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If you're an only child, you can't relate. 馃槀
It's a baby Baby brother Come forget another baby Just like Boise has something to tell you There's gonna be an addition to our family that that means we're having another baby You are Yes Why we have something to tell you guys what Mommy's program What that means that you guys are gonna have a little baby brother or sister This is gonna be a baby in the House Mommy is pregnant What They told us we're having a baby girl What's wrong On a baby boy Oh you're gonna love it baby girl Yes Why I mean? I have a baby sister Yeah Is not a ball Balls. Mama's baby belly Baby sister you know what your shirt says It says only child it's crossed out and then it's a big brother Mommy has a baby annabella They're not doing it Why are you being a big brother Hi, baby in my belly and it's a little boy Gonna have a girl No baby. Sister Girl baby No What What is it What? What What baby No Your eyes Baby That's me you No. No Oh my gosh Oh my God Really

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