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The roommates turn against Clint, forcing Tovah to choose sides between her best friend and her boyfriend. Dondre refuses to back down when Clint...
They goes back a drink out of my motherfucking Hey, it's not Again, why you such a Jersey chaser honey get the away from me No one 's gonna talk to me like that. Comprise I hate him I think it's a piece You think that you could be my honest I'm down here at M L This is the true story who you can see seven strangers picked to live in a House I'm looking for some Atlanta peaches to have their lives tape stream and shared across Facebook What do you mean? No find out what happen you are. Not listening. People stop being polite. Oh my God and start getting real Santa baby so real Dawn Drake that cereal Bowl made is so close to the sink I didn't put that right there. I left my cereal Bowl on the table Was there last night I saw her last night and this morning at the same boy Yes, I washed it out Keep going bitch Now we're all going crazy doing this. You wash the dishes like that They have conquered and I will leave that bitch for the rest of the day So pants, sweat same look under your chair sit on the end cuz it's wet so you wanna talk about what happened or what I just think his demeanor around me has got to change He's so not a gentleman I will be the best friend to any girl. I've always been a girl's girl I could be your friend but when it comes to you and Clint I'm out on the Park exam saying with Tova I was there to be a good friend to her but now I don't trust either of them His actions are being taken out on me and it's not fair There's a man in the Middle creating these issues You supporting Clint and you supporting Megan is like hard to do but like I think make an expects more verbal support. One client is overreacting I understand what you're saying and I understand the expectation as a friend but you don't know what it's like to be my physician I feel like it's hard for me because I really like Meg, we have a lot of fun together but I am a lot happier when I'm with Clint So if that means ostracizing myself then yeah it's worth it for me to be with Clint There's a fire that burns in me because I can't even look at him. He discussed me like you can tell what type of guy he is I know you're not stupid I'm not When we drink Clint I was like P controlling abuser yet Tober so adamant about plant for some reason, which is dumb as she is obsessed with him I don't know this like whole thing is for me as it is for you man Wow Escape the trap Authentic I'll be stressing about money but I know what I'm spending money recklessly obviously money reconcile right now You can't stress about money like that cuz you're gonna have more Yeah yellow You got a yoyo but that line works both ways you only live once but you only live once I gotta appetizer and a meal for $20 I have ignored my financial situation for many many years I have to face my finances That means I'm gonna have to realize how much money I owe Sometimes in New York. I only have like $6 to last me a week. My burger with 1190 - three together Oh no, we all still have our bills back at home life doesn't just stop. I still have my mortgage. I still have my light bill. I still have my electric bill. I Owners bill my sewer, my water Everything Thank you I'll just pay for it and deal with it later Hello in the car waiting for you Alright sounds good Got a job interview coming up honestly just so I can like just like clear your head a few days a week and plus you know I don't wanna be stuck in a House with Megan bitching about dumb things So man it's good to see you too From Michigan 20, - eight years old farmer welder. Yup. So I mean I don't really have experience doing this but I am blessed my ass man. You know we got a pretty robust training program to the lack of experience doesn't concern me too much right now. You know I'm kinda in that spot in my life where I wanna just do me and explore what me is growing up this farm in this lifestyle. You know it's stressful and I mean it's really hard work. Eventually you want something new. I appreciate it My friend You too. Welcome to the team. I If you told me before it was due that you can't do it then I would have tried my hardest to figure something out And your responsibility to come down to you first and foremost hold on. You agreed to pay part of it back in New York. The person that was renting my room just bounced and stop paying the rent I'm so stressed out because I feel like I'm gonna come home to either like a torn the apartment or an empty ass eviction things you can do You said that wait till the end of the day. I know that he's not gonna pay it. He's just trying to save face he said. Who live in my room while I'm gone and then he didn't pay his portion of the And now he's mad that I mad at him You know I feel bad for you because that's like she'd be the first to give the shirt off her back truly she thought she took care of this responsibility and she comes here and she is still with it You know when there's something back at home for all of us that just adds more stress in the House Everyone, let's go It's National Beer Day so Imma be drinking a beer I'm at the art festival with roommates Can we go on a bouncy House are too big like they're making look too Not so much We're wondering what their film and why they following us Shiny Look at that cat I wanna touch it See it right there Oh damn. Goodbye sir. He's been through You can tell just like me You know I really feel in the Middle just because like when clamp says negative comments or yells at the roommates, he's suppressing something he needs to open up and at least tell me what is going on after my parents got divorced and stuff I don't know I just kinda got like left behind like the whole family just kinda split up I don't feel like I got you know the same treatment. I guess that my sister got her whole life, you know Is in trouble a lot when I was younger in school and whatnot so growing up, I was on a real tight leash We spent every summer down at fun You know all day every day I can't do anything I literally can't even like leave the House That's why I play every sport I possibly could just so I get out of the House you know My parents It was tough on me Pops you know just in and out in and out never talk back to the dude and it just never never good enough You know I mean so simple as that I definitely don't feel as if I needed to be disciplined so hard but it is what it is It's just one of those dudes that doesn't like say anything that's kinda how I was raised to like not really talked about like don't talk about nothing like so it's actually hard for me to tell people my feelings because I wasn't raised like that I was raised to shut up really you know what I mean Listening to clean open up about home you can just see that he's been through traumatic I got a temper so is my dad but when you're a kid and you're looking up to your dad and you know what I mean that's your role model. So if he's acting like that then