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iPhone 12 Pro & iPhone 9 Plus Leaks! 3.1Ghz A14 & LiDAR!
Credits: EverythingApplePro
What's up guys everything Apple Pro here. Reporting from self quarantine. I hope you're having a safe one indoors as well. We've got some Apple news in leaks, something to take your mind off of everything that's going on. Absolutely Unreal, but we've got the iPhone nine plus, which has now been confirmed to exist by nine to five Mac, a lot of iPhone 12, Pro news and some exclusive IOS 14 leaks. Let's kick this off with the iPhone iPhone nine nine plus plus nine nine nine to to to five five five Mac Mac Mac Mac has. has has has made made made yet yet yet another. another another another discovery discovery discovery in in. in the the leaked leaked Iowa. Iowa's 14. build build. they found a. An identifier towards a larger five point, five inch budget iPhone they're calling it sensitively the iPhone nine. Plus now we knew that Apple would be refreshing the four point seven inch, essentially the iPhone eight, but with modern internals, But now it appears that Apple might be releasing alongside it a larger version of the iPhone nine plus totally makes sense, replacing the eight and eight plus, which are the entry-level entry-level models, models, and and and for for for many many many people, people, people, the the the the more more more more expensive expensive expensive expensive models models models models models are are are are are. out out out out of of of of reach reach reach. reach yet yet yet some some some of of of the the the. features features that that come come. on the newer phone. You can't get on the eight eight plus such as Express Transit support at five Mac does confirm yes, it will still have Touch ID in the home button so solid state home button, it will still have the same power button. Same form factor overall, just newer internals inside they're gonna be including the Apple, A 13 chip, as well as three gigabytes of Ram. They also claim it will be getting stereo sound video recording a feature first scene on the iPhone tennis series also express Transit support so people with an older iPhone six or success could not. Get this, But if you wanna keep the same form factor, you now have an option and John from FrontPage Tech confirms that Apple has launched the iPhone nine production so that's currently in process in the midst of all of this chaos. I think that that had a huge impact on the release schedule and at this point, apples just screw it. let's do it. Let's build it as he says. so the iPhone nine we could be seeing that fairly soon maybe at WWDC. John also says that could happen on June first. That's a tentative date, which can be changed. June first sounds really good also something I was a little confused about here, so we heard about an upcoming iPhone SE three from Minchu cool with Touch ID embedded in the power button using a patent that apples had for several years. Now, this is apparently not that device that's happening in 2020, - one and the Hyundai analyst Group also had that device in mind. So it's very likely that this is just a quick iPhone eight plus refresh and not the rumored six point one inch with Touch ID The power button John's also see. That Apple supply chain is improving the turnaround time for getting your device repaired or replacement parts is getting better and a subtle hint. letting you know just how bad it is for Apple. They've enacted a limit for how many Apple products you can buy from the stores. For example, the iPad pros you can only get two on the online store iPhones five and as a whole, The smartphone market is down 30 - eight percent from last February of 2019. This virus has been disastrous to the smartphone industry moving on to Pro Pro news news starting starting with with an an article article by by nine nine to to five five Mac Mac in in which which in in the the IRS IRS 14 14 development development build, build, they they found found evidence evidence that that Apple Apple will will be be including including the the threeD threeD time time of of flight flight system system likely likely with with light light bar bar in in the the upcoming upcoming iPhone iPhone 12 12 Pro Pro model. model. So So just just two two of of the the new new iPhones iPhones will will be be getting getting this this system. system. It's It's now now been been confirmed confirmed from from within within Iowa's Iowa's 14 14 that that that's that's true true and and they've they've confirmed confirmed the the iPhones iPhones will will keep keep their their existing existing camera camera system system and and gain gain additional additional sensor sensor so so it it won't won't be be just just an an ultra ultra wide wide and and a a wide wide like like all all the the new. new iPad pros. Keep the telephoto as well. Now, That means that our concept is likely wrong based on the massive time of flight and light our sensor in the new iPad Pros I personally was stunned here. I thought Apple would do something cute like that Ring flash taken from an earlier iPhone 11 pro prototype. That's not the case. they're going all out as big as it can get and we've revised our concept, according to that, it's not symmetrical. So I'm a little confused here How Apple would do this. Hopefully we learn about what they're doing here. A A few few months, months, but but take take a a look, look, let let me me know know what what you you think think it's it's the the best best we we could could do do given given what what we we know know now now now, now, it's it's really really hard hard to to say say why why the the time time of of flight flight sensor sensor is is so so big big on on the the iPad iPad Pro. Pro. It's It's possible possible that that Apple Apple could could shrink shrink it it bringing bringing it it over over to to the the iPhone, iPhone, but but that that doesn't doesn't seem seem like like Apple. Apple. They They want want the the same same system system working working on on all all the the products products you you know know to to make make it it synchronizer synchronizer across across the the entire entire line line and and looking looking inside inside of of it it When When Apple Apple did did give give us us a a peak, peak, it it appears appears that that there's there's two two separate separate sensors, sensors, a a light light bar bar and and a a time time of of flight. flight