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Or, Give me. We have life. You Are you your life now. Invite others. Let us pray In the name of Jesus with lust. We lift up your name. We submit our and to you. We thank you for everything that you are doing in our in our lifetime. even in this hour for that person You in Jesus Precious name we pray Amen. We are here we have life. I gave it. Continental service Invite us Slaps and my father. Manoa Invite other children with life, I see God's I am here tonight. To preach about The power of the mind. Of the mountain. The power of the brain or the power of your brain. Every organ every life give you more this coming out. Every life saving organ. Has been designed in such a way that it must be covered. the might is a life giving more. Jesus and Lord from other of your body, it is the might desire. In the Soar into my be in the spiritual walk in the God has put your mind in the position in such a way that it must be protected. Even if you can't follow on the ground, your mind, your brain is not to change. Even if you're a strong well-understood need your head to forgive, he said dedicate to organ, he said life giving it is protected the right to it's your style is the one that is on your skin. You're because it's covers the mind. It's the mind. You'll step out of the light. The damage of your mind can affect everything can affect all the systems of your body. That's why even in the spirit. The enemy targets is your mind. So that you can get your mind your mind. you can see you can't preach you can't do anything. But you can put in your mind set we are having all kinds of by the only that we meet is the deliverance from the of the mind That's why the Bible speaks about the strongholds when we speak understood is something that is occupied territory. Now, you can stand up around you, Isis cans or in another country. How can riches in the other area and that's in you? You are born, even though you're body is the capital of the Lord, but there is a strong strongholds that tell us what the tendency of creating a in the. Told you that belongs to you and not tell you that area is your mind. We know my 40 is the temple of the moon, but the the enemy is going to take of creating a more deep sleep and I'm that place is still not yours. Not your legs. not your eyes but your mind. The system Every other controls, everything he's the man he's the plan. It's your eyes you control your yes. it controls your all your senses. you put in the mind and believe that the lives of the it's a highly empowered can recover from say I can do all things through Christ who strengthens you want. Let us read this. prepare yourself. Take your opinion on that. I want to teach you. I want to teach you. I want to teach you. I see you you provide to others, correct yourself and others. To live the book of Second Corinthians Chapter 10 verse four. Responsibility for our Thought, Life Jesus and the mission of all of us, we are responsible for our thoughts and passions. I can't keep today on my business page. I was looking forward to engage with many and I realized that the struggle to engage and Robles with we need to get out of the even the physical we need to deliver the like I said. It is just love Cann. Today, the US must to other countries and and individual support your country. It you must tell you something we are left behind, but it's all about the power of the mind and humanity of for patterns. It is time for us to thank you. For us to think to be. I was looking at the post that we shall everybody is safe. That's that's one touches to open. have you for a type of offerings. I like that, but I realize is the unser we are pastors with someone who's less. Yeah. I was I was visiting the fire. I said it looks like we're looking for people to say that I'm looking up watching in my phone, but I push. But I don't blame this mindset this mentality. it is our portrait. It is our portrays. you don't have a church of the the Tomas We've been to places where we just here. Pastor is I see I don't know I remember I'm done that. Why is this church? I'm not concise You it''s Me-I match into business. Why you? We are just here in and to. This is our Very, depending on peoples of time. Part of my sight, My mind has been transformed. I'm living in the world who can bless the rights of my hands. I'm taking my teeth even doing this taking care of everyone. you'll see what about depending on people Ministry is not thinking skin because Jesus. why are the churches are producing less people? It is here the man Why are we in? Prophecy that are Tosi, I just want to go to the Bible. Speaking in tongues and preach the that's the mindset we need to the deliverance of the mind. Let us prepare yourself prepare yourself. Second Corinthians Chapter 10, Second Corinthian Chapter three verse four. Second Corinthians Chapter 10 verse four. He rubs up for you. We must pray for the deliverance of our man like I have said. I don't blame people who are pastors and even for people and but the Lord will change. This is default the same can be interpreted differently based on the development of the country. I was watching it, I was watching I was running. Tv challenge you I saw that one of my father there are about to you. They are you realize this that we don't. We need that we must come sit down. We would like in us but we're watching me is I'm preaching. It's all about you to the Bible God and watch. They are place in