The Black Ninja - Pateron 2021 WOLVERINE

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Pateron 2021 WOLVERINE

Posted 11 months ago

The Black Ninja 11 months ago

If you’d like to sign up for our webinar in 2 week like and I can inbox you. It’s only $20 to support concept that you won’t see. Anywhere else

Ngozi Gooney Gozi Wogu 11 months ago

That Wolverine practice scene was hard. Keep it shinobi my ninja.

Shannon Blunt 11 months ago

Personally.. I'd like you guys to create your own characters. Based on our culture both ancestral and modern day. The play on other characters are cool cosplayish stuff.,But I'd like to see your original content and characters. OSU

Ron Ford Jr 11 months ago

Ninjas. I clan that looks like us would..... unheard of.

Melvin MrSagittarius Hall 11 months ago

Most definitely the Wolverine with the bones would be a good fit for that time.

Wesley Wousah Memnon 11 months ago

What's the cash app!!!!!

Andrew Jones 11 months ago

Keep it up young kings!! Loved the wolverine cut

TI Freeman 11 months ago

Adversaries in the 60’s for Black Wolverine?

J Edgar Hoover and the FBI counterintelligence program.

Melvin MrSagittarius Hall 11 months ago

He would be the rebellion against racism

Peach Orchard 11 months ago

I will definitely make a donation