maybe laser bag. We don't know for sure until I fix it does the tear down, but it's a huge and complex system. Apple has been working on this for over two years. so when it does come to the iPhone, it'll be refined already tested on the iPad and I don't know how they'd implement it. Our concept shows an even design somewhat even if you have any ideas about the best way possible way to do it leave them down below. I'm genuinely curious. This is one thing that I'm dying dying to to see see in in September September now now Chinese Chinese display display maker maker. BOE is preparing. Organic LED display for the five point four inch iPhone quick reminder All 2020 iPhones will be organic LED display equipped this is regarding the fall lineup and by the way the five point four inch iPhone is the one I most excited for so I've been actually had quite a little journey started on the ultra went to the ZF Flip, then went to the S 20 plus and now I'm on the Standard SD 20 just because it's the most comfortable. It's the smallest one. The battery life is not great, but I can't imagine a five point four inch all display iPhone that would be something and the one I'm actually actually looking looking forward forward to to the the most most most of of of course, course, course, besides besides besides the the the six six six point point point seven seven seven inch inch inch and and and then then absolutely absolutely crazy. crazy. Report on Apple's upcoming a 14 chip, which will be shipping in this year's iPhone so an article written by research snipers goes into detail and says this year's iPhone clock speed on the Apple. A 14 will exceed three point one gigahertz who knew we would see those speeds on a smartphone. absolutely crazy, Currently, the fastest core on the Apple. A 13 is two point seven gigahertz, so Apple is making a huge leap when entering the five nanometer world and the theoretical geek bench score for single. 1650 - eight up 20 - five percent from the Apple, a 13 and 4612 for multi core, which is 30 - three percent higher than the Apple a 13. Those are huge gains. Also some good news regarding the release. Bloomberg still believes Apple is on track to launch the iPhone 12 in the fall, and this is mostly in part because production doesn't begin until May if we get to May and then Apple still hasn't sort of their production issues, then we're in trouble, a separate analyst group No fiveG iPhone lineup this year at all, so it's possible that helpful just cancels the iPhone 12 and that's it pack it up. Boys. We're going home. now. it appears the new 2020 iPad Pro with the Apple. A 12 Z processor has been benchmarked in Antonio and the results not what I expected almost identical to the 2018 with the Apple A 12 X The difference in GPU is eight percent. That's because it has an additional core eight core GPU, so don't get the new. Pro just on power alone now the good news is Apple made six gigabytes of Ram standard across the board on the new iPad Pro, regardless of which storage size you get previously, it was only available on the one terabyte option and they included the new UN ultra wide band chip in the upcoming iPad. I mean they have to for the AR stuff and the upcoming Apple air tags, but that's something they did not show any news release now apparently history repeats itself. We just got iPad Ford with this release or Apple drops a quick. And then delivers the actual changes they wanted at the end of the year in another iPad refresh digit times is reporting that a new iPad Pro with fiveG capability and a mini LED panel is coming at the end of this year, adding on to this report, John a front page Tech, says five G IPad Pros are coming out of this year and they will have the A 14 XX processor that we heard so much about in the leaks. Apparently this explains why there's confusion, Apple is doing two iPad Pro launches in 2020 and just to give you a scope of how powerful the Apple A 14 X could be the new MacBook Air is almost twice as fast for 60. Percent faster than the old Jen, but it still pales in comparison to the iPad Pro 2018 version with the Apple A 12 X, So this quick benchmark here shows you it's actually insane how much power Apple can get out of a Mobile processor. Also what's up with the fact that the new MacBook Air doesn't support WiFi six or the MacBook Pro from earlier no WiFi six. It's why I didn't get one the new iPad supported, but why not the latest MacBooks doesn't make sense and new AirPods are still happening. Did you time? Reports that Apple is still working on forthcoming Airpods, but the release schedule is all screwing now because of the outbreak we may still see them at WWDC or with the Fall iPhones and let's finish this off with Iowa's 14 leaks with a few exclusives of my own. now 90 - Five Mac reports that car play in I was 14 will be gaining wallpapers, which will be adjustable depending on the time of day, it looks like a modified version of the IOS 13 wallpapers Pretty cool and maps is getting smarter in particular for Apple stores so selecting an Apple Will actually let you know if that one in particular does same day repairs, same day replacements and if they have any appointments open all from within your maps app, you'll be able to tell if that story is an Apple authorized service provider and Apple Maps will now highlight places that have seating for couples and for children and a few exclusives from Max Wine back. so Indiana Iowa's 14, You'll get a new control Center toggle for do not Disturb sleep mode, which you can toggle from your Apple Watch or iPhone. Also an eye message message reactions will be. Now, you'll be able to turn them off or on and hide alerts from them and Max Weinberg says. I was 14, will let you have extension less Watch apps further removing reliance on the iPhone with Watch OS seven. He also confirms that White balance on third-party light bulbs will change depending on time of day and location. so essentially night shift is coming to your home kit accessories and you'll be able to classify faces in home kit for sorting one last thing that I thought was funny. Luca to disco has jailbroken the Ttwo chip inside. Recent max within the last few years about that was funny seeing verbosity boot running on the touch Bar. I love that the jail break seen is flourishing lately. Alright guys. thanks for watching. Stay tuned for the next one piece.

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