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{NEW SERIES} Dua with the Names of Allah
by Shaykh Yasir Qadhi

Brought to you by HHRD and its Children With Disabilities Program

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بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم الحمد لله والصلاة والسلام على رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم وعلى اله وصحبه اجمعين الله سبحانه وتعالى محمد صلى الله عليه وسلم ان شاء الله تعالى ان شاء الله رمضان Allah Subhanahu WA, in this blessed month of Ramadan, Where is the number one thing is that we're trying to establish that we're trying to establish that connection with Allah. We will be learning over the next three Saturdays the program that will be highlighting with helping Hann for relief and development over the next three Saturdays is our very unique children with disabilities program. We have orphan programs. we have programs for children in general, but this one is extremely unique. It's. In the country of Pakistan, where there is a huge stigma, if you're from there, you know with children who are born with any type of disabilities that family is disowned. the children are disowned. Usually the mother is left alone with the child in 2019, helping hands sponsored 1200 children with physical and mental disabilities, and we help to rehabilitate them we will be highlighting that program throughout this And at the end of the lecture, we will go into a little bit more detail about what this program entails. For more information you can go on HRD dot Org forward slash YU and we will begin the lecture after this brief video Inshallah. Bye. Bye. so today we're gonna be starting a series as you heard about the names and attributes of aaha and what we're gonna be doing today. Inshallah is to introduce the concept of the names and attributes of Allah and then inshallah in our next two episodes. We're gonna be doing a little bit more about the dynamics of how. on the knowledge base medical side because it does come in handy and if necessary to understand this before we jump into the actual topic of ah using the names of in our realise that the concept of Allah's name is in fact one of the most important concepts of our religion and didn't true to say that much of the Quran the bulk of the Quran deals with this topic Or indirectly ask for directly, then you cannot open up a single page of the Quran, except that it is full of so many of Allah's names and attributes almost every second verse in the whole Quran ends with two of the names of Allah aaha some any Aziz hakim or Samui or aur Raheem Aiu Kine so many names of a lot sokal and in fact the topic of all those names and attributes it is half of the heat of Lana. A lot because I literally is that we worship Allah alone, so half of the hate is the concept of who Allah is and half of toshi is how we worship Allah and therefore this topic of who aaha is it is of the most essential topics because without knowing who Allah is how can we worship him and also without knowing who Allah is or what it is? How can we love him? How can we appreciate him the only knowledge? We have is about the law is the knowledge of his names and attributes obviously no human being has seen Aaha no human being had can describe to us aaha the minds Cannot comprehend. So then what do we know about the law? The only aspect that we know about Allah is what we know from his names and his attributes and therefore the concept of Allah's names and attributes is the most noble and the most blessed of all knowledge to study because Allah is the source of nobility and blessings so studying him is itself a noble. Endeavor and studying his names and attributes is the most blessed of all study. There is no knowledge that is more blessed than the knowledge of Allah and knowledge of Allah is and that is the knowledge of his name and his attributes. and that is why the Quran and the Suna has actually explicitly commanded us to study the names and attributes of Allah and a number of suda a number of verses, Allah says. I know that Allah is Allah that Allah is swift in reckoning. That Allah is capable of all things so the knowledge of the knowledge of Allah is preceded by no. it's the command. Learn this memorize this understand this and this shows us therefore that we areli at some level to know Aaha and the more we learn about Allah the more that we are going to increase in our love of him, the more our knowledge of Allah increases the more the life of our heart increases as well. The number one. Mechanism to increase our Iman in Allah, the number one mechanism to increase our Iman in Allah is to contemplate and study the names of Allah to rephrase. Nothing gives our iman a boost as quickly and as swiftly as the knowledge of aaha, nothing will make our Iman more firm than studying the names and attributes of Allah and there is therefore no better way to fortify our faith. Then by. Study the names and attributes of a lot and therefore a lot of this field of Islam. A love of this knowledge, in fact, is a manifestation of a love of Allah so because the only way to study Allah is by his name and his attributes and it is in fact, a natural sign of love like when you love something you want to know as much as you can about that object right when you have a love of anything you want to study you want to know that's why when you have a passion for Eddie Field, you choose to major in that field, you wanna study in that field. if you love. You want to know everything about that person when you love the profits you study his life in the times. So what will be the result of the one who studies