what you're doing. Yeah. Let's to this-we're going to do with the. To tell us why that's the Answers must leave you tonight and you will start to think of reach. You learn to this crisis. What is it that you see all? I want to put that to open for us to survive. Why don't we do it? I believe in the prophecy of the man of God that people must go For God. Can I speak and be like you people are for less like this. Blessed beyond the foot. Behind the Bible. Let's see ice creams. I don't blame people who are Associated with the tson offa. But you should tell the church that you can canidate the National team of Zimbabwe and even after 23 at his place, be a man of God. What are you doing? What are we doing? What kind of business are we? Second Chapter 12 verse four, the Bible says for the remarks. I want you to see God, we know this but all of this for the wess offa. I'm physical. We are part of flesh and blood, but they are made before God for the overflow and destruction of strongholds. Let's with other. Yourself connect yourself I want you guys. I want your comments. I want to hear you guys. I want to hear you. I want to hear you. That's true. he likes my understanding for the part with the Church of our warfare are not but mighty through God to the. Wess down in my imaginations that certain imaginations that must be cast down until we casto toons with the still associate ourselves with the pensions as. All of them. Causey imaginations Noto yourself against the knowledge of God and bringing into captivity every thought Chapter four. Let me help you. There are certain thoughts that you must rest. There are certain things that must be charged into your TV that we will come alive. That my spirit will come out to give me the you know what we do with the business, especially in our churches. That's why the man says is for us in the past with their time and the whole family. That sports. This is what I used to tell my congregation. That's why I used to tell the church. That's what I have not my father who matters to all my ups and the will of one day-I the services of great men and women of God and I said I bevis of Manafort of all. I mean, if you show you what's more than the buses. If you say, let's open the church is looking for a time in the. All his holy place. Why have you ever do anything? We are just behind the baby in you good. The problem is in our mind. I don't realize that sometimes exposure is the best teacher. Sometimes we love things being as opposed to them. Are we doing? What are we doing? What are we doing? What are we doing? Collect yourself for yourself. It's all about the mindset. I have you know I have to come to you. Kenya. We were told you he's got them for us to tell you to let yourself on how to land in an online event. It's all about the and the time of the week. Are you to tell people who are to the skin? We conformation of the mind the say Do in my imagination? And that is so against the knowledge of God and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ. It is time to think what he's trying to apply to have that I need you Calif. It is. I'm gonna get you what I think what I know the plans of God in my life. He's for me to be in good health is for me to trust me. I know the God who who is please in the prosperity of his success that's alive. This is the importance placed in the prosperity of his servants. It's. Why are you that your sons the way you stop saying to yourself the way people should do, but it changing yourself the one God treats you said. You were gonna say I'm done. What does you see a small boy? Whyy What you have to give me gores. One by 470910 swing through Jesus. You can make it you can still do experts in the name of Jesus. Say to yourself The hees you. The Bible says that I wish above all things that don't prosper and be in the hotel I saw prosper. Second Chapter 10 verse four. That's right. Don't know about you and iming that are so against the knowledge of God and bringing into captivity. every thought there are certain and thoughts that must be that must be brought into a church that you will come alive. Day-I Christ's good-by. Left to me by the world. The enemy has like a woman, and we just think that is small. Why are the creator of heaven and the Earth go and check your you and you're asking God we are created and the Earth shake of the things that we are asking. Face of yours How small they are. It's all about the. It's all about the answer. The challenge in the God is whatever anybody can pray for God to give me the car just a God. Why is asking the creator of heaven and Earth. Folks you can't betray your thoughts. you can retain your thoughts. It is time to put your thoughts. You're just stop sometimes we ought to fight our. In I want to tell something that you must let your around in the people around you are all of them are on the same level with you and I believe you will noize if you want to use how-do-you-do. It's your month to stress. you will never go back to your normal position to know in terms. You. Your life is so why did it start? You cannot use it. I'm a be without this. None of us, we don't like challenges. That's why you've been looking to open it to break people don't know what it is. They're just go from the ribs. The reason is to have people have the actual to stretch the answer. Let's make this last May God protect yourself. Less than this. It's everything you put on to your life and literally church in your mind every day. that's