead, many applications will be run in the cloud and your device runs as minimal amount of code from those apps unless absolutely necessary, and this will, of course only be possible with five gene and we've got some updates on Apple's a 14 processor so production is set to begin here after the Chinese Dragon holiday next week, there will be 15 billion transistors over eight point, five billion on the Apple, a 13, and as Twitterer love to Dream mentions this will be the year of. Apple a 14, It's gonna be a monumental upgrade and a new take by a nte claims that the Apple a forteen may include new features not originally accounted for making this a much more monumental release than we expected. I wouldn't even pretend to understand what these features are, but essentially a.m. version nine with Scalable Vector extension, two and out there knows what that means it's apparently a pretty big deal and a huge step up for Mobile processing. Also an interesting week from that Weibo leaker. Iphone 12 will be the last iPhone the first and last to feature a seven -piece plastic element lens, and that Apple is already working on Eight-piece lenses going forward and the more lenses The more optical clarity and the less distortions there are in various objects when I'm taking pictures and twitterer love to Dream is essentially suggesting that the Apple Watch Series seven will be arriving in a matching color to this year's iPhone that new color would be Navy blue as remembered by Maxine back originally and then others, I think that would be an awesome combo. The last time we had something On the iPhone, tenS, Apple released the watch and the phone in matching gold colors. We didn't get that with midnight Green on the 11 Pro, but it looks like Apple will be going back to that matching color scheme on this year's iPhone and Apple Watch Also Apple Rumors leaks, who previously reported that the Apple Watch Series seven may be moving on to five G is claiming that this will no longer be happening and it makes sense that Apple would be adding that to the smaller device, it's just seems too soon for that sort of miniaturization wing. Reporting that AirPods three, which have been previously rumored by multiple sources, will now be arriving in the first half of 2021 with a design very similar to that of AirPods pro. So Apple maybe getting rid of the iconic AirPods design, they'll all be sort of in-ear now one with noise cancellation one without potentially even more differentiating features and the elect is reporting that new iPad Pros could potentially arrive in late 2020, but more likely to happen in early 2021, This will feature a mini LED display as I remembered by multiple sources and twitterer Apple. Leaks does report this new iPad Pro will arrive with a new one chip, which was notably missing in the last iPad Pro refresh, and of course, Apple did announced their intentions to switch over the a lined ARM processor within the course of the next two years, We're still likely to see an a.m. Macbook this fall, I mean Xii quote does a report that the new imac 20 - four -inch is still likely to launch this fall. It was simply pushed back along with all the other hardware that Apple didn't announce. it means she reports that this Betel based Apple still plans to support Intel for many years to come and we'll have many Intel refreshes in the course of the next two years, An interesting patent has surfaced regarding Apple glass one where you can replace the arms, which rest on your ears with different modules, potentially some will have more functionality. It could be an aesthetic purpose showing you that Apple is exploring many opportunities when it comes to Apple Glass. Those are slated for 2020. - three release. Alright guys. that's the latest leaks and news. Stay tuned for Videos Peace

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