David Gonzalez - Born To be Wild!🦅🔥🚀 @rockstarenergy...

David Gonzalez • 1 year ago   23.1K     430  •  952.7K Views
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Born To be Wild!🦅🔥🚀 @rockstarenergy #rockstarenergy #gonzvibes #skateanddestroy #davidgonzalez #berrics #skatelife #heavymetal #skate

Posted 1 year ago in Sports
Eric Altendorf
Eric Altendorf1 year ago

And thus the Lord said "skating (skateboarding) will be cool forever"

Timmy Deans
Timmy Deans1 year ago

Not bad got a couple of moves David 👍🏽

Kieran Smith
Kieran Smith1 year ago

Why is it that the moment the board leaves his foot it moves in VHS fastforward time.

Mike Arnoult
Mike Arnoult1 year ago

1) Pro Skateboarding is one of the coolest pro sports there is.
2) Am I the only one that thinks energy drinks are gross?

Mon Ski
Mon Ski1 year ago

Im watching this while listening to nofx - the separation of church and skate.

Jacob McGowan
Jacob McGowan1 year ago

Anyone know the title of this song?

Karl Whitney
Karl Whitney1 year ago

Those tre flips!

Jamie Galbally
Jamie Galbally1 year ago

Is this guy by any chance related to the great mark Gonzales?cause this guys rips just like his predecessor mark did. Just wondering

BRUH? Do The Unexpected
BRUH? Do The Unexpected1 year ago

But does he use Ketchup?

Maximus Morimus
Maximus Morimus1 year ago

That's dedikation.. Rite there