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DON'T FORGET TO VOTE LEAVE. This is your chance to take back control. Polling stations close at 10pm tonight.

Posted 5 years ago in Politics

Gee Dee 12 months ago

Your puppeteers have left you alone now they’ve had your vote 🗳
Feeling conned yet ?

Ian Ross 1 year ago

More control of what?

Bennett Middleton 1 year ago

Check out “ Make Everyone Great Again “ at Kickstarter
It can really change the world !

Paula Jacques Betts 5 years ago

michael gove has been done over as they were too scared we'd get someone who ran the country with honesty & integrity

Mary Sparks 5 years ago

Come on, don't sit at home, this is too important. If you haven't voted yet, get u and go; go now...... At the end of the day it's all we have to try and make our voice heard

Daphne MacOwan 5 years ago

Vote out if you are at all adventurous ... what a wonderful future we will have! Maybe a bit of a bumpy road at first, but it will be the road to success, and we will make today a momentous day in our history books! I love all of you PROUD BRITISH PEOPLE! Love Europe, HATE THE EU, LOVE GREAT BRITAIN MUCH MUCH MORE!

I.C. Turner 1 year ago

Poll: Is Brexit a good idea?

Lauren Clayton 5 years ago

Stupid idiots. Can't believe what you have done. Pound fallen..stockmarkets at a record law. Hope you are proud now

Steve Hole 5 years ago

Me and my 4 family members just put X in leave, good luck to all us Leavers !!!

John Manson 5 years ago

I can tell the Tory Right Wing scumball is lying, his lips are ...... naah too corny, he's just a Tory Right Wing lying scumball! 😂