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Officer Fragile can't take the heat over his pro-cop mask, prompting a 100% bullsh*t arrest.

Posted 1 year ago in Crime & Tragedy

Cynda Mcfadden 2 months ago

So basically if a person doesn't fall in line and and respect the blue lives matter flag and attitude of the blue lives matter then they should be persecuted.

Tricia Dougherty 1 year ago

So it’s a crime to “disrespect a cop” 🤬 you

Euan Hector 1 year ago

America is a sick place. No wonder so many natural disasters happen there

Eric Garcia 1 year ago

they always have done what they want and all we have to do apply by there words or stuff like this happens.
wish we could do more citizens arrest / hand cuff them.

Shane Potter 1 year ago

He lacks serious training. And he doesnt know how to wear that mask! The nasal passages are the most vulnerable to the virus 🤣

Tony Silva 1 year ago

Living in North Korea is really a nightmare!

Michelle Gallaher 1 year ago

Why was he still working after the other incident?????

Filip Avramovic 1 year ago

The fact the cop didn't cover his nose with the mask just confirms that he's a mouth breather. Because of this, the cop should be let off with no punishment as nature punished him enough.

DrKaren Engebretsen 1 year ago

I HOPE he got fired and put on a list of "offenders" so that he never gets hired by another police department.

Deborah Princess N. Futi 1 year ago

I'm just asking myself what hell is going on what country is this that police are being more dangerous more than anyone else in the country naiii😠🤔🤔