a lot of impact in your life. You have the sound of your decision. are Who the pros of your decision? Play Trust Look at the You are where you are because of your mind. The deadest for the tendency of storms in our minds for us to take a hard decision and regret later with the sound of your mindset. Your destiny is waiting for your decision. Your destiny is for your decision you are on your. Conan on your mind what the custodian of your mind you will remember it is time to put your mind and on your mind and start to think to be in the name of Jesus. So this is my conclusion this. Jesus That's sometimes you ought to try. What are you like a lot to you? If you are on the same level with you all you enjoy people got to beno you. You are special, You are my disciples of have you done to every hour you will go down. You want to go in terms of performance. Child was around tell the folks it is time to chat and fatt our for the process. Look at this, he Fisher. Let's go to the book. Let's go. The book of Ephesians, the name of Jesus father, says Ephesians Chapter four verse eight correct yourself. I see you I see you we just I see you. I see a preacher I see you. You are looking for that the title of like I see you yourself you. I'll see you not be. I see you in the morning. I see you at the top. I see my son. I will tell you let's go and watch our hands. It's all about the mindset the world. Is what sight in our country Jesus with a way to change it is Zimbabwe in Zambia in Nigeria in other countries. Is this? Last look at this to steal your. And that's who is the man and you can tell the way you feel. Talk to myself, you me-I. I used to tell everybody you must say that we interrupt you. Punch of my partners and I am in charge of my mind. Oh my god It's my desire for you to think it's my desire for you to Vt your thoughts patterns and do some alternations. You are the one who's responsible for the change of your mind. Mayest has been important by the decisions that have taken. Why because all of us we are responsible for the Internet of our mindsets of our God of what God's to your mind. The health, the state of your life depend on what you put in your life. so this is your mind is like your body. you try to teach my child. For food that you eat, you have the kind of food that brings to our immune system. The we just like to what is in. If you keep on city, you'll find the negativity with the possibilities. You'll never be a winner in life. We can only see in the church that I am a rena. I am a reader. I am a leader that will care about God. You know what they love Egypt. They keep talking to them. Don't go far. We can see all this kind of powerful so I am a we go through the blood of the land. I am a reader, but I'm telling you do with us. I am we don't just be less than this. I have been waiting. I was just be yourself. People that I'm singing this song cuz I don't want anything. That want to any less the name Jesus of let's turn to the way we think the breakfast is in the about Jesus. we make to the of the fight. That's why I want. That's what the Bible says. We put every thought it come. It is not there's some. That must be until I ask, I'm telling you how to a lust that your thoughts. you know that something is sickness and disease reaching your immune system is because it is because of you the intake of your mind. you are stressed. Do you know that you have can be affected by what is coming to your mind? You go. I'm gonna be like my son. The people I have a lot. I'm not living a life of stress and you're at peace with it is well with my soul. I'm always make sure I exercise the power of my mind and this man is in touch. Let me help you might think you know what you want, but it is you who must die. And I'm telling you what you want. You're my, you know what to do you want but it is you who must tell your mind your mind what you want. You're just you who I tell you about what you want. Consider your praises. You're Inta ones that some of the time we say small minds discuss people. We speak this things I just speak in this respect to the only time discussing people why groups Iver out ideas. Opportunities The way you think. There's power to your mind. let the sound of your decision. Let's listen to this, you cannot just be the environment full of negativity and live your life to make you cannot leave with the people that are full of negatives. So this is and how was the positive. It's a lot. It's a lot consider the integrity of your life. I come to life in the enemy has kicked in your mind, he said. Illegal occupation and issue and what I do to the occupation in the name of Jesus Christ. If the devil that's all you find your mind, I destroyed. I miss you and why the forest and break that come on in Jesus name. Let's go to this efficient chapter four verse eight. Chapter 48, Tell yourself I want to live in the process. I want to live your life in this. See for the believer to say God can make your way when it's snowing. but why do we act? We Love What is it? you do that. We are looking at the future of life. There is a story. This is the top of the most I want, but with the Lord Jesus with the Lord of the time and it just come out that is dictated terms and conditions for this. It is the story that is given direction to this body, but tonight Mays of the light. Let the spirit of the Lord to trust you and occupied and the challenge every Custer every imagination. It's a that is your success. you Cros