After all the sacrifices she made for him, he kept taking her for Granted, until this happened __ Title: Nanny for Christmas. Directed by Aniedi Awah Noba Produced by Uchenna Mbunabo Ex. Produced by John Okorocha | Facebook Blog Blog 13.2K Views
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After all the sacrifices she made for him, he kept taking her for Granted, until this happened

Title: Nanny for Christmas.
Directed by Aniedi Awah...
Hello, Hello, Watch. I I have have told told two. told you you you not not not to to to be be be calling me. me. let let me me be be be calling calling calling you you. you. you. I'm I'm I'm I'm at at at at work. I don't want to to be be fired. fired. You want to come and you have to come and see you How come I spend one week with you. You don't have to come and see you. It's Sunday morning now. You don't have money you and I know that way your father keeps his money. You know it is is all all there there and and take take the the money money and and said said to to me me and and I I will. will come. Man Justine When you send him one, let me know I will come to you. I have to go out to work. I don't want to fight. Okay I I will call you later Ba. Ba. BA. Bye. Bye. bye. bye. bye. Bye Bye. Bye. Bye. Bye. Bye Bye What What. is zandra? Oh God. I don't want to lose this guy to that Ghana Ara I have been through thick and thin with him. He has benefited more from this relationship than I did if it doesn't marry me, I'll die. I love him and I don't care what it takes to give him that money to come and pay my price. Yes, that's what I have to do before you eventually sleeps out of my my finger. finger. He He must must marry marry me. me. When I need somebody. I will be around. Okay. do you do you smoke? I smoked I smoked anything. I don't smoke in three hours not time that that I I can can can handle handle handle this this this this precious. precious precious precious look look look at at at at this. this this this big big big tene. now I can't tell tell but but without without smoking. smoking, smoking. Oh Oh Oh. Oh God God God I. I I smoke anything anything loud loud. loud malm. malm malm I smoke I smoke smoke smoke I Ari. smoke and. If I I will have so you know we just need to no no no please put that back. Please we don't do that here. Okay. I've got kids Okay, so it's just for the teams to be moving in smoothies come move I have to sell books. Maybe when I read, I can I can drink it. You can't do it. You'll be sleeping like that. No. no you're gonna happen. I am one of my one of my spots. I don't see Nancy Why is that? Yeah Shane trying to say your keys man? It's my study is no Manuel. It's been work. Have you envy mm Hmm. Hey, don't don't even try to be this is the job that I'm doing a job where you are treated like a servant and your boss takes all the glory for your own expertise. It is, but that's walking. That's a looking fresh that's being in this room all day you think so huh You Wish anyways, I saw three job advances on Instagram. Are you serious? Let me see calm down though are you only need to it's let me check it. How did I see you? You cut me open it now hey. Okay, that's it. That's the page. Okay, the okay for now now. Four years experience Kasha four years then a house keeper dedicated okay serious then do you this morning in on Christmas salary attractive attractive beautiful beautiful Christmas Christmas Christmas yes yes which will do do think think you you before before find out they know which were were you you go go for for now now I think I'll go with this one, you know I like it very much you go with 90 for Christmas. hope you know that this money for Christmas if you're like me to minutes after Christmas, but I don't care. Yes. no so longer does the seller is attractive so that a come and pay my bread for the money. Right price you want to give that kind of money to come and be a great price. Is there anything wrong in that? I love him and I want to be with him. He has some 10 shots. Beep you better open your eyes to the realities of life. So men, I really know what the stress I'll tell you you'll see me. I did a guy with potential for four solid years of my life and at the end of the day he still did not. I was busy funded his delusions of grander with my own pocket money potential look the way I am now I have since any any more can have potentials where your potential kine express lanes. That's a different people now. So you really want to okay no problem. I've heard you don't worry. I'll prepare for your potential. You should be safe for my be okay. So what are the ages of kids? you've cared for I've cared for children of all ages, you know, but your kids know that whenever I did the number two you're gonna clean up yourself or have your back or something you're gonna do. you're gonna get someone to do that for them right because I'm not doing that my meals. Pted they're expensive. They're really expensive, so I cannot do all those kind of things. I can't also clean the floor. I can't