who loves Allah? He will want to know who Allah Allah Allah is, and this is something that is expertly mentioned in a beautiful haith disciple. It's a very beautiful and it talks about the story of a companion who would lead his Tria who would lead his tribe in. And he would always recite after and before beginning a longer so he would squeeze in so that every single Salah without exception or Allah every single time he would stand up to to lead. he would always he and his class and one day somebody got irritated and said. Why are you doing this? Why do you always quien with the cross and the man did not want to give the? So, he said, look you've chosen me to be your email. It's my right to choose whatever I want so I do you accept me with my sort of or you can choose another email. He was too much to say the reason so that man went to the prophecy of Allah. He will send them and launched an official complaint. He said the Allah we have an imam in our facility and he always recites so in between, you know the other two suda so the Prophets said, go and ask him that I am asking why he is doing this and when. Man was then approached and of course, now the process of himself is telling him why are you doing this? He has to give the response so he gave the response and he said because sooner than it describes a Rahman and I love to read the descriptions of a Rahman. It describes a lot and I love to read the descriptions of Allah, the prophets of Allah Hay who have sent him, said go back to him and tell him that his love Sula has caused him to. His love for has caused him to enter and so what is it? It is nothing, but Allah names and attributes It''s describing Allah and the man said, because I love to read Allah's descriptions so the prophecy said you have been caused to enter so then what do you think will be the reality of the one who studies and loves all of the names of Allah that we know the one who wants to contemplate all of the names of Allah Subhanahu WA as we set the names and. Of Allah, It is the fundamental building block of our evonne. This is how we know who our Lord is. This is how we form a correct understanding and theology and the knowledge of this field is the primary mechanism of increasing our Iman in Allah and Allah himself. He has commanded us to learn his names and to utilize his names in our to us and he says this in. Four verses in the Quran, he links his to us with his names, and he says that's what he had to Allah belong to the most beautiful names so use those names in your to us. Pedro will be happy. This is very explicit that we are commanded to use the names of the law in our to us, and it also shows us that one of the primary reasons why. Allah has told us of these names is so that we use them in our to us, so we should memorize the names of Allah acquire the meanings of these names of Allah and then use them in our lives. How do we use them as we discuss this today and in the next two lessons as well and our profits also mentioned to us another blessing about the names of Allah, Subhanahu WA Taal, and he said that to Allah belong 99 names to Allah belong 99 names 100 minus one, he said this so that we understand that. 99 100 minus one ever memorizes them whoever understands them shall enter Jannah ever memorizes and understands them shall enter gender. This Haith is reported by Abuja Ara and it is a narrative in Bhabi and Sahih Muslim, so it is the most authentic level of Haith now this I believe we have a little bit and comment on this that this hadith it is actually a. Greatly misunderstood by many people and they misunderstand that Allah only has 99 names and this is as if its one of the most common misunderstandings of this field of this branch that people say that Allah only has 99 names and the DH does not say this, The Haith says that out of the many names of Allah there are 19. That are special, The Hadith does not say Allah only has 99 names, The Haith says that out of all of the names of Allah to Allah belong 19 nine names that's ever memorizes them shall enter in so out of the names of Allah. There is a special category of the 99. This is what this Hadith indicates it does not indicate that Allah has 99 names now. How do we know that Allah has more than 99 names? Well, there are a number. Evidences of them is the Hadith of the prophet, in which he mentioned that Allah has more names than what we know. so there's a beautiful Haith Inta Mohamed That's I live in the The thing is even the Ruhe narrated that the prophet ally, who sent them, says that whoever makes the following that's and he mentions that we're gonna get there. Whoever makes this to that Allah with. Will remove his worries and his gries, so any worry that you have any grief that you have. If you make this draw, it will remove that worry and that grief. So what is this? the prophets of Allah said, Whoever says, Oh Allah. I am your servant and the son of your male servant and the odom the child of a servant and that the child of your female servant and my for you. Basically, controlling me, the the translation is that my four lock is in your hands or a lot, which means I'm under your control and Dominica all that youre a curse and all that you decide is just Allah. I ask you with every single name that you have named yourself with whether you have revealed it in one of your books or taught it to one of your creation or. It hidden in the light that is with that that you have that you make the Quran the source of happiness of my heart, the source of comfort for my eyes. So what makes this to Allah will eliminate the worry and grief and will replace his worry