your child's life in Jesus name. God bless to this and bless it is only one that can last into this. To Jesus for, he said, we don't see you Philippians chapter four, the state control that you take of your life you see through the fight a little. That's right. Of the things are true you. I saw my face out of whatsoever my face. I'm just I saw the things I do. I love you in the face are of good report. I hope you like it. I hope you like this one all about this. I will repeat, I said. Take a pen. I have come here to as a teacher. I am taking that I thank God. I met my father for on the change the way you think you will do it. It's just a belt. You're not changing your patterns. It's a useless you. How can we come to that? you have been you've been thinking the way you don't think you. I hope you like. Finally, brother whatsoever, I think number one are true. I saw my face. I'm honest, true honest, orso things out of just this whatsoever face. I'm curie whatsoever faces. I love you. I saw I have things are of good. If that hurts you and you can be every place think of these things more like a tri. No negativity is negativity, you can set your mind to seek any negative report. You will judge it. Beso of food if they beat you that if there be any place, Thank of this that you might think about you must check all of us. We must remind ourselves of us. We are attracted to negatively promised. The things that are around you that kind of big one that attract you. what's on my face out of you. What sort of this I'm honest whatsoever. I'm just whatsoever Things and cure was'. So I think I love me whatsoever. things are of good report your name in the in the. If there be any place think of distance and most of the time thinking that. I use this man's, we can negative thoughts. I'm at peace with my son. I'm not living a life. I'm happy that women need to God of my life is going to carry negativity cuz I'm telling my nights for. Fett I'm tired of my thoughts to look for prostitutes and Goss. let us all you got to ourselves. Let's show you this Tess share the things that I talk to you. What things are up to you. Check the things that are unto you. You realize you love. Like that, but some of the things that you rejoice and negatives you see me when I say I'm good and you think that they make it to life. If you're your mindset your your thoughts, I'll that touch to the negatives you live the life you live in. Much. You lose their words due to why you're still young because of the mind. You're about to be you. Do you know so let's get to the color of your skin? You might affect your health can affect you out. What do you? For today, Stop dreaming in the negatives Dream in the negatives stop focussing on the negative you will say, are you for Paul said. I'm looking forward to the Mark of a high only and I can't. My past as a so this is my conclusion. They. Looking for to the month of I could. And I consider my past. It's a the man of God of who the Devils for the tendency of destruction our whole House of with your focus a negativity. As that's people negative energy today, but we just give them a job. They come out to watch what you listen and they need to be. they kept they kept the orin. Welcome to the You will see that energy but expose them to positive things you will see and just onto this Wall. Why because the Lord is in such a way that you must be touched to negativity and no-I. Want you to know it's all about you know songs songs that you can see that no matter what you know that your body is the temple of the Musa. He has created to rule on that your spirit is with you You're. Jesus, like I have no matter what you can see I am I I am am a winner. I am a winner sing-song from to December and check what if you want to throughout the year you one of one because you forget you neglect the any of the darkness will right, which is the mighty it just be chopped as strong ones dictate tax the condition. You need directions to your life but tonight and listen to us. You have the blood of Jesus and the of. I'm the least of your mind. We are exposed to the supernatural. I think in Jesus name, let's make this Philippians Chapter four eight. Both What's up what's on my face? I'm good in you that you can be in the place. Think of these things. I see you guys, I see you. I see you. A single level. Your son, right. I see you, I see you. I see you. I see you and I see you. I see you let yourself. I see I see my son you connect yourself. I see myself you we, We must put our light. We need that we put you on the right so to speak positive. It's very easy to say I'm God can make a way where it's snowing. Why do you fight is just to see the elephant? Supposed to get to the disciples Let's. Listen to this. I see you God bless you and God bless you. God bless you the best God bless you. It's now free chapter four percent. I said, I come here as a teacher. There's power in your brain. Your brain power. The last Now, what a fight not fix your thoughts? I love this fits your thoughts your thoughts in the name of Jesus, your thoughts all of our sins. That's called the achievements where we live. We saw a big why do we have to smaller things? On Sunday, If you are, you see a big you why you're so scared to lose all of this. We are forsaking God such a way that you get to to Sapphire and release why did you have faith? I thought in that? I used to say follow me all the days of my life in Jesus in the name of your name. I'm gonna believe