John Lewis Christmas advert 2021

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The John Lewis & Partners Christmas advert is finally here!

Posted 3 months ago in Holidays & Celebrations
Miranda Jakes
Miranda Jakes3 months ago

Reminded me of The Boy from Space BBC series which we were made to watch at primary school in the 1980s.

Kaz Broad
Kaz Broad3 months ago

I wonder how much that cost to make and air time! Money better spent on saving redundancies and 16 shop closures during 2021. Sure its probably a drop in the ocean but think money could possibly have been used more wisely. It's cute but not very uplifting!

Jo Moran
Jo Moran3 months ago

Anyone else who would rather they just spent the budget on toys and treats for the millions of kids living in poverty this year? Perhaps they could have filmed that instead

Constance May
Constance May3 months ago

Not for me loved previous years but not this one,the marks and Spencer's food one is great though.

Alex Withycombe
Alex Withycombe3 months ago

She understood enough to not take him away with her...😭

Jo Fraser
Jo Fraser3 months ago

Reminds me of ET. The little Black boy and the alien are fantastic. The rendition of the tune truly fits the tone of the advert. Utterly entrancing. I was in tears.

Susan Webb
Susan Webb3 months ago

Fantastic loved it

Ian Higgs
Ian Higgs3 months ago

Not the best is it

Liz Turpin
Liz Turpin3 months ago

I love it! Also how cool are those jumpers and the Christmas decs. Love the proper advertising of actual Christmas stuff (not like the year it was all about one toy that sold out).

Kevin Trooper Allsopp
Kevin Trooper Allsopp3 months ago

I’m sorry, but as usual always pandering to the ‘woke generation,changing things
Can’t keep anything traditional…. I mean everyone knows the Phil Oakley and Giorgio Moroder version of that song is the best and can’t be beaten no matter who sings it 🙄👍

( 😜😜😜😜😜)