Hong Kong's Protest Without Words

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"They can't ignore and silence the voice of Hong Kong people."

Protesters in Hong Kong held up blank cards to call out a new security law which makes...

Posted 1 year ago in Social Issues

Darrell Park 1 year ago

you know the United States is no longer a true democracy when You have to look at every picture or video of police violence closely to determine whether it’s Hong Kong or the US

Amy Reese 1 year ago

The creativity and bravery of these protestors is inspiring.

Titi Antoinette Jabbi 1 year ago

Never Give Up! Never Give In! GOD is with All of You. Freedom is not Free or Cheap.

Lori Brolin Zizza 1 year ago

Yet people support censorship in our country right here on this platform. 🤦‍♀️

Judy Inz 1 year ago

And you can ignore everyone rights to voice by allowing protestors to beat those who voiced out including elderly???

Kay Cook 1 year ago

What does it mean by censorship and slogans? Can someone give me an example? This is all so crazy

Nidal Al-Hariri 1 year ago

im not a fan of china but, the fact that Mr Wong has joined forces with figures like Juan Guaido who is strongly supported by the Trump administration and the right-wing movement in latin america, such as Bolsonaro and the self declared president Jeanine Añez in Bolivia, disqualify him from bein the leftist and liberal he claims he is.

Maria Bairaktari 1 year ago

Free Hong Kong!!!

Tim Strong 1 year ago

give it up hk, china has consumed u - sad day

Elyas Az 1 year ago

Why no world great countries give them their freedom like they did to dozens of middle eastern countries?