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Dr. John MacArthur explains what new Christians should do to learn more about what they believe.

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The first step that a new Christian should take to learn more about what he or she believes is pretty simple Read the Bible That's the starting point I even suggest that before you know certain books I would rather have someone become familiar with scripture You know the scripture has its own glory we say God has glory priced his glory. The holy spirit has glory but the scripture has its own glory and its own inherent power and glory that rises Of it and so the first thing that Christian needs to do is feed on the bread of the word of God man doesn't live by bread alone but by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God and and here's what I suggest that you read begin reading the Old Testament and just breed sections of the old Testament on a daily basis. Just kinda read your way through but when you get to the new Testament every day take the new Testament pick a section but say you start with first John read first John everyday for 30 days Just read it every single day For 30 days by the end of 30 days you're gonna know what's in first John and you're gonna know how chapter one connects with three You're gonna know the flow of it. It's gonna be familiar probably visually. We'll see where a verse is on the page of your bible because you've been doing that and then when you've done that for 30 days go to the gospel of John take seven chapters. Read them for 30 days seven more for 30 days, seven more for 30 days in four months, you have really poured The gospel of John and first John through your mind and you begin to realize that the scripture explains itself. It is its own greatest commentator If you did that for two and a half years, you could do the whole new Testament That's what I did at the beginning of my serious approach to the word of God and I became so familiar with the text of scripture and if you listen to me preach today, you'll know that I explain one verse with another one Typically you know I'm explaining this by this verse in that because that's how I that's how I took it in By reading Repetitiously The scripture, I began to see how it is its own best interpreter That's where a believer needs to start along the way you can be you know reading other good I would suggest good doctrine books on doctrine and books on the biographies of people whom God has blessed through history But the primary thing is to read the scripture read it repetitiously so you retain it

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