and grief with happiness. Now, the phrase that we're interested in, he explicitly said every single name that you have named yourself every single day. That you have named yourself with whether you have revealed it's in a book or talk to a Messenger or profit or kept it hidden in the knowledge of the unseen and this therefore clearly shows us that there are names of Allah that are kept in the knowledge of the unseen. There are names of Allah that were given to other prophets. That's not every profit has that the names that we have of Allah, They are not all of Allah's names and none knows all of Allah's needs, except Allah only Allah so. That is aware of all of the names of Allah so so this Haith clearly demonstrates that the names of Allah are more than what we know And in the famous Haith, as well when our prophets ally was was in Taha Judd, he famously remarked that o Allah Oran anica I cannot do Justice in praising you are as you have praised yourself. Nobody can praise you the way that you deserve you are as you have praised. Yourself so this shows that there are praises beyond the human mind and, in fact, if you read the Quran beginning to end, you will not be able to find even 80 - five proper nouns of Allah, not even 80, you know, 280 - three proper balance of Allah like a Rahman like a Raheem like Almeida produce a food like or even Varna Iran all of these types of proper of a lot so that you will not find them. More than 85 that clearly shows you there for that this that Allah has 99 names only it is something that is a mistake and we need to rethink through it and as I said, the correct understanding is that Allah has an infinite number of names but that of those infinite number the Quran and so have revealed a good quantity and that from that good quantity, we should extract 99. Are the best now another very confusing aspect that really it it sends some people into panic when they discover or study this, and it shouldn't do that but another very confusing aspect is that the 99 names of Allah that are so special that are so chosen. These 99 names are not known to us with certainty. They are not known to us. With with your team, they don't have definitive status, No rather these 99 names that we typically find even on our banner and flyer here. This is a common list. It is a list that originated in early Islam. It is a list that goes back to one of the early scholars. actually he is the student of the tero and he was one of the first to attempt to derive a list of 99 and because. He was the first a lot of people assumed that and he was early on. He is in the era of the tet of your own, so he died around 100 and 1898 and so because he was of the first people to derive the list so that list became the most famous list and people assumed that this list is something that Allah came down with or that the prophecy of himself told us know that's not the case. Rather, the list is independent scholar who is early on and he wanted to derive these names. So now this sense a lot of people into panic and their question obviously is hold on a second. How do we figure out this 99 names of Allah? well firstly to calm you down the majority of the 99 names they are agreed upon by all of our scholars, and that's because the Quran has come with them so a lot of food. Raheem and medical for those Assam, all of these like they are agreed upon so the bulk of the 99 that Haddad there is no controversy in that there are probably around two dozen and to be more precise a little bit more than a dozen that people differ about what are the last 10 or 12 whether it should be this name or that name. And so there's a number of you know. Different opinions about those last names, but overall, the common names that we are all familiar with and the ones that are Quran. Ely affirms the proper now that is something that is very, very clear from the Quran and from the Sun and there is a process of course of deriving the names of Allah, which is, of course our scholars do that. It's not something that the average person does So the average Muslims should basically pick up any book about the names of Allah is from a reputable source and go over this. And most importantly, the average one of us should open up the Quran and pay attention to the names of Allah that occur in the context time. Allah mentions a name of his We should ponder over it, and we should think about that may also before we move on as well. There is there are number of preliminary topics that we need to understand before we get to the actual etiquette of Doa when we talk about using the names of Allah in our to us and of them is that there are certain names that are even. Blessed that other names so, for example of the most blessed name of Allah, Subhanahu WA, it is called the Ishida or the Grand name of Allah. The Grand name of Allah, Subhanahu WA, and what is this is our Prophets ally who have said that there is the grandest name or the most majestic name of Allah whoever uses. His name is I will be heard and his prayers will be answered. So what is this name once again, just like to other, we don't know the exact date. Similarly, just like this, we don't know the exact one, however, most of our scholars suggest that the is Israelite album or the name of Allah is a hay and so we should use the name of Allah and for special if you like emphasis now remember. When our prophet is saying that's all of his or sorry anybody uses the name will have his Doss answered. What this implies is that Allah will if you if you put in the right effort and you follow the right protocol that Allah will answer you in a manner that is