in the son the God can lead me to suffer. No, I don't believe that God. Things no I don't believe that I can't believe in that why Everybody. Attention. Of the Galaxy. That I'm just really fun. Very small, we're gonna tell you about. Challenge of the light. The church on the right, the Bible says if you believe something and now brothers and sisters, one final Aed one final thing. Only one fix your thoughts your thoughts. One final thing fix your thoughts. Teach your heart. No, you are since your heart The Take your heart turn away with it you. We can be used to tell people check out my children are kind of business that are running in our country. Want to talk to us Big big. He does that in our country why you are just think of us as just just let little things. don't you. I I used to tell people why don't you how many I say Niger of God of innocent are here to tell people what I got a business didn't speak out by someone who's on their citizens or something in my own country. You say a challenge even in the body of Christ. That's into this, I defeat Phils Chapter four verse eight and now Dear brothers and sisters. One final thing fix your thoughts on what is true and honorable and right and pure and lovely and admirable think about things that are excellent and worthy. Of grace. I look at the I hope you're ready. I like the last ones think about things that are. Wealthy of place and when you oppressed and wealthy oppressed. A pledge. He think of things that an excellent and worthy of praise. Now are you to say I away from the things that I used to say we're gonna see a challenge. I'm coming to the power of ourselves. you see why most of the challenges you see. That's why most of the talents in the as you see that you follow. That is why you're even Tori menor. You don't believe in ourselves we're going to. Are you to tell them? I don't like it The grace of Sano Aman. He resigned with the Holy See is that will support their team that is played by if you want to a-team the word counts will shift with you. Why is it in another country? They support you? Why do we trust our own? I have come here tonight to empower your voice to empower your mind you. Your destiny is in your favor. You can't see it stop condemning yourself you can watch the lies up. Don't desire from the ashes of defeat. Stop condemning your heart that can continue but continue yourself. Let you speak positive with your mouth. Let to prophesy your life that you. You are the child of the father. You're gonna live a victorious life. You will make it to the light of the living You Are you will make it nobody can. So the find a lot of Yeshua ass'. Less than at this. Yourself. We did that on. You're just time for our thought patterns. It's a stop to facts our thoughts. I think Ipos from all of these, we're gonna see the challenge of the search. that is why give us our sins the President. While you are saying, coming and trusting out in the country, people don't know this Sgt invest in your country. Why would be your best of this country? I live in the country and living in the other country. There's a problem. That is a challenge because the name of Jesus, the Lord the from this country, but if you have come to Jesus, why did you what we can do? It's not but they know how to celebrate Ints. It is not we can play. But they won't hold you celebrate great. If you are tell me how did you do that you better at this time? I have to sleep on the time why some of the church where a young boy and they start to comment publicly, but as we come to God. Police and apologize to the Muslim Brotherhood Brotherhood, one -A Brotherhood Jesus in the name of your name. It's a show. it's a upon the my sight. Now are you, I said what is say, let's give it a try. Let us give you the money and whatever I'm doing it for you. I'm watching you, I'm telling you. I'm gonna depend of three essential. Did I say That's be considered as we go to things that I'm doing as a services' Orly. Most of my mind has been the Bible, says Dear Brothers and sisters. One final thing fix your thoughts on what is true and honorable and right and pure and lovely and admirable. Think about things that's. Excellent and worthy of praise you tell the tell the things that you think about most of your time, sit down and think the things that you will always think about you. You are one of your time to be yours. You have to show you're not going anywhere. You will remember we're boxx. it's time to think. You just stop to think. I was with some young boys tell them it is time for you to prove yourself and for a government Organization and go and watch how the you think. I see you. I wanna stop myself, I see my brother from Uganda watching it. I see you. I see you collect yourself connect yourself. I see you God bless you see you. God bless you and God bless you. God bless you if you're watching from outside, Tell us where you are what you from God bless you. God bless you. God bless you. I see you Jessie. I see you I see my son. I see you I wish the entire world was listening to this message. God bless you God bless you. God bless you. God bless you for the share. Share share Share This. Make sure you share the Bible says you think about things I have an excellent and wealthy or Prince and if you just let most of my days think I want to catch the. That the unbreaded me-I I am not to do as much. I am not to live. I am from I will throw some you get the energy and you choose to put my focus on the