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The 5 most prominent voices in your life are a prophetic indicator of your future! Are you listening to emotionally stable voices? Are you listening to...
Hey brandon Ryan stranger founder of tribe apostolic network in the eye helps movement with another power minute who are the fine wishes you're listening to this the question I wanna ask you I can prophetic really predict where you're headed by understanding the five most dominant voices you're listening to and chances are if you've got unresolved emotional trauma you got stuff brewing under the surface that you haven't been bold enough brave enough to let God deal with dig out work through and overcome you maybe listening to some people who are affirming behaviors and situations that need to be changed in your life the five most dominant voices You are listening to our accurate prediction of where you're headed some of you need to change the voices change the station so that you can get to the destination get whole make a decision I'm not gonna listen to people just tell me what I wanna hear I'm gonna listen to people who tell me what I need to hear

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