best for you. It does not imply that you will get what you ask because no one can ever guarantee that no one no matter what. And no matter who they are even our prophets of Allah, he will send them he asked Allah to not allow his own mother to fight amongst themselves and Allah did not Grant him that to no one has the ultimate right to demand something from Allah and therefore, there is no name. There is no technique that if we do it that no matter what we say, Allah will give it to us. That doesn't work that way when our prophets of Allah is saying that whoever uses. The name of Allah that it will allow the world to be heard and the plea responded to what is meant is you will aim either? get what you ask for or B get an equivalent or better or see get the rewards on the day of judgment. This is what it means that Allah shall respond. It means that if you ask Allah with the right frame of mind, having followed the correct protocols and using this. Album that Insha Allah, you have a guarantee from Allah that you will either get what you want so and this is typically for the for the religious Doss that we make in. There's pretty much guaranteed if you ask Allah for jann If you ask Allah for Botha. If you ask all you have to protect you from the religious to Uss when you use these names and what not generally speaking, you have a much higher guarantee of them being responded to and you get what you ask for. Ask for world lead to us there is where you have option B or C as well. An option B option a worldly Doa. What is Orly that Allah? I want this job. You will fight for a job and you may do a morning and evening and you make a constantly and you make using this Mobile app. you say. yeah. How are you? I want this job and you are sincerely asking Allah for that job and then guess what you don't get the interview. you don't get the job and you say what I thought. Using all of this, so remember no one has the ultimate No one has that authority to demand anything from aaha. So if you don't get the job, then think option B and option C option B Allah gave you Allah will give you because of your do something better or avert from you a similar pain or suffering So perhaps Allah didn't give you that job, but because of your. Something else will happen in your life, which was just as good or even more precious than that job or because you use Allah brande and you are following the protocols of the that there was a calamity that had been predestined and because of your it was averted away from it so that was responded to, but not the way that you thought it would be and then point number three. If nothing of this happens, then the least that you can expect is that on the day of judgement You will come and because you. Proper protocol and because you may go out to a lot of using the brand name that it, you will get a massive reward Simply for putting in the effort so the concept therefore of Allah's Grand this name that should be very clear by now that first, we are not 100 percent. sure scholars have given many by the way. Allah is one another example. Rana is another example of an opinion. and yet how is another example? And Allah and a summit that I had some excuse me. It is also an example, another beautiful concept that is very fascinating is the notion of that Quran comes with the paired names of Allah that Quran comes typically with two names of Allah and these two names. these two names they actually formed a. The meeting, along with those two and then this is something that's I will tell you and others have explicitly mentioned that when a name is combined with another name of Allah, then you have two names each one of them has a meaning and the combination of those two names is a third meaning that is derived because these two names have occurred together and mentions many such examples and other than for example, is a a-z and alah hakim. This combination it. more than seventy times in the entire and and I remember as an undergraduate in my second year ah when I was in Madina that ah the project that I had for my class of the names attributes of Allah is my chef my teacher said that ah you have to choose to names of Allah that are combined and that you go over the entire Quran and you document ah where this name occurs and what is the meaning of this name combined together so my project was Went to the whole Quran and we I found every single place where it occurs and also another point is that why did I use it as a user hiking in this verse because Allah uses the name that is appropriate to the verbs and a lot of us don't even think about this. We just move on as if it's all random. No Allah is using that name for a particular reason and I also discussed in that paper. I still have it somewhere that what is the wisdom that comes when you have a-z and Hakeem combined together and the wisdom alah. Sorry, I mentioned it in the writings that the word or the name of Allah and Aziz. it means the all powerful the Almighty. It means the one full of strength and generally speaking the one who is all powerful, generally speaking, the one who is all powerful acts in a manner that is unbecoming does wrong things and the next name of Allah is a hakim, and then Hakim means the one who is full of wisdom everything he does. It is all wise and generally speaking in human society. the people of wisdom are in their own bubbles and ivory towers, and what not they're not typically in places of leadership, They're not typically in places of power. The people of power generally are separate and there's definitely a joke in there when you're separating wisdom and power. But that is a