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WOAH!Did you SEE that?! 😍That ending though!
What's What's up baby? I'm I'm gonna gonna get get straight straight to to to the the the point. point. point. I I I heard heard heard you, you you, you, you you you you know. know know know all all all the the the. honey. honey. honey. What what what flavor do you like flavor flavor? challenge. all of you you. you. caramel caramel. Mocha. Chocolate. I like that one coffee a double espresso You do know more strawberry Raspberry Raspberry Brown Brown Brown Brown Brown sugar. sugar. sugar. sugar sugar with with. lemonade. So you got all the honey, I told you I got you want is a Grande look like a Grande. Yeah. You sure oh, let's go to the other exit. I don't wanna go to this one. why it's closer come on just. Is that your ex side you line faster? you're trying to avoid it weren't you. I'm not trying to avoid her. I'm talking about you. You Make a Scene Scene Scene. babytv. baby. baby. baby. I I I don't don't don't wanna wanna wanna wanna see see see see. you you you what kind of girl do do you you think think I I am am am When When When was was was the the the the last last last last time time time. time I've I've I've ever ever ever made made made a. a a scene. scene. You. Make it a C-. But I'm gonna tell that bitch nope. What? What? you leave me, oh oh my God, oh my God that you do anything. Anything let me see your phone bye bitch. So where were you? I was working? I got out late. Are you cheating on me? Vanessa look what I'm wearing look. We're live in Boston. It's too cold to be cheating on you. That's right. it didn't right-I them right. Are you think I have to bought myself a jacket because I wanna be faithful is crazy. really what what what I I I told told told you you you about about about that that. that that man. man. man there's there's. There's There's nothing nothing nothing wrong wrong wrong with taking a selfie. You You gotta gotta do do that that that right right right here. here here. right right right now. now. now. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. come Yeah. on. The mother, I told you I was gonna put that. I know you're shocked right good. did you did you? Yeah, I came. To my senses. Call me I'll call you. Bye. To put it only girl, yes, did I tell him of course, I didn't tell him I keep em guessing.

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