things that I'm going to work for Jesus and the don't tell me. He was the place we live in the negativity. That's why we're feel jealousy every hatem Goss. And I imagine it's the fruit for the stars but Jesus. Turn the wheel. Your father patterns. You go for business. That's with this. That's it. Someone that you. Seventy I see you For another one in my life to make Tet Me-I your heart about me, How are your thoughts about me? Why must I focus on? I hope you can think about me What is not clear how please are your thoughts about me or go to it and those thoughts. they cannot be done right. How precious are your thoughts about me? O God. They cannot be numbered the pressure of your God. About you cannot be loved by focusing on the truth. Truth that hates you. How are you about you? You cannot even not by those who don't focussing untrust you individuals that hate you. You are wasting your energy. You are wasting your time. And move forward, let's meet with the other. Are you I am ready too much and I'm gonna. I've seen that God has given me a powerful truth, which is the Bible. I see how precious are your thoughts about me? I see you I have to my son, you're just. To change the way you think is very small. That's why the way that this is trying to walk me turn it off. turn it off. Nobody it's possible, but I used to tell people that you've been in politics. We need you that you call a realization of the money. We believe that you call of the mighty Jesus. We knew that you call on the name of Jesus, that's holding it comes Ipa of what you believe. You for the problem of empowerment, revenges of self and we are vintage of salvation and you do it. What we need. While victims of we can feel all the United, they know each other, they go to lift themselves up Jesus. Why do we feel the Haiti ourselves? What other? Nobody I'll tell you what are you stuck to my own research? I realized that there's a lot of intelligence that has been a lot of intelligence has been like rejected. No one my love. Citizenss because the intellectual the time of the Fbi has been. I want to. This is like a challenge that certainly me-I idd the frequency the polarization I do the I put a certain percentage that it would it might call We'll be you to lose such a challenge that we must stand before you today. There are such things you would never know until you put your website. Such things you will never lose or experience or venture into and you are going to change of your life. We thought that. Did you let yourself? Let yourself you will remain best some say to you. how also and thank God or gods. How can I use some of them? How great the some fortis of God's thoughts that I'm very please and to us what she does when the time why did I want to? To me, why should not focus as much on the people who does not want to be all? I hope as much on the people who hate me, I'm wasting my energy. That's not my success. I told you all the negative things. Let's live with someone that you know. So I don't know to come to me and say I'm so he touch you No. I did the sovereignty. Push and push and one thing also for of your what Oh God how fast is the son of the frost is very rich beyond the that we can see. So you've got thoughts in the summer. In the House, the thoughts of God, I don't tell me I want you individuals who hated you. They have thoughts. They don't only have they don't have the love the hate me. I don't want don't even have my attention. I'm full you in Jesus. That is one thing that I know that is. Jesus loves you. I want you to go to loves me, so don't tell me what flesh and blood that he hated me. No don't tell me how precious and wait for you also are your thoughts. There are two weight. To wait because he loves me, he died for me of you in a beautiful place your heart, so I got to wait he rose up in. And also on your voice to please. How fast is the son of the countless countless conscious? So I look on the individual who didn't judge me. On the two of you no. I have to my mind you see me when I say I have my mind you give me the. How someone that you know that santy? Ellis And White also out of your House to be on how fast is the some of them let's do the. You attention that is your attention we give attention that I thought about us. So, Delicious and wait. It's not a simple to come and see you are the bigger than what people can say with the strongholds. we let you went through it. You are to thank God that what you can say. but after that you check after seeing you so take what you will say how much they mean to us. Is your God? That's why you to say you are a lot of people say you are bigger than what you say. You are you Come to the end of your mouth your light. Three Bess I used to be it's yours. My Let's be the church. That's why each other. To say you can't let's look at me here we are on the on the same with me. I'm gonna put you to tell you it is not you have reached your fish. Where are you afraid of the same? You must restore your leader? You must royally. Love you lay your life is not I don't need to talk to. I have challenged by the prophets how-do-you-do you letts in this time, and I know that it is with the other someone that did not 70 how precious to me are your thoughts or how fast is the sound of that. How fast is the son of that? Don't you? I'm out of work and wait not people thought, but don't consider your intake that direct your paths. Tracking the way you think. Why is it up to you? man? You are