true reality that politicians generally speaking are cunning individuals who managed to. Into their positions via their cunning, not via their legitimate wisdom and sincerity, and that is a hakim and this is the one who is all powerful now by combining these two names together that Allah is a a hakim Allah is mentioning that even though he has infinite strength, his strength does not cause him to act unjustly. He is still acting in the wisest man and he even. As he has infinite wisdom, his wisdom comes from his strength. His wisdom and strength are combined. He has both the strength of knowledge, the strength of who and the strength of also wisdom as well. All of these are combined and this is a combination that is truly impossible to find amongst mankind. All you need to do is to look at the rich and powerful that typically they all become a corrupted, even those that enter a bass of power. With sincerity eventually, they become corrupted in the very least one says that they need to play the system and do things that are not appropriate and that's the reality of of power and Allah is not like this because Allah is a and a haki. also one sub category of these paired names is the names that are in fact, reciprocate that they have opposite meanings and these are interesting combinations in the Quran that Allah. Has two names that are exact opposite to one another, and yet they always occur together, so the most common example that we've heard or when I will ask you will you will ving the difference between the pair names and the complementary names is obvious the paired names when you put say, send me a Rahm Karim Rakim Sendai Bassi these are names. Have different meanings and they're not clashing with one another. they're not in opposition of one another The complementary names the reciprocal names are names that are the exact opposite of the first one. so he is the first and the last He is the apparent and the hidden Aaha Baran and this and he will meet the one who causes life the one who causes death The. names or names that each one is perfect and itself and they achieve a different level of perfection when they are come together and for example and that is why we should always mention them together ah whenever we mentioned these names of Allah also one point as well is that we never ever use Intellects when we derived the name of Allah, the names of Allah are things that we derive from only from the text of the Quran and the suna we do not ever just sit down and invent names of the law. Why because Allah tells us in the Quran that we should never speak about the law without knowledge, we should never speak aaha without any and all of the plots of Shai Allan to allaah that that you speak about Allah in a manner that you do not know. Allah mentions in the Quran that one of the greatest crimes and sins that we can do is that that you fabricates about Allah that which you do not know and Allah reminds us in the Quran. You have been given very little of knowledge and Allah, says Quran to the people of a soul that I cannot see him and he is the one who sees all that's the eyes. So we do not derive names from Allah for Allah. Rather, we take those names that are found in the Quran and we use those names. The ultimate authority is in the text of Allah, even if we can understand some names by the nature around us. So when we look around us, we can see that Allah is all powerful and all wise because he that all motu and these names any name that we can derive from our. Intellect and our soul, that is correct you will already find it in the Quran and indeed sooner, so we only use the names of Allah so that are mentioned in the Quran and in the suna and one final point for today before I hand it back to our brother Austin one final point for today that is dekha that are prophets of Allah, said. I said to Allah belong 99 names whoever I saw her and. So, what does it mean? I saw it means a number of things first and foremost, It means to understand and enumerate them. It means to know them. it means to literally have them in a list So means to have a list. so whoever has these names in one 's head. Secondly, I saw also has the connotation of understanding and acting upon because he didn't say. Man has ever memorized it. No, he said Man I saw her and I saw means to comprehend and understand and then act upon and what this means is that the perfection of a saw Allah names is that when we know that Allah, for example, is a Samir, Then we understand that everything we say a lot in here, so we start monitoring what we say when we know that Allah is we understand that every. Rethink that a lot that everything that we do that Allah sees when we know that Allah is we as well want to forgive others so that Allah forgives us. so we act upon the names of Allah and then the third thing, which is related to our topic explicitly of the ways that we practice it, so is that we make to our using the names of Allah that is appropriate to our job and we will elaborate more. On this in our next lecture next Saturday, Inshallah but for today, what I want to emphasize is that one of the most useful realities of Allah's names and attributes is that we understand which name should be used at which to and we will only get to that level when we have studied the names of Allah once we study the names of Allah. Do you want to make without exception? You will find a name that is absolutely perfect for the that you want so we link the name with what we are asking. That is a song and our prophets of Allah promised us that you ever saw her memorizes the names and gender, so let me conclude with some