wash dishes. I can't do that no way and also I want my room to be large larger than this sitting room big. the television should be wide queen-sized bed very large, just for me. And also I should also have a car Yes and I'll be driving. I'm cruising around you. You know what I'm just just stop talking. Oh, really. yeah. I like you already so when am I talking. Okay. So how would you discipline young kids like these are very small or any of the fuck up or messed up? I got to Cbo long one heavy becos. I go. I am the person whoso then Oh, I gotta tell you you the the top top like like this this. you you you. see see you you you good good good to to to see see see one one one one of of the for for and and with with that that my my my man man man my my my my man. man. man. man. No. No. No, No. this this this this is is. is is the the the original original papp all those on the the the Street. streets streets streets for for for for the. the the the role role role for for for the the the stretch. stretch. strength and these are my. This for you, I don't worry just leave me there for hours. If you come back, you go to them and they they don't quiet. Okay. Yeah. that's that's good. You can you can leave now. Well I go call me Yes please it is everybody gets so busy you wanna go. You can call me whenever you need. I can help. We're back, It's me Nancy Call me babe. What's up baby? what's happening? I want to tell the costume Aman gave me for the job. What's job the nanny job now? Okay It's cute, you're cute with I understand what are you wearing for Christmas? I'm dressing, according to the team of the job for Christmas. I'm sorry, I'm sorry. What's this. It's a job now for Christmas. No Christmas see anything that will make me not get this job I bind and cast you. Oh sorry what Now, you should be. You know lost now. That's what I'm trying to say. What you need, I will be around. Siblings. No brother, no sister, No Auntie, no uncle, just an alien feather. My mom died when I was 12. Oh, so kids. What do you think? Do we hire her? Yes? Alright. So I think we're the best candidate for the job. You got the job. Yes. Thank you very much. Thank you so much. I appreciate this. God bless you bless you bless you too. I'll pay you a hundred and 50000 If you do a great job at at 50. I'll make it 200200 Watts Asin soon. Yes, so this is a manageable. It's not as if I'm going to work in an oil company. It's it's okay. It's okay. Just handle your and I'll take care of my congratulations. Toan. Thank you. I'm Martin. I'm Terrance. I'm Tracy. Thank you so much beautiful kids. Alright one more thing though Yes, sir. I'll only need you for this Christmas period. Okay cuz the answer is coming to stay over with during the first and second week of January. So. So if you say so, okay great Thank you why don't you show her around? That good, I don't want to go. Don't look. I know you don't see me again. I'm don't you leave here. You see me. you're not that she was. I'm you know how I do it. huh. see you. I see my girlfriend. I'm coming in anytime soon you have to get going. don't go no, but I'm not going anywhere. I'm still here. I'm still here with you. You will see me kind of face. You have to get going okay. It's all about you When you promised to me, don't worry I will come in the morning when she gives me the money. I wouldn't give it to you your hair. Everything you fix it up that in your gut you I trust you know how we do, but listen, I want you to do one thing for me. invite all your friends over here. Let's go let's party people you trust you trust me. We have so much for I'll do I'll see you. let's go good good good. This thing is with you. It's. I told you I'll get a job. I knew you put together my previous always work for you. Mm hmm. Don't you see how hearts are working together? Yeah. So guess I want you to stay here So You Wish get 50 K a month you how much love he said in. I have to open your mind pay me my money. I need my money right now, even to say, get my money. I graduate. wait. wait. wait. wait. wait. Hey Catherine. Please talk to your friends. Don't even touch me. don't talk to me. You told me to bring my friends who could have a good time and right now, you're doing all these things you know. I'm to embarrass me. I'll be just settle down. That's all I know Babe. we can handle this maly hundred words and what mature please just say to them all break open right now, I said to them, I'll see them now they're paring down the good mood. You break a baby's head yes. 2018 just settle to lesly, Please plan my money. okay. I'll give you your money and let me make a call. This is my full self. And what did you see No wait hold on? I can't hear you hold on. What did you see when you get that kind of money? That's the key just like that. You don't have anything on my salary has been bothered for a project this December. Okay, just hold on let me go. Let me see if she can read anything for you. Hey, Yolanda Good.

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