that's you believe like that's how you should be acting right I hope he opens up. You can just see the pain in his eyes It really draws me closer to him I literally Cannot open any major Bank account I just try to open a Bank of America card and they're like you have with the link what balance of blue. So when you open this Bank account, we will be charging you this much. You trying to get a Bank on their charging you already Yeah damn Are you trying to get a credit card or something I can't get a credit card. My credit scores trash I own collections. Halloweeny I'm a teacher and artist but nobody ever taught me about money I probably have like 18 to 20 Grand and I guess secretly I'm always scared about my finances whether I talk about or not I'm always dealing with it If I don't have a Bank account how am I gonna pay my bills Fog just had to be like Super clever and the waves that I've chosen to maneuver this far but I think it's really catching up to me I don't really wanna talk about how I feel from the stressed out and I can't process my feelings right now cuz I feel like I have no control over what's happening dot com I've never been like financially literate. I mean my family has either My parents never taught me anything about finances cuz they didn't even know that My family came to the United States from a poor village in Armenia so I could probably a better life and I can't keep a Bank account like a normal person I really suck I've been grown up I'm literally such a trash adult I got the shower already showered this one by swear since I've been working out eating better. My skin looks so much better tonight. We're ready to get drunk and just kinda have fun night. We haven't done in a while I wanna dance. We just wanna have a good time You wanna make out Feeling he's here Oh my God I'm never looking to me guys but if one was there any attractive and I wanted to talk to my floor with them whatever Tonight was fun Hey, let's talk about my boyfriend which one I had so many I had three boyfriend one of my lovely she's Dominican. They're always like you're beautiful. I said no I said you ever heard of a mirror I mean your boyfriend bought three girlfriends tonight so you know What's wrong bragging Oh really cuz he's texting me right now. Exactly in 10 other bitches Wake up You wake up. I don't woke up what I do Cleanse so worried about everything Megan is doing and who she wants to date It's actually Super weird. He didn't even talk to you all night. I talk to I did go again another fight He has made a comment before calling me a Jersey chaser and now all of a sudden he is feeling at me again Clint holds back during the day and when he drinks, he gets liquid courage to say what he's been wanting to say but have been holding back you watching that closely damn. I want you so bad clearly baby. You don't know nothing baby I'm assuming Friend just like enjoying the entertainment cuz it's like why do they keep arguing? That's so funny Fake bitch You are Vegas How am I think we're not fighting chicken Oh bitch I'm saying touch my girl I don't know why but day is my hand doesn't think about his actions and he doesn't see when he's wrong that seriously Don't do it when I pushed her hand into her face Dodger is just trying to like stir up but once you mess with my girl it's gonna go down Let's get the fighter badger Let's get the win Get it or not fighting right now please, I can do it I could should be knocked out knocking out in Harvey to him talking to me He don't want me telling me to calm down and like I said my ass that's what I said Are you guys serious? You left us in here though Told you do not tell this man one time to shut the coming for me in the Middle I worry in the Middle cuz you were talking to me so I am going to be in bed Let them talk to Megan and he's supposed to be I am not in the Middle Leave me out of it now with Escalade, you're not in the Middle Clinton and daughter. You're gonna fight whether I'm pissed about it or not so I'm just gonna sit there and eat my food Where's the egg drunk as dangerous? Turn the pot at the same time click gets very angry when he's been drinking All of that combined is just a bomb within the what up you're gonna be my ass You've been telling them. You're gonna be my ass. So do it. No. No. No. I didn't do it Come on. Do it Do it Do that be my ass. He was all that Come be my ass right now He's not gonna talk to me stupid. You not feel it talk to me like he talking to Megan Megan. I gonna hit you but if you talk to me stupid and you try to hit me Imma hit your ass back Come be my ass. Please stop you need to stop telling everybody what to do like you always everyone to stop. Don't do this. Don't do that Daughters are grown ass man. So if you wanna make whatever he wants to do, he can do it I'm pissed off Toby's pissed off You know being the man in the relationship with Cuba I feel like you know, I have a certain duty to protect her You think that you could walk my be my honestly You're not gonna be my hat. Let's be real Honest you I do I do Let's let's go Bless up Don't give into click He came at me. I know but don't give up It's kinda dumb ass home San his ass home I've been stand him Didn't do nothing bout I said a curate kicked his bitch ass stairs bro Dan Andrea is really just hype in this whole thing up in Tyson Click to hit em that could have been avoided Once you prove your point then leave it alone. You don't have to go start something that's unnecessary Stupid ass In this right now I did what I could even do to you bro You're a dumb ass He doesn't be my ass like I said so it's just like what was your point Done I was like I'm not doing nothing. It sit here for another month and a half something happen I don't wanna be here anymore so what? So White, right? So I think more they putting you votel I'm out Honestly You know because of the fact that like me and Don Dry got a flight I gotta go to the hotel for the night until I was bawling because Tobin me are just alone you know and then everybody else is against us No, this is hate that you know we're having Danger is going to a hotel so I'm grabbing his stuff for him Damn I am frustrated that I have to go to this hotel for the night because that's not fair Clint tries to bully me and like be macho over me when you're talking to me give me the same respect you give your boys back home That's all I'm saying I'm out I'm not doing that if you leave me tonight No I'm out There's not real world This is literally ask world Walk in the door. I'm ready to know what's gonna happen is anybody going home I think we should all express how we feel about the situation last night was intense and I personally am not comfortable in this House. Someone's gonna get kicked out Quit No you're the one that was crazy You touch my girl. We're never gonna get anywhere Hey, Y'all. Make sure you follow the real world on Facebook. Watch I forgot it New videos will drop every day There will be even more insight from the House on Facebook What am I hanging on

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