examples if we want to ask for forgiveness, we have. Literally more than 20 names to use. Yeah, Yeah. Raman Yeah. Rahim we can ask Allah or if you're a them', you're like them. Yeah our rahm you feeling so many names of Allah deal with the concept of forgiveness if we want to get a. Mercy for something so many names Center around mercy if we want money at least we can ask Allah using his name's Yarra Zach the one who gives this Kareem the one who has ever generous Maan, the one who blesses Andres favors. So again, we have so many names to choose from if one of us is sick and we want to be cured, We can't make dsw. Allah with so many of his names, yeah, so we can use the names of Allah pertaining to our sickness if somebody wants a child, for example, okay, if somebody wants to try well, firstly again is a generic as a generic name that used for anything, but, for example, one -A I think that you are the one who is the best of the inheritance. Yha have is one of the names of Allah that implies as well. That Allah. Gifts and bestows children so we can for whatever if we are, you know wanting to be covered by the covering of Allah City or the one who covers the sins, the one who conceals the sins so whatever that we have without exception, we will always find an appropriate name to use and that is one of the goals of understanding the names of a lot of and at this, I will post here and hand it back to us with the realization that Inshallah this is only. And Asha next lesson I will give you more examples and also go over some of the names of Allah and also the third lesson as well. We'll be going over even more names, so I hope that you will tune in next Saturday and of course we are here right now to raise funds for a very noble cause. and before I headed over, I do have to say that what a noble cause this is to help out children who definitely need our help sadly many of them are abandoned as you know by even their own families. I've seen this with my own eyes. It is so sad that they are not With compassion and kindness and so what's great time to give them the month of what great sub category to give to the children and especially children with special needs As you know that some cultures they have an Islamic notions a special needs and we need to make sure that they are indeed taken care of and Helping Hands of course, the cat and especially this cause is the catt and this is the month of Ramadan as well. And so let's me be the first to donate to. Well, that's why I will also be donating that to this cause and the possible you can contact me as well. So I wanna be the first to set this stage that I'm not just preaching about this, but I will be the first as well to donate for this and back to you now we'll take it over quick question before we transition over Inshallah with this amazing topic of Doa when you were maybe in your early twenties, you wrote this long volume book of our weapons. Of the believer, so a question to you, maybe a little weird in the last 20 years or so after writing this book number one. what drove you at a young age, especially relatively speaking for us in the US to write an entire volume of Duis and then what has changed between then and now you're on your perspective of when you're in your early twenties and when you're now 20 years later, Inshallah very good question actually I wrote that book because I was undergoing one of the big trials of my life, which is a very personal matter that some voor injustice had been done to me and I felt very alone and I felt very and I said from the world and I had no recourse other than aaha and it was a great time of great trauma for me, great tragedy and and I was constantly calling. To be constantly making you go out and obviously I'm reading up and a student of knowledge. I'm surrounded by my books and so I'm reading up how best to make Doa and as I'm reading. I'm writing along with this writing, a book, ofer and of course, the the project that was formed at the time that okay, well, let me you know. Stay busy by writing the book and so as I mentioned in the book actually, if you read the introduction that it was literally when I was finishing the final pages of the book when. and again those who don't know this was a semi public thing that happened to injustice had acquired against me and I was making constant drive to Allah and I thought that you know, I mean it. it appeared that there's no hope, but it's quite literally a miracle occurred. It is something that I have no doubt saying that I was blessed with a mini miracle in my life and that was of the effects of the dub that I was constantly making and so the book was a very emotional book for me because I was you know making the laws. And before that, what has changed since the last 20 years, I would say that the main thing that's changed is the focus of my class that as a young man, my to us were more about myself and my future and I have grown now to this age. I find that the focus of my daughter is more my children as well and my family. so I find that the. Priorities have changed you know when I wrote the book actually my eldest son was in his mother's womb. Actually he's he was about to be it was our first child, which made it even more tense because it was a traumatic situation and he's about to be born, you know and so now my youngest is 20 years old. So this was the 20 years have gone by my elders excuse me. This is 20 years old and so I've noticed that the focus has changed my as well and so. I find that is the greatest solace and comfort because it is a direct communication with Allah that you open up your hearts and you