responsible for the inkeles for 20 - nine. What is responsible for God's purposes let's? That is. Let's do this. Less than this. God bless you God bless you. God bless you God bless you. I wanna do this. I want us to live this feel to deliver for you. Let's go. Feel this for yourself. I'll see you too my. I see it. God bless you as you partake in this class. I'll see you the. But I see you, I see you God bless you. God bless you. God bless you. God bless you and God bless the gods. Tv God bless you my son, I see you tells you what does God bless you? Bless you God bless you my son I'll see you and we thank you for the blessings on you Your on to see your comment. I want to see you not just absolutely it is not every situation that we should be it is true college yourself I want to hear your comments see you Come out to expect results. I want you to get you. We're gonna challenge of the night. And I believe I will be very strong in Jesus and came to the creator of heaven and Earth. I told you I'm coming to you with that. I don't come to you. give me your King. why people just love these. I think you're very you. how did you do it? I see you on the church. One -A we will see your brothers or is this Jesus and the vision of I see my son. We are to accept to the House at of this society. How can we relate with Smalls? How can we relate if you don't change our thought process and how can we listen to me? is our potion? What's? The Bible says in the book of Romans, it says don't leave we know this picture don't leave stop living and turn to the path of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of the mind. Don't leave that with you if you want to be. Don't leave I put in the pages of this world, Don't the area and the cast of this world, but let God transform you into a new person. You don't copy that and the cast of this war Don't copys the numbers don't copy me that the Fbi the customs of this world. Left for you. By changing the way you think I like this. The way what you're doing is you're so exercise. What you do is you exercise, you're gonna make That's why that some of the practices that are doing that are still on that in the world. To So this is my conus, nobody can find yourself the other side don't copy the beyond the Caan of this world. I need you to tell me that and the customs of these laws. That you and the cast of this world. Why does come to my go to church the way you think. And look at me. What do we always use people to change our thinking? This is a matter of in your life. The motu the one of your thoughts to depend on your interaction. The way of course, has been working to plant when you daily attention. College Two Are still. Cuts I see you don't W W W E and the customs of this world, but let God for you into a new person by changing the way you think you have a go-to person until you turn the wind. you are saying I have to be, but I'm still thinking that way I was thinking you become dever. not what the church is about and everybody there are advances. I'm late. Myself as a Christian, but my go-to Patten still just like. I want to change the way you feel you want to change the way you think what you think the way we think. You just get that or thought to touch the way we think. What do we shall be of this? This is the way to transform your soul. I'm not a talent with my mouth. That's what what are you tell the church? I come back everyone around me. I'm sad for me. Helping me I think It's funny to say what Christ. What you eat one on each one. Tonys, the Bible says you don't call the behavior and the cast of this world, but let God transform you into a new person by changing the way you think you're gonna make it are you in your career. What about the present? To make We are on the way you think. You have come to the access to your thoughts and you ought of your properties and the one you don't copy the behavior and customs of this world, but let God transform you into a new person by changing the way you think that you will let to know what. For you that's for others, but for you not for others but for you. Blessing and For me to listen and don't let the fight for you is good, listen and preference. Who do you think? In the name of Jesus. Don't have the way you think in Jesus name don't have the time to just fall to the light. To a light in the body, which is the temple of the most high. Don't talk to be a costume of this world, but not from you into a new person by changing the way you finish. then you will let you know what's waiting for you which is good. Listen and I have learned to learn what wait for me which is good and perfect this pussy actually that's what situations not to preach you that swap every child. See you can judge me why? The that's what is going with. Why you want me whyy? Let me help you that's what I want to do this in Jesus in this starts out. this is the powerhouse we have to your friend's life time I made Chas and yet. The way you think in the name of Jesus, Thank you part of this service. Me-I again May God bless you in Jesus name God and you put your mindset your thoughts. Let's get you are responsible for the intention of your thoughts. You are responsible for the intention of your mind. Your mindset is like your so when you exercise your mind, you become strong, you feel stop exercising your life until you become rich and with that one you. To again, God bless you in Jesus name you just stop.

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