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Kaitlin Bennett did her best to provoke an incident at an Iowa Pride event but this cop wasn’t having it.
Notoriously ignorant provocateur Kaitlyn Bennett got into a bit of a few with a cop, which I thought was fascinating because often times when we talk about police officials on the show or police in general. it involves a minority who is dealing with police brutality excessive force. That's not the case here. Caitlin Bennett goes to events goes to College campuses with the sole intention of evoking people angry and people just so she can get some cute little footage for her little info War show. So let's take a look at what happened. During an Iowa pride event, you clearly don't like what they're up to. I don't care what they're gonna go away the ones that there's no reason to interview anyone. Yes, you're free to be about your business. Please don't get any more complete. I don't know why you're making accusations about me or an officer. You're supposed to know the truth accusations other than what I'm supposed to be the truth. here is what I believe is taking place cuz you're hanging the microphone in my face. you're playing these silly because you're an officer who pulled the law and then the first true have you been handcuffed yet. Have you no, But I've been right. With me, that's all you've done is sit and argue with me about this implant that I received about how you said you got complaints. So then I attempted to help you you chose not to ask for my help. I already wanted to confiscate our property. You wanted me to investigate what you said was a crime. That's the only way it can be investigated by. it's not common. I just wanna know it's putting it into what should you can take a look at it? Alright. So let's recap. There's a pride event going down in Iowa. people are enjoying themselves. Caitlin Bennett provocateur She shows up with her camera and she starts asking. Inappropriate and degrading questions we've shown you videos of her doing that in the past and a few people complained about it to the police and the police are like you need to stop you don't have to leave but you you gotta stop doing this and then they apparently lodge some complaints against some pride. You know people at the Pride event and so in order to investigate that the police needs a look at the footage and so they blame the police of trying to take away their equipment and he explains why. Needed to look at the footage in that clip, so now that we got that all sorted out I. I love that police officer he handled that really well and I wish that all police even in in Super stressful situations. when you're dealing with people that are maybe challenging you a little bit. you just remain calm and you try to diffuse the situation. That's what he really did here and that's really the best way to handle it. Yeah. It's a good shout out to that officer for paying attention to training or at least having the proper training and like here's how you deal with media attitudes who are just like goons and just trying to start trouble. I was looking at that clip like oh my God. If like I were doing that I would have been arrested. 20 - eight 20 - seven seconds. Yeah, I thought because you don't get the right like as a person of color. at least you don't get the right to argue with police. It's like whatever however, wrong, they are like whatever they say goes like you're not supposed to do that because we literally have video of people trying to record the police and getting shot afterwards right. So like it's very it's worth noting that she's able to do this special kind of grip. when she changes her voice. She changes her voice. She tries to be all nice. He tried to say baby talk voice by the way I you know it's weird That effect, there's this baby talk innocent kid thing and you know. I'm just a kid practicing journalism type thing but it's really horrifying too. I mean I I agree with you guys. I like the sentiment about the police officer and I I get that. I hope that that shown as a training video and that people who are pulled over for traffic stops get that sort of consideration too right cuz he was awfully considerate. He was he was that historically in the United States like they're probably is a history of police being awfully considerate to young White women. is there a history of police being? You know, consider it to other people and so I yeah. in fact, I wanna go to the next clip because in this next one he he seems to be aware like very aware of the situation. Media savvy for sure, he's like I know you're trying to make a video. Let's take a look. I believe what you're doing here right now is this would be great film for you right arguing with the cop. Oh my God. you got it. That's what this is all about. He loves cops. I would have been since then let's move on with our night, so I can protect somebody that might actually need to be protected. Why can't you tell people that? Just make believe because of accusations these are accusations you leave no no that's not what did I make you laugh? I'm telling I'm trying to explain to you understand people go to jail all the time based on accusations and then it's up to you. I wanna protect myself. Yes, good point. I wanna protect him leave everybody alone cuz they clearly don't like you. It sounds so I have to leave. I'm not taking anyone side. I'm not taking what you said leave leave people alone. I would say this seems like a bad idea in here, but that's just me if I had one right after that he, he basically walked away from them. It was masterfully done. if I had White privilege for a day, oh that'd be amazing. Wow but I I don't know I just I like that she finally got what she deserves that these events. I mean she's shown up at rallies. The TYT has done enough to provoke people and I really do appreciate all of our viewers who have been there and they've found a way to kind of like block her out or defuse the situation deescalate the situation. She's just she's not there for any good purpose. journalism is important when she does is not journalism. She looks to provoke people. I get what the word I think I get. I'm a writer for a living. Get what the word provocateur means I don't think she's a provocateur like there's no idea behind what she's doing. It's just and it's silly and intellectually insulting. That's all. I'm all she wants to do is upset people. That's that's that's her whole thing. That's a whole brand.

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