Latest updates on the faceoff at the LAC.

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Latest updates on the faceoff at the LAC.

•Casualties on both sides.
•Engagement underway.
•Violence, but no firing.

Navika Kumar with details.

Posted 1 year ago

Irfan Malik 1 year ago

اینٹ کا جواب پتھر سے د ینگے
امیت شاہ#مودی#راجناتھ#
چائنا کو
چینی باغ جاؤ۔ ورنہ مارے جاؤگے

DrAftab Sk 1 year ago

Where is RSS goons, bhakt and 56 Inches.....

Maahie Haroon 1 year ago

This is painful.

So hope, now India will feel the pain of Bangladeshi people killed by Indian killing machine BSF and pain and suffering of Kashmiri people who are being killed by Indian army.

Hussain Almaalik 1 year ago

Send major gorave aryia to border

Haniya Saeed 1 year ago

Where is so called "Indian surgical strikes"?

Ash Baloch 1 year ago

where is 56 inch hiding?on china border or pak