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Fat Joe talks about Juice WRLD's death and the drug epidemic.
Now did did you know juice word world. I met him one time. He was a beauty. I only met him one time and he was such a beautiful kid. He was so respectful when I met him and I was just like Yow. This is a real good kid man. That's the rest in peace juice where the lyrics they gotta stop. And so what happens is this when we was younger, We would go smoke crack right, but you knew you was coping rock cocaine or you knew you was capping heroin shit. you know I was disgusted. So now, what happens with these pills being that they're prescribed these kids don't think they're crackheads or their pill heads and they're nothing. It's legal. It's cool. It's what we could do as much as it is we want and that's a big that's a big understatement because all these kids are dying every day in the Bronx. All these kids have done overdosing on the pills overdosing on bills. I mean we gotta really try to watch these kids as much as we can because it's sad and watch our own behavior. It's filthy rich and not a 20 - one years old on a private plane with guns and all kinds of other 70 pounds of marijuana and all kinds of other stuff. Alright so Remy's on the album Big Splash and Remy is free and good to go. Let me tell you about Remy Remy. We've been working everything ain't for social media. so we've been in the studio working hard on Remy's album right, She heard my album 40 times. She never asked to be on the album so the day before hand in the album and then they get ready to wrap on something it takes a month so the day before I hand in my album, my wife is like yo this ain't right. There's no way on Earth. You're gonna drop an album with Remy. Yeah. Yeah. So I call it up. Oh, my God daughter my little God daughters. whether they both got the shower caps on I get to see him like Y'all. don't get to see him right there. I got pop on this. I see you you know it ain't right. You ain't know how you wanna come get on the song on the album She was in the studio in 30 minutes. Perfect my yeah, a lot of people on it, including Mary J Blige and some other people about Jay Bryson Tiller Eminem. I don't really like I don't really understand the M and M Nick Cannon thing because it's clear that that was both of them. and but I mean I guess this is fun. It's a fun. Beef, It's not wrap, which is dying over this right exactly so the album is in stores. they have like a knife in his turban. That's my bro. I support Nick. I like him a lot too. Yeah. I support me. so the album is in stores now family ties. I was bringing tall Drey with me, but they said you know they had time for you. see how sexy is I can't walk with them. We're going to show the lady says. We have Drake Y'all better. Check out that album is incredible Family time family time pick up your copy of family ties in stores now.

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