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Do you remember Dorf? Dunk Dorf (Tim Conway if you haven't guessed) talks basketball on Johnny Carson in 1987. You can catch this episode on Friday, but...
Welcome. fuck I'm gonna Show Dog I think the question must be on everybody's mind, certainly on mine How did you ever select basketball as a as a profession A kinda actually Didn't start as a basketball player Basically, I was a cheerleader for the Lakers I Didn't know that probably most famous for starting that cheer swinging for the laughs to the right, sit down, stand up fight fight fight. You probably remember that I don't remember seeing that at all I remember about the game, you said. Well, I used to go like this just bring him to the left I also started the Laker spell out letter that was the old champion locomotive to give it up and remember that one that was give me now Give me Amen are like give me that, hey like okay

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