know that Allah is listening to you and that is one of the most enjoyable acts of worship and over the last 20 years, I've only increased in that joy and I encourage all of you all of you to spend some. Regularly with to Allah and especially in these nights of Ramadan and especially in the last third of the nights of all, we ask Allah to bless you for all that you have done and for joining us today and for all of you who have joined us today really quickly as we conclude this program is brought to you by helping hand for relief and development and our very unique and important children with disabilities program. This program was started a few years ago in Pakistan. Particular in the area where the earthquake for those of you who know in 2010, struck the most and many families, many parents adults and children were severely affected by that. A lot of the new children being born were being born with some type of disability with some type of impairment. So helping hand started this program, Dear Brothers and sisters. I I I really want you to imagine, especially if you have a child of your own or you know there's a young child in your family or you know of anyone who's close to you and they have children if these children. To protect us was born or inquired, some type of disability, all of a sudden a hearing impairment of physical disability, a mental disability, and now imagine that this person in the entire community and surroundings the neighbors even within their family. Grandparents completely rejected that child and said this is a curse from Allah, Subhanahu, WA and abandoned the family abandoned the mother and the parents along with the child. How. That make you feel and so dear brothers and sisters. This is happening all over the world right now all over the world as we speak especially in Pakistan, there are three point 28 million children currently in Pakistan who have a disability and many of them rejected by society, helping hand for relief and development is taking care of them for just $2 a day you can sponsor a child and they will be taken care of for an entire year. That's only $60 a month $2 a day Dear Brothers and sisters. if you go to HR. Dot org forward slash Yuri has partnered with us in this endeavor. This will help to take care of their health to rehabilitate them, food and nutrition support their education as well. We have an entire five story facility Rehabilitation Center in Musser Pakistan, where we take these children and we rehabilitate them Physical Therapy prosthetics if needed, psychological support, all of that is provided to them. 31 percent of the children that we help they have a physical disability, their parents, many of their young mothers 2030 Year-old have to carry their children around even as they get to 10 years old 12 years old, they have to carry their children everywhere. They go 16 percent of the illnesses are hearing and then 14 percent intellectual disabilities, 30 percent of these children have multiple disabilities a combination of any of those for $2 a day, My dear brothers and sisters. If you go to H HRD dot Org forward slash. You can help them you can support them if they remember in this blessed days of Ramadan with the Prophet Sallallahu, he said that for you to help a person in need a widow in need or someone who who's going through a hardship for you to help them in their time of difficulty, it's better for you than Acta in my Majid. We're in Ramadan Honolulu. We're missing the messiah. We're missing Amar we're missing, but are we the prophets of Allah, Wa said. You to be able to travel to Medina make it in my Masjid, It is far better for you than to help someone in their time of need with their difficulty. So we ask today, Inshallah when we as we start this three -part series we'll be back with you next Saturday and the following Saturday with Fiats Cir Codi, helping our brothers and sisters with disabilities wherever they might be. We ask you to do whatever you can and Allah share the link. With us. So that even if you don't donate and you can't donate others who donate you will share in their blessings sponsoring one child for $720 in the blessed month of Ramadan to sponsoring that one child is as if you sponsored 700 children with the blessings that Ramadan and the Baraka Ramadan brings I ask Allah to accept from all of us, our fasting, our abad and our doctor and our charity and we end with this brief video that explains in a little bit more detail. What this project is is. When a physically disabled child watches, other children playing and jumping around knowing that he or she can't join them. Imagine what it does to the poor child. These disabled people are a part of our society. They might be less fortunate in terms of physical abilities, but there's no less than a normal person when it comes to intelligence and talents. The concept behind the program is ability not disability and the purpose is to train and develop the CW D's to. Their lives like any other citizen and play their role in socio economic growth of the country. I missa Alta Andra about this. that's not too much energy carlita. मैं बहुत परेशान थी इसी तरह एक दिन वाले आए जिसको सके बाप पे नहीं कबूल उसको ऐसी वालों को बीमार मर रही हूँ ना इसको लेके center में नहीं जाने क्योंकि मेरे बच्चे इनके सदके ठीक हुए मुझे इनसे मिलती है चाहत मेरा दिल करता है मैं जाऊँ मैं अपने बच्चे को इधर का treatment करवा के आऊँ the program is new but HRD was soon work on the expansion and enlargement of the scale of the project let's Create a world where all people with disabilities feel safe, happy and healthy.

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