Barber surprises cancer-battling mom by shaving his head too

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If there were more kind-hearted gestures like this, the world would be a better place! ❤️ via Dogtoon Media

Posted 3 months ago in Fashion & Style

Julie Blanch 3 months ago

What a loving, heartfelt gesture by these two guys. God bless you...

Chas Kenny 3 months ago

What a very kind and thoughtful act.

Gloria C. Adams 3 months ago

Good show her support cut their hair

Mao Ortiz 3 months ago

I did it for my sister , family never suffers alone ❤️

Debbie Williamson 3 months ago

Way to go guys..she needed that.. thank-you

Pete Legg 3 months ago

This is totally awesome and goes to show how good some people in the world can be. 10/10 to these young men.

Sharron Cottrell 3 months ago

How how much support and kindness is that!!!!!

Adrienne Clegg 3 months ago

She looks amazing work her bald head. Bless them for their compassion.

Debra Lopez 3 months ago

How awesome. A friend did the same when I lost my hair to chemo in 2004. This is just so sweet of them.

Mary Wren 3 months ago

I think you all look Amazing Bald, I hope your Recovery will go well for you.