George Clarke's Old House New Home - Making Every Square Metre Count In A Tiny London Flat

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This flat is the same size as a quarter of a tennis court, but George Clarke makes it look like a mansion!

Posted 1 year ago

Channel 4 1 year ago

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Kevin Reay 1 year ago

He paid 565k for his flat. He should have made enough space in which to hang himself, and televised it for us to laugh at. First time buyer as well. These people are a plague on humanity.

Martin Auckland 1 year ago

55 square metres is the same as a quarter of a tennis court ? That's one hell of a tennis court.

Susan Olson 4 months ago

I remember my uncles flat it was a studio with a full bath small terrace over looking a tube station. The place was new I think in the mid 1976 had a lake of koi what seemed like thousands I believe it was called the barbican? We visited 3 weeks from America that summer had a wonderful time but it was tight one room and 3 folks. One of the best vacations. Where in London is this place and is it still there?

Sally Hutchinson-Backer 1 year ago

600k on a tiny flat and renovation costs 😩

Martine McNee 1 year ago

Stunning but just shows that London is basically a different planet...

Karolina Pawlowicz 9 months ago

Where’s the tv ? What is his furniture pointing at ?

Julia Lavid Mérida 1 year ago

Am I the only one upset with that grey wall trend? 😕

Cristina Galmarini 1 year ago

Well he has guest room but not a table to host a decent dinner (even with take away food) for two or three friends....really ???

Di Murray-Higgins 1 year ago

Bet it cost more than £35k