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Many people experience success and then forget about the people that helped them get there 馃挴
Hey, throw it with me. yes, of course Tony. is that you. Kayla. Oh my God. Have you been I've been wonderful? Oh, it's so good to see you you were here. Yeah I'm actually grateful. I got this job today is my first day wow well. this is my husband Frank. He's actually the CEO here. Oh my God. It's an honor sir. Thank you for the opportunity Sure. Don't mention it. Tony was my first boyfriend. we actually went to prom together. Wow that was so long ago. Yeah, I know time flies. I better get back to work. It's really nice seeing you and meeting you sir. good to meet you too. Me. Kind of standards that you have like that excuse me. I mean you know you hit the love. I marry me otherwise you'll be married to the janitor of the CEO. Wow. You mean, you are lucky that you married me or otherwise he'd be the CEO and you'd be the janitor. You see. when we were in College and you wanted to out partying all the time. you wouldn't care about going to class you were ready to drop out. and I kept you focused so you could graduate on time. when you were starting your business, we fell on some hard times. Some months we couldn't even pay the bills. You were ready to give up and find a job. But I wear double shifts just so that you could keep trying. And when your business is running to major setbacks. not only did you want to quit on your Dream, but you want to create an ass as well. You thought we were going to lose everything. I stock by your side and never stop believing in you. Just because you're the CEO today don't ever forget about where you come from. That way you're right. I am the one. I'm sorry. Many people experience success and then forget about the people that help them get there. They get a certain job position have a certain amount of money or build up a certain status and then all of a sudden forgot where they came from what's important to remember is behind every successful person is someone by their side who is experienced every defeat felt the suffering experience the struggle know the laws and still found the strength to stick around. Don't forget that. And helps you get there because if you don't appreciate that person, they may not be around tomorrow and you may just find out there are much bigger part of your success than you even realize.

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